The Women of the Syndicate Masters

The Bargain

Katharine Donnelly – So, Con wouldn’t touch a dark-haired girl… that was interesting.

Conchobar O’Neill – black panther, Devil of Galway, Con was a mountain of a man with broad shoulders, a sculpted chest, lean waist, and washboard abs.

The Pact

Blaise Munro – She tossed her curly red mane, which fell past her shoulders, back over her head before donning the cap and scarf. Her stormy green eyes, normally tranquil, blazed with emotion and concern.

Gavan Drummond – Black Tiger, Gallowglass Syndicate – Tall with a muscular frame, dark hair, dark eyes, and permanent dark stubble.

The Agreement

Peyton Cooper- No, it was the patrician beauty with hair as black as his and ice blue eyes who he wanted beneath him.

Joshua Knight – Black Lion, Tiamat Syndicate.

The Understanding

Carys Mathieson – She wasn’t one of the lithe redheads or brunettes with gorgeous faces and perfect figures that he was photographed with so often. Carys didn’t think she was bad to look at, just nothing to really write home about—average, pleasingly plump her mother’s relatives had called her.

Braden Hughes, Beast of Penarth, Black Sabretooth

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