The Women of the Syndicate Masters: Northern Light


Marley Knight – His arm was wrapped around her hips, while the other hand fisted the black locks of her hair, holding her in place as he pounded into her, reveling in her wet response that told him anger was not all she felt.

Gunnar Madsen, the Ice Lion of Aarhus, Blood Eagle Syndicate


Gabriella Broussard – By the time she’d pulled her long red curls up into a high ponytail and adjusted the shower temperature, she’d finished her first. His Gabriella wasn’t much shorter but had a far more curvaceous figure. She had an interesting, intelligent, and pretty face, large firm breasts, a smaller waist, and generous hips a man could use to his advantage when he fucked her. Her legs were long and well formed.

Anders Jensen, Snow Leopard, I am the Sentinel of Sabu, Valhalla Syndicate.


Rhys Donovan, – A stunning blonde with violet eyes, her hair the color of honey, entered the room and a shroud of silence fell over the lounge. She glanced around, spotted him, and then took a table at the opposite end of the lounge. She was dressed in a lilac corset with raised embroidery of the same color and a matching thong.

Lars Jakobsson- Winter Tiger, Berserker of Gotland, Head of the Berserker Syndicate.

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