Twist of Fate: Syndicate Masters: Midwest

What do a disgraced journalist and the head of the New Orleans mob have in common? Nothing… except fate.

Good wrap to the series, lots of great stuff happening. However, it felt off to have a clan of Tigers in New Orleans and not make any mention of the wolf pack led by Jean-Michael Gautier. I really expected to see something happen between the two.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

The Reluctant Retiree

After being fired as a reporter in New York City, Quinn took advantage of a bequest from a relative and moved to New Orleans, trying to figure out what to do next. When one of the local papers gives her a chance, she makes the best of it, quickly becoming the Gazette’s rising star. Working with an informant, she sets her sights on a notorious Cartel.

Bodie is the head of the syndicate that controls the Crescent City. He wants to stop the Cartel from using the Port of New Orleans to import its new, deadly designer drug and using the Mississippi River to disburse it to the rest of the country.

Once he realized she was his fated mate, nothing would stop him from claiming her. After a not-so-chance encounter during Mardi Gras, Quinn finds herself bonded to the notorious gangster.


“Turning to a more positive thought—any ideas about where you might find your fated mate?”

“She is within the boundaries of our territory; she will not escape me.”

“If you are correct—and you usually are—then she is not a tigress. I have had people searching high and low, offering a substantial reward for information leading to her, but so far, we’ve got nothing. How long have you known about her, and what do you know?”

“I have known since my first breath that she existed, but it is only recently I have known she was near.”

“So, we’re looking for someone new to New Orleans.”

“Not necessarily. She could have been here for years, maybe even been born here. The knowledge of who she is only comes when you are ready, but the knowledge that she exists is given from the moment we are sentient.”

The Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars STRENGTH AND HONOR
Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2023
The story is the third and final story of a new Syndicate Masters--Midwest series which will bring Quinn Forrester, and Bodie Lambeau together. Quinn is an investigative reporter, originally from New York, who is now working for the New Orleans Gazette. It is Mardi Gras time in New Orleans and she is attending a party on a steamboat where she will have an encounter with Bodie Lambeau.

The story is like a Cinderella tale, where Quinn will be pampered and taken to the party, meet Bodie, and is seduced by him, they leave and return to his home for a night of passion. But Quinn only wanted a night—and Bodie knows she is his fated mate. Let the fireworks begin!

“I predict you will steal the heart and soul of a man at the party tonight. Take care that you cherish them. Now, let’s get you out of her so you can get home and have your hair and make-up done.”—Celeste

Quinn: This was a mistake.
Bodie: No chère, it was not.
Quinn: Look, Lambeau, I’m a crime reporter and you’re, well, you. You’re a gangster.
Bodie: I am who I am, and you are my perfect and fated mate.
Quinn: That’s BS. I mean the sex was great, but seriously this can’t happen again.
Bodie: It will happen again—two or three times a day minimum. There will even be days I keep you in our bed to enjoy you over and over again.
Quinn: That’s not happening. I am not becoming some kind of sex toy for El Tigre.
Bodie: Why ever not? I fully intend to be your sex toy as well. I mean for us to thoroughly enjoy each other. There will be very few times you initiate sex that I will turn you down.

Bodie: You are my mate, and you will be treated with respect and bask in my loving care.
Quinn: You are seriously delusional.
Bodie: I am not.
Quinn: Listen up, Lambeau, you can’t just walk into my life and steamroll me like this.
Bodie: As much as you aren’t going to like my answer. I just did.

“When we were on the steamboat, I knew my life was about to change irrevocably, but I couldn’t have imagined the enormity of that change.”

I really like Bodie and Quinn together. I like that he doesn’t dismiss her passion as an investigative reporter, but instead, takes her seriously, with the information she shares with him. But, as an alpha male, he is determined to keep his mate safe or let’s say, at least he tries to. The chemistry between them is explosive. I enjoyed the ingenuity of Quinn to do some of the things she does. Best of all, the epilogue gives closure, not only on them, but the previous two stories in this series.
4.0 out of 5 stars Was Quinn Set Up in NYC?
Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2023
Bodie and Quinn's book can easily be read as a stand-alone. This story seemed to speed by for me. There were so many things I wish had been more detailed in the book, but I have always admitted to being a greedy reader.

The demise of Quinn's New York career didn't seem above board. It felt like there was more to it. I wanted someone to pay for what happened to her, lol.

I did enjoy the Cinderella aspect to the Mardi Grad ball. I wish there had been more detail or interaction in that scenario.

I wanted to know what happened to obnoxious Dave. It would have been great to see his reaction to Quinn's news.

Was Gutierrez ever made aware of what was going on? I enjoyed the book but I have to be honest. It did nothing to slake my need for vengeance, lol. I wanted Gutierrez to have ALL of the details and see his reaction.

Bodie's pursuit of Quinn took much less time than I anticipated. The attraction was fast. The romantic gesture surprising and sweet. The outcome intense and steamy. The relationship fiery and explosive. With all of that said, Bodie and Quinn did end up with their HEA.

I am sorry to see this series end. I would have loved to see more interaction between the syndicate masters together along with their fated mates.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Author: Reluctant Retiree

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