In the Roar: Paranormal Dating Agency #9

She raised her brows high. “If you get me a man who can make my knees buckle, I will skinny dip in the local pond.”
Gerri shook her head. “Don’t make promises you will hate keeping later.”

Alivia Vela is a big girl tired of dating. She’s at the point she’s going to find a frozen pop and get artificially inseminated. Or she would, until big, growly and oh, so sexy Karel shows up, saves the day and gives her a night she won’t soon forget. That, mouth…that tongue. Oh my.

Karel Yaghar needs a mate faster than he can growl the word MINE. He didn’t expect to meet the perfect woman for him and his jaguar only moments after arriving on earth. Now all Karel needs is for her to come with him to another planet. That should go over well. If she doesn’t decide he’s crazy instead, which is highly likely.

Liv is a true born hard-head, she’s gonna need more than pink sand to prove she’s on another planet. Where are the flying saucers? Then there’s the issue of convincing herself she’s not falling for the big kitty. If only her ovaries weren’t in agreement with her brain that Karel should be her future baby daddy, she might find the will to stay away from his sexiness. While she tries to figure that out, she and Karel will have to work together to take down an unexpected threat.

The Reviews!

Karel and Liv are a fantastic couple. Gerri Wilder is something you just have to experience to believe! I’m looking forward to reading more of her exploits.

Nikki Lawson
5.0 out of 5 stars In the Roar by Milly Taiden
Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
Smoking hot read!!! Karel needs a mate ASAP, his mother is dying and wants to see him mate before she goes. He begs Gerri to help him find his mate and decides to go to her rather then wait for her to come to Nova Aurora. Once on Earth, Karel immediately meets Liv and knows he has found his mate. Liv is a curvy woman who loves herself but has always been treated like she is less just because she is bigger. She wants to find a man who will love her and give her the children she desperately wants but has had such terrible luck with men, she's willing to be artificially inseminated to get pregnant. A chance meeting with Gerri leads to meeting Karel and sparks don't just fly, they explode. Karel convinces Liv to go to Nova Aurora with him to meet his dying mother and to stay with him to give him a chance to show her that they are meant to be together. Things aren't all what they seem as Liv helps to uncover a murderous plot being carried out by a traitor from the castle. The Paranormal Dating Agency series is one of the best series out there!! They are sexy, funny, and who doesn't love a shifter who loves curvy women?! I can't wait to read Cassie's story and see who Gerri pairs her up with!
Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures
5.0 out of 5 stars Review: In the Roar ~ Another fun read in this series!
Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
~ 4.5 In the Roar Stars ~

Note: All the books in this series are quick reads with very little plot and an insta-match. They are great if your looking for a little steam and some sexy shifters for an afternoon break.

This PDA series has become one of my favorites that I look forward too. I need something every now and then that does not have a deep plot, that I can just sit back enjoy the short and sweet times.

Karel and Alivia where great together. I really enjoyed that Karel did not pressure Alivia, giving her the time she needed to let her head catch up with her heart. I also love that we got to return to alien plant that the shifters live on. This one was a little different then the previous PDA books in that Karel did not do anything stupid to get his women upset with him. We also got a little action, trickery, and mystery with our plot in that a bad guy is trying to hurt a previous couple. Gerri is still as fun as every with her matchmaking skills and I can’t forget the hot and steamy sex… oh boy!

The only thing that I am getting a little tired of is the BBW angle. Yes, I know this is a BBW series. It just seems that the author is putting to much emphasis on how the heroine's look and how they are mistreated over the years because of it. I don’t mind reading stories with heroine's like this, but the emphasis is getting to over powering and I’m starting to not like how much her body image is talked about. I do love the possessiveness of the hero’s and how they love their full-figured woman.

In the Roar was a fun read from begging to end. I feel in love from the first to the last page and can’t wait for the next installment to hit the bookstores.
Lisa Morgan
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 JAGUAR LOVING STARS
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 17, 2017
Verified Purchase
Well hot damn, what can I say? This books was absolutely fantastic!

We taken on a journey as a shifter instantly connects with a human, his mate. The human gets taken to a alien planet to interact with his world and from there so much happens. After being belittled by other humans for her weight and looks she expects everyone to be like that, shifters included but she soon realises they’re not.

Reading about the torment the main character gets for the way she looks and her weight is heartbreaking but she loves how she looks and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I haven’t read many paranormal books but it’s always a treat when I do especially with this one. A Jaguar shifter is definitely new for me, I loved how fiercely protective shifters are of their mates. It’s been fun reading this novella. It’s my first book from this author and I’m glad I chose this book.

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