Review – Savage Mate: Mystic River Shifters Book 2

The first time she saw him he was coming out of the river… Oh! what a view.

Jackson Miller (Jax) left the SEALs to return to his small hometown, Mystic River, Alaska where all the residents are shifters. He’s a grumpy bear shifter and the sheriff.

Autumn Bradley was hiking with her fiancé for a birthday weekend. When he decides Alaska is a bit too rustic for his tastes, he leaves Autumn behind to hike out by herself. Unknowingly taking the sat phone, compass and GPS with him, leaving Autumn without directional assistance in the path of a snowstorm.

Once the rangers discover one of the hikers has failed to return to the base camp. They call in the best tracker they know… Jax. He is not exactly happy to go out in the bad weather to track down the irresponsible woman. Learning she is his fated mate was rather shocking.

Even if they make it out of the storm will she ever be accepted in his small town of shifters?

Come visit Mystic River, Alaska a small, remote town that has always been a safe community for different types of shifters. These shifters are gorgeous, possessive and finding their fated mate is high on their priority list.

Take a walk on the wild side with these curvy heroines, their sexy fated mates and scenes that sizzle.

The Reviews

Kathy Heare Watts
February 20, 2023

The story is part of the new Mystic River Shifters. It will have a great cast of characters, including humans and shifters. The two main characters will be Dr. Autumn Bradley, a veterinarian from Seattle, and Sheriff Jackson ‘Jax’ Miller of the town of Mystic River on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

The story’s plot will have Autumn and her fiancé, Porter Martin, III, on Kodiak Island to celebrate Autumn’s birthday. They will have a falling out, and she realizes that he isn’t the man for her. She will give him back his ring and take off on one of the trails, and Porter will leave the island. It isn’t until he is contacted by the rangers from the National Forest Service that they realize he has abandoned Autumn and she is missing. They will contact Jax, one of the best trackers, to find her—especially with a storm system approaching.

Kodiak Island, Alaska is home to all kinds of shifters, one of which is Jax, a Kodiak bear; his deputy, Kyra, is a lynx; and his friend, Ash, a park ranger, a wolf shifter. Ash will contact Jax to search for Autumn.

“I’d best start looking for our little runaway.”

The story has mystery, suspense, danger, and a lone Kodiak bear realizing this little human is his fated mate. He will protect her from a dangerous predatory, spank her for her behavior, gets her to his cave, and keep her safe.

Jax: I told you to stay put on the boat. That’s the last time you disobey me without any consequences. I meant what I said; if you’d gone into the water, I’m not sure you would have survived. Got it?
Autumn: I understand English, Sheriff. But last time I checked, you had no authority over me. None.
Jax: I wouldn’t bet on that. That snowstorm is going to be nasty. They are predicting whiteout conditions for the next couple of days. That means you’re stuck with me in my cave.
Autumn: I won’t be any trouble.
Jax: You couldn’t be more wrong about that if you tried. You’re all kinds of trouble, Doc. Fortunately for you, I like trouble. In fact, you’re the kind of trouble I’ve been looking for.

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