Cherry Cobbler

The best way into someone’s heart is through their stomach, and the best way in there is with cookies.

I’ve been alone a while since Adeline’s father passed away, and as she’s gotten older, I finally feel like I can try my hand at love again, or at least a date. But between running a busy pastry shop and the mom-life responsibilities and worries, it’s hard to find time to match-make for myself.

So I throw my feelings into my desserts- literally. My love and desire infuse my food and help relationships blossom. You can call me cupid, I guess.

Come Valenine’s Day, I expect the rush of hungry patrons and lovers looking for something yummy to give their significant others. What I don’t expect is to have two very aggressive bear shifters take an interest in more than my famous Swoon-worthy Cherry Cobbler, or how much I’ll enjoy every delectable minute of it.

Cherry Cobbler is a companion novella set in the world of Newborn City. It is a why-choose/polyamorous paranormal shifter romance with adult themes and language. It may not be suitable for all readers.

The Reviews!

Tressie Nelson
490 reviews

HFN - no epilogue
Paranormal, shifters, witches, magic

*Read ALL THE TRIGGER WARNINGS. These are just a few*
LGBTQ relationships
Primal (run so I can chase you)
D/s with switch
Violence, gun violence
Death of parent
Breath play
Alcohol abuse
Psycho ex

Bryony (witch, mfc)
Adeline (13, daughter of mfc)
Tashunka (grizzly bear-shifter, mmc)
Kono (blackbear-shifter, mmc)
Donna (Tas's crazy ex wife)

Bryony is a widowed baker, infusing love into her pastries through witchcraft. Tashunka is a grumpy, brusque bear-shifter who lives with Kono, a flirty bear-shifter. Tas and Kono came to get a cherry cobbler for their grandmother from Bry's bakery, but she had mistakenly infused it with lust instead of love, thinking it was for Tas. She races after them to get the cobbler back, but ends up in bed with Kono having the best adult time ever (even if they both secretly wanted Tas to join). Then Donna shows up right after Bry heads home. Things get very dangerous, quickly. Tas has been fighting his feelings for Kono, and now he's fighting them for Bry as well. But Donna scented Bry and has a new target besides Kono. Can they save Bry from Donna? Who does the male accent belong to that is also at Bry's house?

I loved AfP, but this one was even better! ARC copy honest review, there were a couple of typos but 5 stars from me. High levels of spice and steam, elements of danger, and adult language.
Brittany Coulter

Holy cherry cobbler, this one was GREAT! It was ALL the lovely spice and a couple of bad guys get involved and the 2 big burly sexy shifters NEED TO BE REAL 🤣🤣😍😍😍 Some violence in this one, so read the trigger warnings and make your own judgement, cuz this one definitely has a few, but I found it incredibly hot and wished it wouldn't end! It's also a short read so it's a great reading slump buster if you're in need! Very fun, very short, very sexy, and just absolutely amazing for me!
Cherry Cobbler (Newborn City)Cherry Cobbler by R.E. Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a second book set in Newborn City. Well written with characters that you can relate to. A little heavy on the “Insta-love” for my taste, but hey, that’s just my opinion. The two bears are amusing and funny to watch. Throw in a witch who puts her heart into her work and there isn’t anything that love can’t conquer!

Enjoy people!

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