Small Space Decorating – Rethinking it!

The Inspiration Behind It All

If there was one thing about my mother’s house that I loved growing up, it was the way she decorated for the holidays. Of course she had 3 floors and 2 daughters to help her decorate! Be that as it may, that was, and still is the inspiration I draw on for my decorating.

Since I live in a house trailer, I focused on my dining room table for the decorating. Which led to the photos you see below.

All of these look lovely to be sure, but what you may not have noticed is that each season had its own set of dishes! Now I don’t have room in my house for all the storage boxes it takes to store the ones not being used. So we rented a storage space.


My 15 x 10 ft storage unit!

Roll the years forward a few. I can’t lift as heavy a weight as I used to. My husband can’t help me at all because of his health problems. So a set of dishes that once only took 2 boxes now takes 5! Which led to the photo above!

Let’s rethink this!

At this point, hubby looked at me and wondered if the table settings actually reflected the season, after all, it wasn’t Christmas anymore. However, we weren’t ready to bring out the Spring set just yet. The more we looked at it, the more we wanted to make a change. But what change could we make that wouldn’t add to the space problem.

Then it hit us. Crystal! I already have most of the serving pieces in Godinger Crystal so why not just get their dinnerware and use it year-round? I could donate all the sets except for one to the thrift store and reduce the mess in our storage unit.

A quick check on Amazon (our favorite shopping site) led us to this tablecloth and dinnerware. I can easily change table linens as needed throughout the year and still keep my table looking fresh!

Now that’s what I call rethinking small space decorating!

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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