Why Getting Married Later in Life Can Be Delightful

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no official timeline when it comes to getting married. So, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, how old you are when you get married doesn’t diminish the significance of the event. Suppose, you’ve saved marriage for your golden years. The Reluctant Retiree has some tips on how to navigate life together in your latter years. 

Finding Your Ideal Property

Finding your ideal property together may look a bit different than in days gone by. Now, that you don’t have the kids to consider anymore, you could desire a smaller home seeing as it’s just for the two of you. Also, the type of property that you might prefer could differ from the fancy properties that might have caught your eye in your younger days. For example, maybe a ranch-style house would be more to your liking as opposed to a split-level house because there are just too many stairs to go up and down every day.

If you’ve found what appears to be your perfect property, check for problems before you fully commit. Simple fixes can be handled by a contractor, or you may choose to tackle them yourself depending on your comfort with DIY projects. And even if pests give you the chills, don’t let an errant rodent ruin your home plans. Instead, simply look online for “best mice exterminator near me” and call someone out to take care of the problem. Be sure to read some reviews first, so you end up with someone who can get rid of the pests quickly, but in a way you are comfortable with.

Making Your New Home Fit for Two

As far as making your house a home goes, this too may be a little trickier than anticipated because it will require the blending of two different tastes and styles together so that it looks like one cohesive home. That said, if design and decor are not really up your alley, you don’t need to go all out to make your new home look fresh and exciting. In fact, if you’re more used to your creature comforts, then you could stick with the things that make you comfortable and recreate the look of your previous home in your new home if you want to. Again, you’ll have to take each other’s preferences into account. But this shouldn’t be too difficult to do if you’ve decided the simpler life is better for the both of you.

Getting All the Paperwork Sorted

Apart from all the legal documentation that will need to be completed upon getting married, you will most probably have to see to other details such as updating your social security info, applying for different or more comprehensive home insurance, reevaluating your health insurance, as well as planning a new budget together. Also, you may need to start thinking about the costs of aged-care living as a precautionary measure further down the line.

Speaking of paperwork, perhaps you’ve decided that buying a property is not the only thing you’d like to do together. Maybe starting a business together sounds just as appealing. It doesn’t even matter if you’re close to or past retirement age, as people of all ages are doing side hustles such as freelancing or consulting nowadays. Plus, it’ll give you even more quality time together as you contemplate the next big thing together. It’ll also give you the opportunity to generate extra income for the future. You could think of it as your financial cushion to cover unexpected expenses down the line.

You’ll also need to decide on the type of structure you want your business to be. An LLC is an excellent option for first-time entrepreneurs because of its flexibility, minimal paperwork, and tax benefits. Just be sure to double-check the filing regulations in your area, as these differ from state to state. Then, start getting the word out about your new venture. Plug into social media; it’s a free or low-cost option with a lot of bells and whistles.

In summary, when you’ve found your forever person, planning a life together becomes even more special, regardless of whether you’re just starting out in life or if you’re more experienced at doing life.

Once you’re settled and ready to relax, look for a great book from the Reluctant Retiree. She is passionate about reading, and will get you on a path towards great armchair travels every time!

Image via Pexels

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