Viken Command (Interstellar Brides® Program Book 18)

Danger and desire…for one Interstellar Bride, they prove an irresistible mix.

Whitney Mason is the daughter of a Wall Street con man. When he is sent to prison and her family’s name is destroyed, she is eager for a new life on a new world. Anywhere but Earth. Tested by the Interstellar Brides Program, she is matched to a strong Viken warrior. What she doesn’t know is that her mate and the other two warriors waiting to claim her are on a secret and dangerous mission for the Coalition Fleet’s Intelligence Core. From the moment she arrives on Viken, they are forced to lie to her… about everything… except their desire.

For Alarr, Oran and Teig, the arrival of a bride is an unexpected complication. The timing couldn’t be worse, but IC command is thrilled. A bride is the perfect cover, giving the fighters access to every inch of the famous pleasure resort where they are working undercover. The males are eager to satisfy their new mate, but keeping her safe is their top priority, even if that means lying to her and using her pleasure to take down the enemy. But their sexy mate’s past will come back to haunt them all, for even if they survive the mission, the truth will be revealed and their beautiful, curvy female can forgive anything—except lies.

The Reviews!

5.0 out of 5 stars Mission and trust collide
Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2019
Verified Purchase
Whitney want off the planet. Her family had done things that she had no part of but with her name, she was always a target. The one chance to get off the planet, IBP and she took it. Alarr, Oran, and Teig have a mission but they will not endanger their new mate. A mate that they have been waiting for. But with the mission causing them time apart from Whitney, and her starting to think things aren’t going well, we may have a problem.

I do love that Whitney had so many questions for Warden Egara’s. We get more information about the process. I did not like Commander Helion. He was a jerk. Alarr being the mate and having doubts about the mission and how they handled it was for good reason. Even Oran and Teig knew they needed to bond with Whitney first. But things didn’t go as planned. Why is it that males always think to keep the woman blind to what is going on. It never turns out well and they are always screwed. Such is the case. My heart broke for Whitney and I can understand her lack of trust with what her family had done. She needed to feel safe and have that trust and love. There is a part in the book that struck me funny. When Whitney referenced “online dating and swipe right for your mate.” That is what happens in “Alien Captive and Alien Tribute” by Golden Angel / Lee Savino’s books. (Please tell me we are going to get a story with Kayson, Geros and Mal. We cannot have these three Viken without a mate. And what about Commander Zeus. Will this new female be the one?)
La Blue
3.0 out of 5 stars Eh. I was bored.
Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2020
Verified Purchase
It was formulaic but at the same time overly rushed. Most of the book was in their heads. There was no bonding build up for them to fall in love. They literally were only together for s e x time. And the time was uninteresting and unstimulating. And then the over reaction of feelings that haven’t even had time to develop was ridiculous and simply for page filler. There really wasn’t any story here. Like I said I was bored.

I felt sorry for the second set of mates that GG brought in towards the end. I didn’t think that was fair to get their hopes up for a mate and then take it away like that. They were sweet and I was more interested in them then in all the rest of this book combined. I would love to get a book for Kayson, Geros and Mal. I was really rooting for them to get the girl. But that obviously couldn’t have happened. Smh. That would be the next Viken book I hope!

Also I find the Queen super annoying in every appearance she makes since her book. Her character has turned stupid. A brainless dimbo who is only there as filler and not as a vital plot guider as the author intended.

Either way, it took me so long to read this book and that’s that I skimmed most of it because I kept wandering off to do anything else then stay in this boring story. Nothing grabbed me other then the last three Vikens I mentioned above and then once they were gone I was back to extreme annoyance that I still had more left to read before this book was over. And I believe the next book is with Helion, an unlikable character as the lead. Ugh. I’m not looking forward to that! GG is a wonderful writer but this book was flat. Enjoy. I still look forward to her books but not this one or Helion’s upcoming book. I can’t wait to get past these two. Enjoy.
Melissa B.
5.0 out of 5 stars Another good one
Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2020
Whitney decides to leave Earth after her family makes headlines, and not in a good way(think pyramid scheme and lots of angry people). She had no part in their crime and is now branded by their misdeeds. She leaves for a fresh start and for love.
Alarr, Oran, and Teig are on a mission. Unfortunately their bride, Whitney, is headed for them while they are under cover. I liked the guys and hated their boss. The story was fun and sad at points, but I liked the ending and seeing the characters we know and love from the series.
Rose M. Bassett
5.0 out of 5 stars Sometimes the timing is just not right!
Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2020
This is the 18th story of Interstellar Brides. Each can be read as a stand-alone, but they are so great you might as well read them all. The premise is standard, Earth women are wanted by every humanoid race to help continue their species. When a woman volunteer to go to Interstellar Brides, they know they will not be coming back to Earth. When they are matched, they are sent immediately to their match. Some of the women go to IB because they have come out of a bad relationship with a human male, it could be legal reasons, it could be they are running from something. You may get one mate, two mates or even three mates depending on the species. Things always turn up well for the women! The only downside is, nobody checks to make sure it is good timing on the male's side of things. The Bride may be sent into the middle of a battlefield or in this story's case, in the middle of an undercover investigation.

Whitney has had a hard time because her father is a con artist who is now in prison. She wants to be anywhere except on Earth. She just wants to start over and be surrounded by the truth for a change. When she gets to her mate, rather mates, something seems off. There is always at least one of her mates gone, never all three together, and it seems like there is a secret being kept from her. She has a very low threshold for dishonesty due to her dear old dad.

Alarr, Oran and Teig are undercover on a Pleasure Planet. The perfect place to take a new lover or honeymoon. There are suspicions that there is some sort of smuggling going on and they need to uncover it. When their mate shows up, their supervisor says that it is perfect cover with them being on a Pleasure Planet. They know that they are close to figuring out how the smuggling is going on and who is involved but with their new bride, their most important job is to keep her safe. Things start to come to a head when she realizes that because they all haven't been together, that maybe they don't want her.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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