Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 2: Rebel Bear

Bear shifter meets runaway bride in this steamy, suspenseful paranormal romance!

Up-and-coming supermodel Hailey Crewe can’t wait to escape the limelight and return to the modest, anonymous lifestyle she once led. Escaping literally? That was never part of her plan. But when an unwanted suitor — and her scheming mother/manager — go a step too far with a surprise Hawaii wedding, Hailey becomes a bride on the run. Before she knows it, she’s not only being hunted by a greedy oil tycoon, but by his creepy security force too. A good thing she bumps into her very own Lancelot at exactly the right time.

Bear shifter Timber Hoving is just another Special Forces vet slowly adjusting to island time. That is, until an irresistible stranger rushes into his meticulously organized world. Before Tim knows it, his human side is wrestling with temptation, and his bear is head over heels in love. But Hailey’s first encounter with shifters is a terrifying one, and Tim can’t reveal the truth about himself without losing her forever. Worse, sinister shifter forces are closing in, following a ruthless agenda of their own. They’ll stop at nothing to capture Tim’s destined mate — dead or alive.

The Reviews!

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved Karter and Ronan
Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2019
Verified Purchase
After seeing Commander Karter in several books and watching him interact with Dara (Chloe, Seth, and Dorian's daughter), we have begged Grace for him to get a mate and she answered us with this great story.

(To understand my review, I just want to put it out there, I read for story and could care less about the sexy times)

This story drops us right into the middle of the Hive war, as mentioned in the previous books, the Battlegroup Karter is actively holding back the Hive in sector 437. Karter was tested years and years ago and has been too busy to have any thoughts of a bride. Ronan is also a Commander and is just as intense as Karter due to the heavy weight of responsibility demanded by their positions. Erica has always loved the stars and jumped at her chance to be among them, especially after her testing as part of a Prillon sandwich (her words, not mine).

This story is told from all three POV and we get to see just how tortured Karter is and how much weight is on his very broad shoulders. I really loved Karter and Ronan and even though Erica is just a feisty as the other Interstellar Brides, I guess I just wasn't as impressed with her as I was with the other brides - she does love both of them and fights for a true mating but that's about it. BUT, Karter and Ronan make up for any deficiencies I felt Erica had. The new development in the war is a major game changer and the Coalition is going to have their hands full dealing with it.

I love this series and while I have received advanced copies of these books (yes, I joined Grace's review team to get my hands on these books as soon as possible), I have purchased every single one. Purchasing these books and writing reviews so that others have a chance to discover this talented author's work is my way of supporting her and my habit 🙂
Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf
5.0 out of 5 stars Once again, an amazing, intense, steamy romance - love this series
Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2018
Verified Purchase
What has always drawn me to Anna Lowe’s books are the word pictures she paints. I can smell the salty tang of the ocean breeze, I can see the mischief in Joey’s eyes, I can taste the Hawaiian lunch truck food on a picnic at the beach, I can feel the growing attraction between Hailey and Tim… and I can sense the concern of his brothers, friends and fellow shifters as well. When an author can take the time to paint a word picture that transports me into their world, allows a story to build at its own pace and gives me an exciting story with several layers – then I’m going to be hooked on their work for a very long time.

I was easily swept into the world of the Aloha Shifters once again with a very dramatic opening scene that sets the pace for the rest of Rebel Bear. Tim may now be ex-Special Forces but he has no intention at all of getting involved in the mad hunt for the woman running desperately searching for a hiding place or to escape these goons chasing after her. No, he’s no knight in shining armor these days — but his bear has a different reaction. Help her. Save her. Destiny. He might have been successful in ignoring his bear if it weren’t for that smell of shifter excitement of the chase in the air. Reluctantly Tim heads for his future, one that will bring him everything he ever wanted – if he can overcome one woman’s fear of the animal in him.

Hailey had been completely duped by her mother. She knew this dress was the wrong color for a bridesmaid. And that suspicion came true when the jerk she’d been about to break up with tries to stage a forced wedding/proposal in front of a huge crowd, reporters at the ready to capture the whole farce. Since Jonathan wasn’t accepting her repeated No, Hailey did the only thing she could think of… she ran. Which might have worked if there weren’t several henchmen of Jonathan’s after her as well – or if she hadn’t backed herself into a corner with no escape. Why she trusted the strong male voice on the other side of the door she had no idea, but she did, and really he was her only way out of this mess. Putting her faith into a stranger’s hands might not have been the logical choice, but she felt safe and that feeling alone was worth the risk. Soon she’d be accepting the kindness of strangers… and entering into a world she never dreamed existed.

Rebel Bear brings us an engaging, at times intense, romance with more than its fair share of potholes. Tim knows that Hailey is his mate but her intense fear of animals from something in her past, to the onslaught of her fears when encountering what cannot be true in her world will keep Tim from confessing his own secret. He will do everything in his power to keep Hailey safe from those who want to do her harm… but if he can figure out a way to have her in his life that would be the perfect solution. There are a variety of villains in this story. Some are truly vile and dangerous with an agenda that has been planned for a very long time. Others are the more selfish, self-serving kind, Hailey’s mother in fact. And an older known enemy will be brought into this current situation with menacing possibilities. There is a bit of several things going on in Rebel Bear, some that will, I’m sure, be revealed in the rest of the series.

I loved Rebel Bear, easily got caught up in this magic once again. We’ll run into old friends, learn a bit more about several situations and simply sit back and enjoy the unfolding romance of Tim and Hailey. I would highly recommend this story and series to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader who loves a good solid story, believable characters, secondary characters that bring the book to life, vile villains to hate and a strong love story to enjoy. (and yes, I know this review went on too long… but I did love this story)
Kindle Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome story about bear shifter and his mate
Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2019
Verified Purchase
Tim is in construction, a bear shifter, and has a logical mind. He meets Hailey who is the model and he's being forced to marry someone she does not love. Can Tim save her I'm convinced her that she is his mate?

This series is about the pearls of Desire and is a 5 stories complete this series. This is the second story. The character of Tim who doesn't believe the Haley is his mate although the bear knows it. Hailey is a successful model whose mother is pushing her toward marriage. The character of Hailey develops because have the people who rescued her. Plot is fast-paced drama with many twists and turns that makes the reader eager find out what's happening next.

I highly recommend this book and would give us a higher rating if I could.
5.0 out of 5 stars Tim and Hailey - Will She Stay
Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2018
Verified Purchase
This review is written after listening to the audio version of this book. I had previously read the book and enjoyed it so much I just had to listen to it too.

This book about Timber and Hailey, we met Timber aka Tim in the previous book when he and his brothers arrived on this island paradise to work security for their friends. When Tim meets Hailey she is running, she got up that morning thinking she was going to be a Bridesmaid at the wedding of her boyfriend's sister. She had been planning on breaking off her relationship with Jonathan but didn't want to spoil his sister's wedding for him. So she enters the wedding space to find she's been ambushed, for want of a better word, Jonathan goes down on one knee and proposes so THEIR WEDDING can take place now!

This plan has been concocted by Jonathan and her mother (a really greedy, selfish piece of work in my opinion, she tries to tell them both NO but they won't take no for an answer the only option left to her is to RUN! Run she does straight into Tim who helps her ESCAPE and offers her a place of safety. Tim has already recognised her as his fated mate but how to convince her.

Hailey is invited to stay with Tim and help him fix up a property belonging to Boon, another bear shifter, did I mention Tim is a bear shifter? Whilst they spend a week together working on the property and getting to know each other Hailey is falling for Tim but Tim is holding back, could Hailey love a shifter?

When Hailey is attacked by a wolf shifter working for Jonathan Tim and his brother Connor save her but she is so frightened by the experience that Tim feels he can't tell her what he is. So despite a deep love on his part he decides to keep his secret and loose Hailey. But once again Destiny steps in and forces both their hands, the truth comes out in the most dramatic way, Anna Lowe never does things by halves, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how Tim and Hailey were going to survive this part of the story. I loved this book I loved getting to know Hailey and watching her character grow and I adored Tim, I can't look at a door frame now without thinking of him - you will know why when you listen to this book. I can't really say anything further without giving out too many spoilers, if you have read the blurb you know what to expect but whatever your expectations - this book will exceed them. I loved it

Aloha Shifters is by far my most favourite series to date, this book is the second book in Pearls of Desire, a follow on from Aloha Shifters but I personally think of it as one series. The writing style of Anna Lowe is so very good and easy to follow along, her descriptions of the places and the people make you feel like you've met them and the depth she gives to all her characters is just incredible her words paint a picture and that picture in painted beautifully by Kelsey Osborne who does the most amazing job of narrating this book. I can't praise her or Anna Lowe highly enough. Bring on the next book I say!

This book was given me as a gift and I am voluntarily writing my review.
Silke K
5.0 out of 5 stars Timber just wants to be happy, Fate and Destiny step in.
Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2020
Verified Purchase
Hailey was going to her "boyfriend's" sisters wedding in Hawaii, sure why not. As she goes to walk down the aisle, ask eyes are on her?? She gets the idea and no no no it's not happening! She runs away, fast and hard as possible. A mall is a great place to hide! While passing in the food court, she eyes a hunk with emerald green eyes. Yum and suddenly distracted. She runs into a department and hides. Timber's bear is frantic about helping this woman in despair, go he goes after and protects her. His bear thinks it's the best idea around! Being a shifter is a closely guarded secret, so why help a human?

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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