Submission: Masters of the Savoy Book 3

Another Historical Figure Appears!

Ms. James has obviously done her homework as another historical figure makes her appearance. The series already features multiple names from the beloved Sherlock Holmes series, but now someone who truly live appears!

None other the Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. We are taken from her tragic death in 1536 to current times when she runs into Saoirse who recognizes who and what she is. One thing leads to another and Anne comes to the famous Savoy hotel where she meets Gabriel. Hmmmmmmm…..

Book Blurb:

She has watched through the veil for centuries… now it’s her time to escape.

Denied her happily ever after, Anne Hastings has waited almost five centuries to pierce the veil and find one for herself.

Gabriel Watson suspects Anne is in trouble when he sees Anne entering the Savoy with Rachel’s friend, Saoirse. He wants to know who she is, why she’s checking into the hotel with no luggage and why she’s meeting with an infamous forger?

His friends Roark and Holmes have settled down with two beautiful mischief makers. Gabe figures whatever they’re up to with Anne can’t be good. And he’s right. Anne is on the run from two men who will do whatever it takes to drag Anne back—the Warder of the Veil and the Angel of Death.

Gabe has to solve the mystery that surrounds Anne before she is pulled back into eternal darkness and torment. But time is running out.

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