The Scavenger: Club Southside Book 2

He can protect her but only if he can earn her trust!

When Royce is assigned to protect a new high profile client, he doesn’t understand how it’s any different from any other case… until he meets the woman he’s supposed to protect and hears her story.

Camille’s brothers work for Russian mafia boss, Aleksy Dokofsky. Three years ago in an ill-fated attempt to help them escape she witnessed the brutal killing of a senator’s family by a Russian kill team and her brothers deserted her as a distraction to the Feds. After being taken into custody she was placed in WITSEC. Now she has been brought to Chicago to testify against the Russian mafia boss.

Royce is used to difficult clients, but Camille proves to be much more difficult than anyone he’s ever met. She’s a deadly combination of mouthwatering curves, wicked intelligence, and trusts no one.

What should be a straightforward assignment takes unscheduled turns when secrets, lies, and betrayal threaten to derail the job. If he is going to keep her safe, Royce has to convince Camille to trust him. He will need to use all of his skills and connections to keep the woman of his dreams alive, but will trusting him bring another massacre, one that takes her life too?

The Reviews


An enjoyable, fast paced, instalove read. Royce and Camille had a fair amount of tension at the beginning, right along with their intense attraction.

I loved the chase scenes with the Bratva and Pike. I wonder if Pike will show up again at some point in the future? I also liked the crossover with Beck. This book was full of action, danger, and suspense.

I thought the last scenes were interesting and somewhat unexpected. I liked King and Samantha, of course. I like Royce and Seth. Camille grew on me, lol. It will be interesting to see what happens with Seth if that time comes.

I would have liked to see the reactions of the involved parties, or some additional information about Royce and Camille's relationship. The ending left me with the feeling of "what's next"? More than likely, that would have upped my rating. It seemed to be a bit abrupt to me.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
5.0 out of 5 stars Royce was just what Camille needed...she just couldn't see it
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 23, 2023
This was a wonderful book!! I can always count on Delta to deliver an amazing, action packed, character driven experience, and this was no exception. Much like The Scoundrel, it is based on a group of men who all served in the military together and are now a specialized security force (or really whatever you need them to be). Cerberus (the name of their group) is headquartered in London, and these books take place in the Chicago branch. Club Southside (the BDSM club over which Cerberus "lives") plays a key role in the lives of the men as they are all involved to some extent. Royce has Master status, which is kinda top of the food chain in that environment. When he sees Camille for the first time, he knows immediately that he's in trouble - he is drawn to her physically, and quickly determines he will need to start dealing with her attitude and defiance immediately.

Camille has had her life completely upended for the last couple years, simply because she is trying to do the right thing. Now someone is trying to kill her for it - and they are determined!! All she wants to do is live HER life, and she can't even do that safely with everything that is going on. Good thing Cerberus was brought in though, because between leaks in the FBI, compromised security forces, and a sizeable bounty on her head, she's gonna need all the help she can get if she's gonna make it to court to testify.

Royse is able to make her time with them more bearable though. Not only is he a pleasure to look at, he has a strong personality and is able to make her feel safe despite the crazy world around her. The chemistry these two have is off the charts. Despite herself, Camille was attracted to Royce from the beginning as well. How long would it take these two to subcome to their desires in a sequestered location? When they finally give in, have some water and a cooling device ready cause they are hot 🔥! Will the fire last, or is it simply a way to release the pressure of the situation until court? They both have thoughts about the duration, but will either be brave enough to give them a voice?

I was lucky enough to receive this as an ARC and am happy to give this review. Highly recommend this, as well as any other Delta James book (they are all awesome). Happy Reading 📚
Amy Reads Romance
5.0 out of 5 stars The Scavenger and His Lady
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 24, 2023
In this second book in the Club Southside series, Camille Baldwin has been in protective custody for 2 years, and she is tired. No, she is done. The Feds can't keep her safe, her father believes there is an insider trying to help the Bratva kingpin who she is set to testify against to kill her, and there is no end in sight. Her father hires Cerberus to protect her, and from the moment he sees her, Royce Sanders knows there is something special about her, and that he will not quit until she is his. Terminating the threat to his woman is the only thing between him and his happily ever after, and he won't back down.

Delta James is a master storyteller, and this book is as good as I knew it would be. Camille is likable, relatable, and believable. Royce is an over the top Hero, but he has good company in Ms James' books. This book may be read as a stand alone, but is better enjoyed as part of the series. These stories are like potato chips; you cannot read just one! The Scavenger is well worth the one click, and not to be missed.

I received an advance review copy and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

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