Breaking Sass: Dire Wolf Mates Book 2

What happens when a sassy Dire Wolf, with a penchant for breaking rules, and a Lion, who’s in love with the law, clash?

She’s a sassy Dire Wolf with a fondness for speed, and he’s a Lion who knows how to lay down the law. Get ready for fireworks when these two dominant personalities clash.
Sheila Rand is the only female member of the Dire Wolf Motorcycle Club. Rare and powerful Shifters, the Dire Wolf MC has decided to make Blue Creek their permanent home. As the Alpha’s cousin, Sheila’s outspoken nature and habitual defiance is overlooked by her Packmates, but not by him. Mr. Law and Order thinks he can break her, but he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. She doesn’t want a mate. Especially not a puffed up pussycat!

Leonard Crowley is one of Blue Creek Police Department’s only Shifter detectives. He’s worked hard against the prejudice that keeps his kind from becoming part of mainstream life. With his father ailing, Leo is called to confront certain issues that have popped up in the Blue Valley Pride. When the elders insist he take one of their females as mate to assume his rightful position as King of the Pride, Leo has a surprise for them. He’s already met his mate, he just has to claim her.

Will the feisty couple discover that breaking sass is much more fun together?

The Reviews!

Sydney M Neblett
5.0 out of 5 stars Marked for all time
Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
Verified Purchase
I am really enjoying reading about these dire wolves. The author really spent a lot of time building these characters and adding details to their relationship that by the time I reached the end I felt invested in their future. I love the story and how these two and family pulled together to save the day. I especially enjoyed the epilogue and the way the author had Leo just jump whole heartedly into the Dire Wolf way of mating with no hesitation. I can guess which wolf will find fate’s gift of a mate next, but no matter who it is, I can’t wait to read what happens.
Tabi Ann
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Story
Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sometimes I feel like I title these stories the same every time. But how else to you label such a great story. Many things are happening in this story, many lives are intertwining. There are lots of emotions rolling thru you as you read this. You will find yourself drawn into the book and not want to leave.

There is a little mystery that happens in the book, why is it some people just think that shifters can be with their own kind and they do very cruel things to make it happen.

This book will make you laugh and cry and in the end you want to just smack the shifters and wake them up to remind them that fated mates happen and you cannot change that, even if you want too.

Love the tattoo..

Until Next Time... Tabi
4.0 out of 5 stars Cats & Dogs!
Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2021
Verified Purchase
Sheila is a Dire Wolf & she met her fated mated on the night that the bar was bombed. But, she’s been trying to avoid not only her mate but, the thought of a mate. She been telling herself & her wolf that they are meant to be free. The wolf part of her just doesn’t agree.

Leo (the Lion, yep that’s his 1st name) is a Detective in Blue Creek & when he showed up at the bar to investigate the bombing he met his fated mate, Sheila. & ever since her met her he’s been trying to get her to admit that they’re mates.

Leo finally found a way to get Sheila to spend time with him in the form of a challenge. As he needs someone to pretend to be his mate & go to the Pride’s House with him so that he can find out what is really going on with his Dad.

Now I’m not going to tell you how it works out, as you’ll have to read the book to find the answer
Sara S.
5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking Sass
Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
Sheila was a cousin of the alpha of the dire wolf mc and worked in the bar they all owned. Leo was the lion prince and a detective in the police force and always knew that Sheila was his fated mate. But she wanted to deny it and fought it, then he asked to go with him when he went to see his dad. He was sick and dieing also missed his mate that had died. Sheila finally realized that what Leo said about them being mates was true and they were mated. But there was a few problems that needed to be taken care of a the palace that got taken care of and his dad getting his health back. Everything was working out for everyone and his father got a new lease on life and Leo was ok with that. Loved this book! Always a great ending!

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