Big Dog: Mercenary Masters #5

So good to see Wyatt find his mate. I really enjoyed reading this book. The entire series has been a great read. Looking forward to reading more!

The Reluctant Retiree

He’s going to make her obey. Then he’s going to make her his.
The last time they met, Wyatt Moore took Makenna Dalton over his knee and spanked her bare bottom, then bent her over the couch and taught her what it means to be truly put in her place.
Then duty called and he thought he might never see her again. Until today…
Now she is not only under his protection, but in his custody, and he’s more than ready to blister her beautiful backside as often as necessary to ensure her recklessness doesn’t get her killed.
She’ll be wet and needing more when he’s done, but this time he won’t be leaving her that way.
This time he won’t be leaving her at all.
He’s keeping her, whether she likes it or not.

The Reviews

Beverly Ann McCall
3.0 out of 5 stars Big Dog (Mercenary Masters)
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 30, 2022
Verified Purchase
Big Dog is the fourth installment in Delta James’ military romance series entitled Mercenary Masters. Readers me the male protagonist, Wyatt Moore in the other books in this series. He is a former Delta Force team member and an exceptional helicopter pilot. Wyatt met Makena Dalton while they were on active duty. They shared a passionate one-night experience that was electrifying. However, their military commitment did not bode well for a relationship and the two lost track of each other until Destiny intersects their paths. During their time apart Makena was taken captive, tortured, and eventually escaped. Vowing revenge on Bagdad Sayeed, the antagonist, and his human trafficking syndicate, Makena sets her course to systematically destroy them. Will Wyatt and Makena reconnect? How will Makena’s determination to seek revenge impact their possibility of a future?

As in the other books in this series, readers will find explicit descriptions of sexual scenes. Initially as I started this series, I found myself with a few reservations particularly with the some of the BDSM sexual scenes. However, to Ms. James’ credit, her book blurb does refer to this as a rough romance, thus providing her readers with an option of choice. You may wonder why I continued reading this book? I was intrigued with her writing style and the suspense prong of her dual-prong plot. Her mastery at the literary devices of characterization, dual POV, dialog, and descriptive language allowed me to look passed the BDSM scenes and focus on the interplay between the characters. Once again, Ms. James did not disappoint me with her great storytelling and leaves me determined to finish the series.
Denise DeCrescito (From In Here)
4.0 out of 5 stars Wild ride with great characters
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 10, 2021
Verified Purchase
The books in the Rough Romance series by Delta James are interconnected standalones, each written with dramatic intensity and powerful characters. In ‘Big Dog’ we once again get a leading man who is highly skilled in his career and also highly skilled as a Dominant. Wyatt is a pilot with nerves of steel as he gets his team of fellow special operatives in and out of incredibly dangerous train all around the world, while providing air cover for them from on board weaponry. Makenna, a memorable woman with whom he only had one night because of deployment, is as smart as she is beautiful. She utilizes her own nerves of steel as an explosives expert. After she is kidnapped and abused, she manages to save herself by using her own intelligence and skill … she is an extremely capable and inspiring leading lady. She is Wyatt’s equal in every way, which is what makes the D/s relationship they enter into so powerful.

This story is very fast-paced and engaging. Wyatt and Makenna have to fight fiercely for the ending they deserve. If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll see a lot of familiar characters as the globetrotting Cerberus Group does its thing to battle evil in a wicked world. I really hope we are going to get a book about Sully!
Reading Susan
5.0 out of 5 stars Explosive💥!
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 16, 2021
This is the fifth book in the 'Mercenary Masters Series' and Delta did another amazing job. Her ability to tell a story and peak your interest from the first pages is extraordinary. This book is no exception, it starts with us first meeting Mak and Wyatt in a war zone. Mak had played a prank on Wyatt and his bunk mates and then later that evening they find themselves at the same bar. Wyatt observes Mak hustling some fellow service men in darts. He knows these guys are arrogant asses with bad attitudes riding their daddy's shirt tails through their enlistments. As Mak takes them for the grand hustle of the evening, Wyatt warns her to be careful with her windfall and have somebody walk her out. Mak being the independent woman that she is, leaves on her own. Wyatt barely saves her from being gang raped. Wyatt decides to give Mak a lesson in safety using dominance and spankings to drive his point home. This is Mak's first experience in being dominated and realizes that she is extremely comfortable and aroused being a sub for Wyatt. They spend the night together and Wyatt must leave early in the morning for his deployment. He knows that he has feelings for Mak, so he leaves her a note wishing her well.
Fast forward seven years and Mak is back in the Middle East as an explosive expert. She finds that her way of releasing stress is to frequent BDSM clubs. She is now an alpha sub who enjoys an occasional whipping or spanking from a Dom but never participates in any type of intimacy or after care. While visiting a club she is kidnapped by a sex trafficking ring and finds herself at the mercy of none other than the infamous and sadistic Sayeed. While being held captive she is tortured and abused sexually, physically, and mentally. She finds her strength in her sub training and is able to compartmentalize her horrific experiences mentally. While she is Sayeed's captive, Cerberus Group hears of other women being held as slaves by Sayeed and initiates a rescue mission not knowing that Mak is being held at the same location. Wyatt is now the pilot for the Cerberus Group and plays an important part in the successful rescue mission. While the rescue is taking place, Mak finds the opportunity to free herself and is successful in her escape into freedom. She is now on a mission of revenge to take down anyone and everyone that had anything to do with her kidnapping. Cerberus Group hears of Mak's escape and feels somewhat responsible for not helping her. What happens next has Wyatt and Mak back together where old feelings resurface and trouble is knocking.
I thought the plot was interesting and exciting. The characters were well written with depth and thought. The writing kept me on edge and I thought the book to be an amazing read. I wonder if this is the last of the series or if maybe Sully gets his chance at love??? I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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