Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 4: Lure of the Tiger

Ruthless assassin or irresistible bodyguard?

Tiger shifter Cruz Khala doesn’t trust humans. He doesn’t trust destiny either — not even when it sends him the one woman capable of saving his tormented soul. But there’s more than love at stake as merciless shifter forces gather on sunny Maui, intent on stealing a priceless jewel with mysterious powers. Before he knows it, Cruz becomes the last line of defense between pure evil and the sapphire — and the only one capable of saving his destined mate’s life.

Footloose and carefree? Not anymore. Jody Monroe, pro surfer, is a woman on a mission — until an unknown gunman turns her world upside down. She escapes thanks to a stealthy, enigmatic stranger with haunting, yellow-green eyes who arouses all her fears — and her desires. Cruz is a contradiction: gruff and grouchy, painfully private, yet tender and protective of those he loves. And sexy. Mouthwateringly sexy, all the damn time. Soon, Jody’s life isn’t the only thing on the line — her heart is, too.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yvonne D

5.0 out of 5 stars Oh My Tigers, Dragons and Vamprie!
Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2017Verified Purchase
Lure of the Tiger Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 4
by Anna Lowe
What a phenomenal story! First I must say I absolutely enjoy reading paranormal shifter romance especially ones that involves, Tigers, Dragons, Wolves, Vampires and my most favorite Bear Shifters, so this book by Anna Lowe I really love reading. I know I'm telling my age but this series remind me of Magnum P.I. with Tom Selleck, oh my, if this became a TV series I would plant myself in front of the television and not move until it was over and I would record it so I could watch it again. I'm always excited to read this series. This is the fourth book written in this series. It features Cruz Khala andJody Monroe with the rest of the gang from the three previous books of the ALOHA SHIFTERS. Cruz is a Tiger shifter who is graceful, ruthless, gorgeous, sexy with yellow-green eyes. He is also gruff and grouchy, painfully private, yet tender and protective but there is a problem he doesn’t put much trust in humans. Jody is a pro surfer, a very reluctant model who is strikingly beautiful, footloose, carefree and a woman on a mission. But unknown to her there are two assassin and one is Cruz. The story has magic, lots of adventure and humor. I love and enjoy the books that are written by Anna Lowe. She is very talented and gifted author, she creates enjoyable,lovable,sexy characters and magical, exciting worlds. Anne stories are always humorous and magical which will entice and weave a AWESOME tale that pulls you into the adventures with her relatable characters. I know we all just fall in love with a hero that's irresistible with his tormented soulful eyes that just melts our heart. Oh yeah the heroine we all appreciated a strong woman who is capable of fighting and loving along side her man but when there's danger around, she knows she can let her man protect her and still be admired and loved the love her life, because he knows she won't just rush into the fray and endanger them both by just hoping for the best. That's just the some of what I enjoy and love while reading Anna books. I really enjoy her love scenes she has a talent for writing blazing hot sensual sex scenes, she ramps up the tension between Jody and a Cruz before during and after they make love. I enjoy when you can laugh and smile while reading the sexual scenes even through its can be very explicit. Because this allows me a clear sense of the love between the hero and heroine and to enjoy it without feeling I'm reading porn. Anna Lowe stories JEWELS of the HEART is a thrilling series set on the tropical shores of Maui. I have love reading each story they are exciting page-turner that's packed with action, emotion, and romance! Paranormal Shifters twist of course its has steamy hot, alpha shifters! The story has a depth of emotion which tugs at my heart. This book captured my attention quickly from beginning to end. Each story has its own jewel that comes with its own danger. The couples are made up a Shifter from the ALOHA SHIFTERS and their mate has the power to control the jewel and each jewel is calling to the other jewels. Cruz and Jody the story Lure of the Tiger. This leads the series into the story we are all excited to read Silas story. The entire series is one that just gets more exciting as we read each story they have kept me on the edge of my seat. If you enjoy reading Paranormal Shifter Romance then you will love this series.


5.0 out of 5 stars Tiger meets his Mermaid
Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2017Verified Purchase
Grumpy Cruz finds his mermaid! Cruz was a hard nut to crack. He's always been a gruff man that doesn't trust well. In prior books, he is always the sullen one that doesn't like or want to be around people. This book gave a new view of him. I liked this Cruz the best of all versions we have seen.
Cruz is holding on to his past. Jody is pure sunshine. No matter how bad the stakes or the obstacles, she shines and reaches out to the future by living now. It might be that opposites attract, Cruz's dark and stormy persona and Jody's bright and happy attitude. This book definitely brought out the best. The only sad part is that with one more shifter finding his love, the closer the series is to the end.

We also get a bigger teaser about Silas.. happy jazzy hands! There is enough meat on the teases to make you want to beg for Silas' story. Which I have been waiting for since the very first book.

While this is part of the Aloha Shifters series, it can be read as stand alone without missing anyt

5.0 out of 5 stars Taming the Tiger
Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2017Verified Purchase
I don’t know anyone that has read at least one book in these series that has not been hooked. You can not help but fall in love with Silas, Kai, Boone, Hunter, and Cruz. Not to mention the wonderful women they bring into the story. This story is about Cruz. I don’t know about you but I have so been looking forward to reading about Cruz and the woman the author would chose for this grumpy angry tiger.

I did do the whipsersync with this book. Truly love the narrator. The narrator did a wonderful job and done a great job pulling you into the story. I did find though that the audios with this series does not always match up with the book. From time to time there where sentences that were reworded, words left out, or even a sentence is complete added. Does not take a way from the story though.

Cruz Khala was this sexy tiger shifter but he was grumpy, angry, and seemed to hate every thing, especially human’s. As we get to know Cruz we do get to understand him and can not blame him. The anger he carries around is slowly killing his spirit. He believes human’s were responsible for his parents death. To carry this around for years and long for the day you can venge your families death has to be a heavy weight to bare.

Jody Monroe was this amazing woman. She was a pro surfer and I just loved her free spirit. I also loved the love she had for her family. She would do anything for them even if it meant doing a modeling gig to make some money to help them out. I am sure she never dreamed she would be on someone’s hit list. She was the type of person you feel in love with, not want to kill.

The one thing I love about this story is that we get to see the battle between animal and man. Though Cruz and his tiger are one, they are two different spirits that share on body. We get to see Cruz inwardly argue with his tiger. The animal was the smart one in this story. He knew the moment he saw Jody she was not a killer. Cruz on the other hand was facing this inward battle.

I know this had to be a hard decision for Jody to make on trusting Cruz. I love how she went with her heart and her gut. I also loved how she really got under Cruz skin. He was finding it so hard to resist her.

There is danger all around. The jewel that Jody was suppose to do a photo shoot with could be a one of the Spirit Stone. This meant the danger Jody was in could be more serious then they had thought.

One of my many favorite scenes in the story was one of the photo shoots. Lets just say things get pretty hot and steamy. I sorry want to know more about that scene you will have to read the book. Trust me when I say this book has some many wonderful parts.

By the end of the book, though I love how it ended I was screaming at Anne Lowe. Please tell me that is not who she is going to put with Silas. No no, no!!!!

This truly was a great story and glad I got a chance to read the book.
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!
Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2017Verified Purchase
This was a book I have been waiting to read until I could get it in audio also. It was so worth the wait. It is well written, and I was anxious to see where the author would take this human haters story! I think she did an excellent job taking us on this twisty journey with these characters. The storyline is well paced, you immediately fall in love with Jody, but Cruz your first thought is how can this guy redeem himself! But it was a nice journey and the narration was beautifully done!

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