A Fang in the Sass: Sassy Ever After Book 6

Aria Valderi is a day walker, a vampire that can walk in the sun. Being a descendant of the original queen of the vampires has its perks, but finding out her mate is a wolf shifter isn’t one of them. He’s insufferable, bossy, and too damn sexy for his own good. 

Trevan Stone knows Aria is his. Unfortunately, his tough little vamp has been wreaking all kinds of havoc and now too many people want her dead. It’s going to take more than Trevan can do as a shifter to protect his woman.

Trevan has a secret. One that could put an end to their future together, but it’s not nearly as big as the one her people have, which could end the future of the entire clan. If he can save her from the vampire council that wants her destroyed, there might be a chance for them to work through their issues. But saving her means giving up the reason for his existence, the drive that has pushed him for the last eighty years.

This was such a great continuation of the story. I loved this couple. It may not seem like it, but I thought they fit together well. Wonder if the author plans to add more?

The Reviews!

No Genre Left Behind
4.0 out of 5 stars A Fang in the Sass
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is actually the first in the Sassy Mates series that I've read. I would recommend starting from the beginning, there were a few things I had to catch up on that I assume happened in previous books (I bet they're fantastic). That being said, this was still an amazing romance story that was exciting and hard to put down.

Aria and Trevan have met in a previous story, but they are both experiencing some denial when it comes to their attraction to each other. Partly because they are different species and neither one of them seem to really like the other. But fate has other ideas, because their worlds are about to collide in a spectacular way. And even their past seems to be drawing the together in a strange twisted way.

Aria is wrapped in defending herself to the vampire council for killing a human blood slave trader. But treachery from within her clan has the council believing it to be murder. As she tries to put together the proof to show her actions justified, the whole things keeps getting bigger and bigger. The trade is larger than she ever knew.

There's a few epic fight scenes - which are hard to find in a romance - and they are done just right. Aria is a strong woman, but also realizes that it's OK to rely on friends and allies to help her out, that she can't do it all by herself. This was a very beautiful love story with forgiveness, trust, and respect becoming the backbone of their future.
Nicole H. Vela
5.0 out of 5 stars Mate of my heart!
Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
Aria is anicent as she is beauty and beloved by her coven. Although her nemesis are seeking her destruction. She is also experiencing some baby fever, seeing her friends makes her long for it. Her first choice is her bloodmate Trevan.
Trevan Stone- equally handsome in his wn right, he hs scented his mate. Aside from that was his need for vengeance, on the perpetrators who killed his pack. The only cavit... his mate is also the enemy.
When they are together they burn the brightest... the passion and lust its all consuming. Together they are formidable, but when they ae threatened.. they are fiercely protective of each other. Lies are revealed and secrets long buried come to the surface. This is not your typical paranormal/supernatural romance. This is Milly Taiden at her best.. raw and uninhibited. The excitement revolving around this new world is just the beginning!! If you loved the family..love,drama and adventure hold on to your hat your in for the ride of your life!! A Sassy World. Milly Taiden is an author who mesmerizes, tantalizes and creates new and extraordinary characters and opens new worlds to us the reader. Is there anyting she can do....
MonicaMartin41Top Contributor: Fantasy Books
5.0 out of 5 stars anyways I love this series and this wasn't any different
Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2016
Verified Purchase
I finally got around to reading this book. Unfortunately, I am so busy I cant read new releases right away....*sob*. Ha...anyways I love this series and this wasn't any different. Loved it. I've been waiting to read Aria's story for awhile. Trevan...holy hotness! They are mates but have sorta been avoiding each other a little bit. She's a Vampire Queenish and he's a werewolf. Secrets of the past will either drive them apart or pull them closer. Aria is afraid for her mate and wants to protect him. He's beyond pissed when she sends him away after they first get together. Trevan being a smart wolf understands and goes and does his own investigation about the disappearing people and Aria's wanting to bring her clans into the 21st century. Not to feed on humans anymore so they can walk in the sun like she can and change is never easy or accepted. She's also in trouble with the Council and trying to clear her name at the same time proves troublesome. As powerful as Aria is she sorta gets humbled after she gets her butt kicked and Trevan saves her life. 🙂 Its a great story and all is revealed and I sorta want to see how Alain fairs and Roan but I dont know if we will get any stories about them.
Lourin Top Contributor: Baby
5.0 out of 5 stars Hot, Sexy, and Steamy! Don't hesitate to pick this one up!
Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
In Milly Taiden's Sassy Mates we got to meed Aria and Trevan in the final book.

Aria is a day walker. She's one of the few blood borns and is considered queen of the clans. After taking care of Filip and his followers she's trying to ensure the rest of the South clan is clean and living by the rules set by her grandfather. But her only problem isn't just the clan problems, there's someone trying to finish the job of ending the Valderi line once and for all, and a mate that she has left unclaimed.

**"If you tell anyone, I'll make sure you remain soft for a long time before I make you hard again."**

Trevan has spent the last 80 years bent on revenge against the vampires who killed his pack. But finding out a vampire is his mate changes his mission in life. Now his mission is to claim and protect his mate at all costs, even when she doesn't think she needs the help.

**"And keep your smells to yourself too. I don't want to breathe in your-...Desire for her, passion to strip her naked and play hide the cannoli?"**

I absolutely love Aria and Trevan! Hot wolf mate and sexy curvy vampire mate you can't go wrong. It also doesn't hurt that there are extremely hot, melt your panties off sex!

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