In the Roar: Paranormal Dating Agency #9

She raised her brows high. “If you get me a man who can make my knees buckle, I will skinny dip in the local pond.”
Gerri shook her head. “Don’t make promises you will hate keeping later.”

Alivia Vela is a big girl tired of dating. She’s at the point she’s going to find a frozen pop and get artificially inseminated. Or she would, until big, growly and oh, so sexy Karel shows up, saves the day and gives her a night she won’t soon forget. That, mouth…that tongue. Oh my.

Karel Yaghar needs a mate faster than he can growl the word MINE. He didn’t expect to meet the perfect woman for him and his jaguar only moments after arriving on earth. Now all Karel needs is for her to come with him to another planet. That should go over well. If she doesn’t decide he’s crazy instead, which is highly likely.

Liv is a true born hard-head, she’s gonna need more than pink sand to prove she’s on another planet. Where are the flying saucers? Then there’s the issue of convincing herself she’s not falling for the big kitty. If only her ovaries weren’t in agreement with her brain that Karel should be her future baby daddy, she might find the will to stay away from his sexiness. While she tries to figure that out, she and Karel will have to work together to take down an unexpected threat.

The Reviews!

Karel and Liv are a fantastic couple. Gerri Wilder is something you just have to experience to believe! I’m looking forward to reading more of her exploits.

Nikki Lawson
5.0 out of 5 stars In the Roar by Milly Taiden
Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
Smoking hot read!!! Karel needs a mate ASAP, his mother is dying and wants to see him mate before she goes. He begs Gerri to help him find his mate and decides to go to her rather then wait for her to come to Nova Aurora. Once on Earth, Karel immediately meets Liv and knows he has found his mate. Liv is a curvy woman who loves herself but has always been treated like she is less just because she is bigger. She wants to find a man who will love her and give her the children she desperately wants but has had such terrible luck with men, she's willing to be artificially inseminated to get pregnant. A chance meeting with Gerri leads to meeting Karel and sparks don't just fly, they explode. Karel convinces Liv to go to Nova Aurora with him to meet his dying mother and to stay with him to give him a chance to show her that they are meant to be together. Things aren't all what they seem as Liv helps to uncover a murderous plot being carried out by a traitor from the castle. The Paranormal Dating Agency series is one of the best series out there!! They are sexy, funny, and who doesn't love a shifter who loves curvy women?! I can't wait to read Cassie's story and see who Gerri pairs her up with!
Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures
5.0 out of 5 stars Review: In the Roar ~ Another fun read in this series!
Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
~ 4.5 In the Roar Stars ~

Note: All the books in this series are quick reads with very little plot and an insta-match. They are great if your looking for a little steam and some sexy shifters for an afternoon break.

This PDA series has become one of my favorites that I look forward too. I need something every now and then that does not have a deep plot, that I can just sit back enjoy the short and sweet times.

Karel and Alivia where great together. I really enjoyed that Karel did not pressure Alivia, giving her the time she needed to let her head catch up with her heart. I also love that we got to return to alien plant that the shifters live on. This one was a little different then the previous PDA books in that Karel did not do anything stupid to get his women upset with him. We also got a little action, trickery, and mystery with our plot in that a bad guy is trying to hurt a previous couple. Gerri is still as fun as every with her matchmaking skills and I can’t forget the hot and steamy sex… oh boy!

The only thing that I am getting a little tired of is the BBW angle. Yes, I know this is a BBW series. It just seems that the author is putting to much emphasis on how the heroine's look and how they are mistreated over the years because of it. I don’t mind reading stories with heroine's like this, but the emphasis is getting to over powering and I’m starting to not like how much her body image is talked about. I do love the possessiveness of the hero’s and how they love their full-figured woman.

In the Roar was a fun read from begging to end. I feel in love from the first to the last page and can’t wait for the next installment to hit the bookstores.
Lisa Morgan
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 JAGUAR LOVING STARS
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 17, 2017
Verified Purchase
Well hot damn, what can I say? This books was absolutely fantastic!

We taken on a journey as a shifter instantly connects with a human, his mate. The human gets taken to a alien planet to interact with his world and from there so much happens. After being belittled by other humans for her weight and looks she expects everyone to be like that, shifters included but she soon realises they’re not.

Reading about the torment the main character gets for the way she looks and her weight is heartbreaking but she loves how she looks and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I haven’t read many paranormal books but it’s always a treat when I do especially with this one. A Jaguar shifter is definitely new for me, I loved how fiercely protective shifters are of their mates. It’s been fun reading this novella. It’s my first book from this author and I’m glad I chose this book.

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Full-Bodied: Tangled Vines 4

Finding your fated mate is rare. Hunters will regret stealing mine.

Whitney Morrison is a full-bodied, successful event planner, a human, and my fated mate. I’m the Alpha of Monterey and I always get what I want.

I catch her scent at a wine festival and invite her to dinner. A dinner invitation that leads to the most memorable night of my life. The next morning I return to our room to find Whitney has run away.

My wolf is devastated. She will learn there is no running from your fated mate.

Three months of searching and preparing has finally brought her back to me. She is on my land and in my home having accepted a job in the area. My wolf is pushing me to make her mine. Before I can mark and claim her, Hunters attack the pack, stealing her from me.

The hunt is on.

The Reviews!

Donna L
4.0 out of 5 stars Jameson and Whitney
Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2021
It would not be a shifter story by Delta James without a sexy alpha intent on marking and
knotting his fated mate. A mate who was so overwhelmed that she ran away and hunters
out to eliminate the entire shifter population.

From their first meeting, Jameson Sinclair affected Whitney Morrison’s equilibrium making
her melt into a puddle of submission. His rumble soothed her soul. Whitney may have run
from Jameson, but he had eyes protecting her until she was back in his arms. His dominance
stole her breath. How could she feel so out of control yet so safe. Jameson was out for
revenge when the hunters kidnapped Whitney. Her strength and resilience shone through
in the face of danger.

The sexual chemistry between Jameson and Whitney burned up the sheets. I was surprised
at how quickly Whitney accepted that Jameson was indeed a shifter. She was not scared by
the prospect of being marked. In fact, she was excited. Whitney was lush and full-bodied
like a fine wine. Jameson was dominant, protective, and expected to be obeyed. Whitney
soon learned over Jameson’s knees that he would not allow her to make derogatory
comments about herself. She was perfect as she was.
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review
5.0 out of 5 stars HE WOULD MAKE HER BELIEVE
Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2021
As a fan of Ms. Delta James' Wayward Mates series, there are many similarities in the storyline, two wolf shifters meeting, realizing they are fated mates, which she will fight, but never wins. But then, beyond how they come together, accept fate, and the relationship, the story is new. This new series, Tangled Vines, will also revolve around vineyards. With Jameson Sinclair and Whitney Morrison, he is the Alpha of Earthly Spirits Vineyard in Monterey, California, and she is human and an event planner in Chicago, Illinois.

I especially liked this one because I felt that Jameson paves the way for Whitney to come to California. He doesn't cause issues with her fiancé; he doesn't take away a job from someone else to offer her a position. Instead, he arranges solutions that work the best. The chemistry between Jameson and Whitney is undeniable, and for him, he knows immediately that she is his fated mate. I loved that, unlike many Alphas, he does not force her, he allows her to accept him, his dominance, giving him her surrender, and she wants to become his.

The story's plot will first have Whitney and Jameson meeting at the wine convention in Chicago. Whitney does a fantastic job with the conventions, and Jameson knows she will be a plus to the coastal wineries when he finally can lure her there. When she arrives at Earthly Spirits and twists her ankle and that is the start of him carrying her wherever she needs to go. While she doesn't understand the dizziness she feels, he knows immediately he has finally found her, his true-fated-mate, and he couldn't be happier.

Whitney: "You don't need to carry me, Mr. Sinclair. I'm too heavy."
Jameson: "Nonesense. And we've talked about how I feel about you putting yourself down. When did I become Mr. Sinclar? As I recall in Chicago, I was Jameson."
Whitney: "That should never have happened. It was completely unprofessional. Besides, I thought I'd be working with Leo."
Jameson: "It most definitely should have happened. And why on earth would I let Leo gobble you up when my appetite is so much more ravenous?"

"There was something odd about the way she could be furious and slightly afraid of him one moment, and in the next, she felt as though sitting in his lap with his arms wrapped around her was the safest, and only, place in the world she wanted to be."

Whitney: "What do you want from me?"
Jameson: "I don't want anything from you I want you—all of you."
Whitney: "I keep thinking I must be dreaming. That at any moment I'm going to wake up and be in my hotel room."
Jameson: "Why does it seem so difficult for you to believe me?"
Whitney: "Because men like you don't fall for women like me."
Jameson: "Intelligent, passionate men like me don't fall for beautiful, intelligent, wildly responsive, and spirited women like you? Since when?"

From a night in Chicago, where these two become lovers for a night—to misunderstandings the following day, it sets this tale into motion with Jameson paving the way to bring his mate to California and him. He doesn't force the vows; he actually lets her fall in love with him and then learns the truth about being a wolf shifter. He proves that he and his people are all dedicated to working together for the good of the pack—and that means seeing Jameson and Whitney together as fated-mates. Yes, she is disciplined, but she is loved even harder by him.

"Just relax and let me hold you. I'll take care of you, Whitney. You don't need to worry about anything. Everyone here is glad you've finally come home."

The story has the good, the bad, and the ugly. A cheater works perfect for Jameson to free Whitney—and a new beginning with a job location brings her to the coast of California. I liked how the relationship between Jameson and Whitney progresses. The story also has problems with the Hunters—which leads to kidnapping and danger.

Jameson: "I love you, Whitney. Why won't you believe?"
Whitney: "I do, Jameson. I love you too. I believe."

"My mate is a woman of rare courage and a ferocious spirit. I would expect nothing less."

Whitney: "Why is it you say the dirtiest things to me and make them sound so sensual and loving?"
Jameson: "Because they are. I want you geared to my voice, my touch. I love it when you tremble with desire, and I haven't even touched you yet."
Whitney: "I don't know why I believe you, but I do. I don't know why I don't care that there are things about you that should probably scare me to death, but they don't. It doesn't matter to me."
Jameson: "Will you agree to take your vows and become one with me?"
Whitney: "I’m not sure I ever had a real choice in the matter. Jameson?”
Jameson: “Yes, sweetheart?”
Whitney: “Again, something I never thought I’d hear myself say, but I want to be the one with you in all ways. I want to give myself to your completely.”

“He was so strong, so loving, so everything she’d ever needed.”

Whitney: “I want to be one with you.”
Jameson: “You already are. From the moment you were born, you’ve been one with me. We will be one in this lifetime and all those that follow.”

The story does have power exchange, male dominance, feisty females, who eventually learn submission is powerful. Again, there are explicit scenes and discipline.

“He wondered how he’d lived without her until now. It was as if all that had come before had been a pale imitation of the life that now lay before them.”

Tangled in Tinsel: Dragon Guard Series Book 28

“Well, hello there. Are you my Christmas present?” His voice was just the right mix of smooth bass and sultry smoke that Belle’s mind shut down and her mouth took the lead. “You’ll have to unwrap me to find out.” Moral of the story…I should always follow my instincts, and I’m gonna kick Lizzie in the shin for making me leave the house.

It’s over the river and through the woods, and straight to Christmas hell for Chance Nichols. His twin has taken off on a mission to the Frozen North and most of the other Guardsman are cuddled up with their mates, so it’s up to Chance to get the Lair decorated before the snow begins to fall.

One trip to town for decorations and Happy Holidays has turned into Scary Grinchmas. According to the latest report, the North Pole is completely shut down. The elves have revolted, the reindeer have flown the coop, and Mrs. Claus is on strike – talk about up the proverbial tree without an extension cord.

Visions of sugarplums can’t fix this one. It’ll take a whole lot of dragon magic, sprinkled with fairy dust and tied together with yards of tinsel and garland.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Wonderful! Fabulous Christmas story of true love. Chance, like his twin Noel, is an emerald dragon. His mate is the Christmas Fairy. Their meeting and mating will leave you smiling for hours

The Reviews!

Roxie's Ferguson /Roxie's Romance Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars This is an Incredible Dragon shifter Romance series "
Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2018
Verified Purchase
The storyline is funny and adorable. You will love the awesome personalities of the characters. Each book has left me wanting to read more!
Belle is a spunky and sassy Christmas Fairy. Right now she is also a grumpy one. As her one hundredth birthday is coming up. And Belle has not found her fated mate. Then one day Belle slips on some ice, and it saved from a fall by a sexy man.
Chance is a sexy Dragon shifter guardsman. After he saves Below and she takes off he realized she is his mate! Only he soon finds out it is not easy to get close to his mate. Nope she is guarded by two scrappy gnomes!
Later Belle gets a huge surprise when Mrs. Santa Claus. Shows up at Belle 's coffee shop. It seems Mrs. Claus needs Belle and her witch friend Lizzie's help. Mrs. Claus lost Santa's sleigh and reindeer! This leads them all into danger. Now not only does Chance have to get past the Gnomes, but he must also rescue Belle from danger!
You will so love this Adorable,exciting, very funny, thrilling, and scorching hot Dragon shifter Romance. It is a five star plus series.
4.0 out of 5 stars Fairy Christmas!
Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2020
Verified Purchase
This book is about the Christmas Fairy who slipped & was caught by the Christmas Dragon (cause him & his twin were born on Christmas).

Belle or as her BFF calls her Tink will turn 100 years old on Christmas & she’s still single & not in a happy mood.

Chance while out with Kayne to get Christmas decorations for the lair literally catches his mate (before she falls to the ground) & loses her as she runs away to get to work on time.

This book does have a good vs bad fight scene in it as well as Mr. & Mrs. Clause. But, to find out who & what the bad guys are doing to try & ruin Christmas you’ll have to read the book.
Patti Hays
5.0 out of 5 stars Bursting with holiday goodness!
Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2017
Verified Purchase
This is book 27 in this series, which means this author is challenged to add a uniqueness that would set this tale apart from all others. And Julia Mills delivered. This tale is fully immersed in Christmas references and spirit abound. It’s a tad corny, but during this time of year, it totally matches the ugly sweater mania! The characters are fully imagined, and the heroic dragon guard is definitely swoon worthy. Ms. Mills hit all the buttons that her readers have come to expect, including the quirky humor between the fated pair! A perfect read to keep me in the holiday spirit!
Diana Page
5.0 out of 5 stars Dragon gets run over by the Christmas Fairy and loves every minute of it !!
Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2017
Verified Purchase
The best Christmas book of the season !! Chance the Guardsman dragon ( born on Christmas Day) meets Berle “The Christmas Fairy”, and ends up knowing she is his “One” the only one he will ever love, cherish and be with until they both return to the Heavens !! Only one problem, she and her friend Lizzie run off to save Christmas, without a plan, forgetting most of their supplies and running into the 2 people who want to kill Santa Claus, the Reindeer and all of Christmas if they can !! So Chance and Simon take off after them in hopes of saving the ladies and Christmas, with 2 female gnomes and Mrs. Claus for back up !! Highly hilarious, full of magic and bits of sexy dragon heat !! 5⭐️‘s !! A shouldn’t be missed Christmas/Yule Read.
Add to Goodreads

The Sunday Post #21-31


Welcome to another Sunday Post. Available as a podcast, this post is a chance for me to wrap up my week. Also a chance for you, my readers, to catchup on any posts you might have missed. So enjoy!

Books Reviews From Last Week

Dragon Got Run Over by A Reindeer by Julia Mills
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A Sassy Wedding by Milly Taiden
Twisted Lies by Melanie James
Scaling Her Dragon by Milly Taiden
Mate by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly

Final Thoughts

The Twisted Tail Pack series is at an end for now. This led to me considering what series to tackle next. Yes, I could have tackled another series set either in the Paranormal Dating Agency world or the Sassy Mates world. Doing that would have been a bit of an overkill.

Then a book popped up on my screen, Fury of Conviction by Coreene Callahan. Oh My! A few years ago, I’d read the original Dragonfury series and enjoyed it. However, I always wondered about the other members of the pack and did they ever meet their mates. Fury of Conviction is the second novella in a spin-off series. The first one featured Ivar. This one features Hamersveld. Wow!

Now, to be fair there is also a second series about the Scottish pack. In searching for information about the books, I discovered that Coreene is returning to the original pack!!! So, while I wait (impatiently), I want to review as many of the previous ones as possible!

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