Desert Rose (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #5)

An unexpected hero comes home.

Six weeks ago, he’d been running along behind his father in the open desert when a scream exploded into his mind. A scream exactly like the one he heard now. He stood stock-still and replayed the memory. Somewhere up north, that’s where it had been. He’d screeched to a halt in a dust cloud, forcing all four hooves to hold perfectly still so he could hear. “What the…?” his father had muttered once he’d turned back. “Shh!” He’d quieted his father so forcefully, the big boar jolted in surprise. “Shh,” Axel added, tilting his head to listen. Where was that voice coming from? He’d winced as another scream ripped through the night. Clear as a bell, even if it was only in his mind. A woman, terrified. A woman he had to protect at all costs. Why, he had no idea. Just that every bone in his body was behind the massive bellow he released into the night. A warning to whatever evil dared threaten her. One second, he’d been stiff as a statue, straining to hear, and the next, he’d thundered off on a new course, running toward the voice. Telling her, I’m coming! Hang on!

Lowe, Anna. Desert Rose (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 5) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Beth always thought of herself as just a mousy librarian. Nothing special to look at, a idea that had been rubbed in by Audrey more than once. But after the huge stranger burst into the fight with the hellhound, saving Rick at the cost of serious injuries, she found herself almost compelled to sit and read to him.

Axel felt like he was in paradise. A big javelina shifter, he healed from injuries slower than other Shifters. More accustomed to being alone, the friendly pack around him was a bit of a shock. While he was unconscious, some woman had spent hours reading to him. More than once, it was her voice that kept him from slipping away. Now that he was up and recovering, he wondered if it was just a dream.

Coming back from some training on early literacy, Beth thought she’d just slip into her work at the library. But Aunt Jean drew her into children’s area where several of the children awaited her. As she settled down, she realized they weren’t alone, Axel was there also. In talking to him later, much later!, he let her know that he had heard her call from over 100 miles away. Something only destined mates could do.

Axel’s sojourn in Paradise came to a halt on Christmas Eve when his father and uncle tracked him down. A rival clan of Javelina Shifters was threatening the town where their women lived with the children. As much as Axel wanted to stay with Beth, he couldn’t deny the need to defend his family.

When the three big males find themselves in an ambush, then buried under debris from a rock slide, he makes a desperate call to say good bye to Beth. When she receives the call, can she locate her mate? And will she and her packmates be in time to make a difference in this fight?

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Wolf With Benefits (Wolves of Willow Bend #6.5)

After pushing past her, Delia tugged her away and closed the door. “Look, I get that you don’t fully understand everything you did, Shiloh. You’re a grown woman, making passion-based decisions. Passion leads to foolish choices…like that sixth pack.”


“Don’t Mom me. You made the choice to go against your family and the pack that shelters us. You made a crazy call, risked your life, your future, and our position…you don’t just walk back from that.”

Long, Heather. Wolf with Benefits: Wolves of Willow Bend (Book 6.5) (pp. 4-5). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Shiloh Sullivan is a member of a very select group in Willow Bend. Her family is one of few all human families considered part of the Willow Bend pack. More than that, they have all remained human for generations. Her mother has tried to cut her off from all the wolf friends she grew up with. Even going so far as to stop being friends with Tiffany Huston after she took “the bite” to become a wolf like her husband, Ryan.

Matt Montgomery has gone above and beyond to stay friends with Shiloh. He has faithfully help her sneak out of her house at nights. But not even he understands what drove the 6 young humans to help gather and set up the illegal pack. Nevertheless, he’s more than ready to welcome Shiloh back home.

Shiloh was the first of the 6 Willow Bend humans to return home. After Serafina and Linc visited the Three Rivers Pack, she hopped a ride home with them, then spent several weeks answering questions for Mason and the Hunters. She now remains in Willow Bend on probation. There are a number of limitations on what she and the others can do.

Coming up with what he thinks is a brilliant plan, Matt convinces Shiloh to move in with him. The Plan? Matt lets others believe that Shiloh has moved home to be with him. But when a blizzard hits the area, will the others reach out to help her? Will her mother unbend in the end?

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Desert Heart (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #4)

This time, he’s playing for keeps.

They drove on in silence. Ty took the last two turns and slowed to coast under the double S brand hanging from the Seymour Ranch gate, then pulled to a halt in front of the homestead. A tall figure separated itself from the shadows of the porch and stepped into the sunlight to greet them. Tina blinked and bit back a gasp. The new manager was no woman. The new manager was no stranger. The new manager was… Christ, not him.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Heart (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 4) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Tina Hawthorne, daughter of the retired Alpha, sister to the current co-Alphas of the pack and de-facto Alpha female. “Good old Tina” the one that it seems that no one thinks about. Unless of course, she was trying to go out with someone! But truth be told, her heart has always belong to the boy next door at Seymour Ranch.

Rick Rivera, the Latino son of the chef at Seymour ranch, has always struggled. At first, it was hitting balls from an old batting cage, then it was hitting balls during his career in the major leagues. The next struggle was dealing with the career ending injury he suffered. Now his struggle is getting Tina back into his life and into his arms.

The first time Tina knows that Rick is back in the area is when she and her brother Ty head to Seymour Ranch to question the new Ranch Manager about a proposed request to draw more water from the aquifer, an aquifer that only services Twin Moon Ranch and Seymour Ranch.

However, a visit from the Navajo Coyote Alpha, Atsa, gives them even more to be concerned about. He’s been having visions of a demon seeking entry to this world. A hellhound is nothing to sneeze at. Actually, after checking with Zack and Rae, they are faced with the realization that the only way to destroy one is sheer numbers. Can they rally the necessary numbers? What about the very human crew of Seymour Ranch?

Untamed Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #6)

Bounding out, he shook to free his coat of the snow and sneezed. Damn, that’s fun. He turned to make another climb and repeat the wild ride when a tangle of lemon and orchid teased his nose. Whirling, he raised his head to catch the direction of the scent, because beneath the citrus was the musk of wolf—a wolf he’d already tossed three times in as many weeks. Dammit, Chrystal. All at once, his plans for the evening began to disintegrate. If the Three Rivers bitch hightailed it over the line again, he’d have to track her, catch her, punish her, and drop kick her ass back to Luciana “I Have No Idea What the Hell I’m Doing” Barrows.

Long, Heather. Untamed Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 6) (p. 3). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Dylan Royce is a Hunter, currently assigned to the border between Willow Bend and the upstart Three Rivers pack. The five ruling Alphas couldn’t come to an unanimous decision on what to do about them. So for now, each pack had a strong Hunter assigned to monitor the wolves. Dylan’s job is to guard against any trespassers into Willow Bend.

Crystal is one of the members of the new pack. Raised outside of a pack, she struggles daily to understand the rules of this new pack. A dedicated artist, she wanders the forest in search of pictures to capture on her phone to paint later. Unfortunately, she frequently loses track of where exactly she is.

Dylan has returned Crystal to the border more than once. With her most recent trespass, he returns her to her Alpha’s doorstep. Even though Crystal is a pain in his backside, he has to wonder about her. She doesn’t seem to be in touch with her wolf at all and it bothers him. How did she ever become a Lone Wolf in the first place.

When a blizzard forces them to shelter together, Dylan learns more about the young woman. Nothing about her makes any sense so he sets out to teach her about being a wolf. When he finally coaxes her into telling him her story, he starts to understand more.

But it isn’t until the Alpha of Three Rivers demands Crystal’s return that things come to a head. As the stability of the pack begins to shake, Julian comes to Mason with his concerns about Crystal and what that means to a pack. Separating her from Dylan may not be a good idea!🧐😱

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Desert Fate (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #3)

The only thing that can save her is his bite.

“The first bite turns,” Tina explained as calmly as if she were pouring tea at a ladies’ luncheon. “The second bite mates.” “Mates.” She parried the verb away, unwilling to accept it. “Wolves don’t marry. We mate. For life.” Okay, that part didn’t sound as twisted as the rest. Until Tina dropped the other shoe, that is. “Wolves don’t bite humans just to turn them. This Ron wanted you as his mate.”

Lowe, Anna. Desert Fate (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 3) (p. 34). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

“Skinwalker, wolf.” The terrified old Navajo woman muttered. Stephanie Alte wondered about that. She kept having the strangest dreams of running through the desert and chasing…. something. She just didn’t know what. All she could remember for sure was that she had to keep moving.

Kyle Williams, Arizona State Trooper, and a Changeling himself, knows more that he wants to about what Stef is going through. And it doesn’t take just a bite to change a person into a shifter. He was viciously clawed during a bar fight a few years ago. That was his start. But when he saw a woman in obvious trouble out in the desert, he couldn’t walk away.

Stephanie worked for a renewable energy company, selling solar panels and equipment to individuals and small companies. When she is called back several times to the same ranch to speak to the manager, she chalked it up to a manager just wanting to be sure before committing to the cost involved. She never suspected what came next!

Kyle looked at Stephanie and recognized a fellow military brat. She’d lived beside him for years and helped him through all the rough times with his stepfather. Now it was his turn to step up and help her to what lay ahead for her.

Bayou Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #5)

“You’re going to be Sera’s liaison. I need you to protect her at all times. She won’t want it and, frankly, in a physical fight, you don’t want to face her. She is a vicious combatant, and she doesn’t hold back…but she will get some flack from the other Alphas. They’ll all want to coddle her and test their dominance against hers. Unfair perhaps, but not unexpected. I’ll deal with the other Alphas, if she doesn’t slap them down first. What I need you to protect her from is Alexis.”

Long, Heather. Bayou Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 5) (p. 25). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

After Margo Montgomery reported the status of the group of Rogue Wolves, Mason Clayborn takes the unprecedented step of calling all the Alphas together at Willow Bend to discuss what to do with them. He truly doesn’t want to have to slaughter 200+ wolves. In preparing for this Summit, he has his wolves build small cabins on his land that will be used to house the alphas. All are equal distance from his home, and steps are take to ensure that there are no wolf scents inside the cabins.

Lincoln Buckley is the middle triplet, and the lead carpenter on the project. While he has trained with the Hunters, he prefers to work in other areas. When Mason tasks him with being the liaison for Serafina Andre, the Alpha of Delta Crescent Pack, he is hesitant but agrees. Mason, however, also tasks him with guarding her incase of any problems with Alexis, Mason’s mate.

Serafina is supremely confident in her abilities as an Alpha, and her appeal as a woman. When dealing with others, she tends to use every weapon in her arsenal to ensure that things benefit her pack. When she sights the long, tall drink of wolf waiting to welcome her to Willow Bend, her wolf sits up and takes notice.

Linc is more than a little confused when Ms. Andre invites him to survey the cabin with her before she allows her healer to enter. Sera insists and so he comes to follow her. The cabin is lovely but holds no welcoming scents as of yet. Linc is more than a little confused by the confident Alpha, but tries to hold the temper that he has fought all his life in.

Talks among the Alphas regarding the upstarts is not exactly productive. Two Alphas want to simply kill them all, while two want to give them a chance to work things out. Sera is not willing to make a decision either way without assessing the situation for herself. She convinces Linc to take her to meet with the newly forming pack and their alpha. Along the way, things between Linc and Sera come to a head (so to speak!) What happens next is nothing either of them could have anticipated.

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Desert Hunt (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 0.5)

Strictly off limits, or destined mates?

They swept toward him, lowing and huffing, kicking up a cloud of dust that threatened to consume a figure in front of him. It was the new girl—woman, he corrected himself; despite her tomboy look, everything about her screamed hot-blooded woman—moving out of their path. Step by step, she backed up to the line of sheds. Another step, and she was right in front of Zack, still blind to his presence. One more, and his hands went up in warning just as she pressed into him, her back to his front. Warm, was all his mind registered at first.Tight, his fingers added, feeling the muscles wrapped around her middle like a corset.Sweet, his body hummed, picking up her scent. Mine, his wolf growled, starting to pace inside the mental cage Zack had constructed around that side of his being. Because the scent that had him on tenterhooks all morning wasn’t washing in from the open desert. It was coming from her. It was her.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Hunt (WOLVES OF TWIN MOON RANCH) (pp. 12-14). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Zack was that half breed boy from the wrong side of the ranch. Rae, the female with a secret to hide. Fate is determined to bring them together in the desert. A prequel set two years before Desert Moon.

If there was one thing that Rae knew for certain, men could not be trusted. Especially not Alphas. Given her hunts, she could not risk being mated. It would mean the end of her bloodline and their purpose. She took a huge chance and requested to transfer to another pack.

Zack knew what the old Alpha thought of him, half white man wolf, and half Navajo coyote, he was considered “trash”. But there was one thing he could do better than anyone else, tracking. So he spent his time on the edge of the ranch doing just that. That is, until he was ordered to ensure that no one bothered Rae.

It seems that the old Alpha had brought Rae with the intention of her mating his son. He just neglected to tell anyone! What happens when Rae follows the Earth Spirit’s leadings on the New Moon will change everything.

Rogue Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #4)

As Mason gives Salvatore permission to continue his search, a very scary thought comes to Margo. These disappearances are starting to look too organized to be random…

“Salvatore, I understand you want to find your sister, but if she is mated to this guy, he has no options. He’s broken the laws. He either enters a pack with his mate or the Enforcers are going to execute him.” Margo would execute him. If he was mated to Salvatore’s sister, Rayne’s death could kill her. She cut a look to him. “This is why I do not want them involved.” The Italian Alpha rose. “I will handle him. I will retrieve her. They are not mated, not truly.”

Long, Heather. Rogue Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 4) (pp. 77-78). Kindle Edition.

Lone Wolves are one thing, missing wolves are something else. These wolves are not just missing, they have totally vanished! It started with a report from Hudson River that they had 3 wolves missing. As the Enforcers begin to investigate, things take an unexpected twist.

Margo is more than a little ticked off when she is pulled off the investigation to pick up an Alpha and escort him to Willow Bend. Not just any Alpha, Salvatore is the Alpha of Alphas in Italy. Talk about stubborn!

Salvatore is in search of two people, his sister and the American male who visited their pack for 6 months before he and Lucians vanished. He’s trying to be polite but he just doesn’t get “Lone Wolves.” There’s no such thing in Europe.

As Margo and Salvatore drive to Willow Bend, she begins to notice something odd. Besides all accounts being closed, the houses have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached! Not something a wolf would do.

As Mason gives Salvatore permission to continue his search, a very scary thought comes to Margo. These disappearances are starting to look too organized to be random…

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Desert Blood (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #2)

She’s on the run – into the arms of forbidden love.

They both knew that there were bats and there were… Well, call them bad bats, even if the latter hadn’t been spotted in Arizona for decades. Cody studied the creature’s eyes, the quivering tongue. It looked so fragile in his brother’s big hand, yet somehow menacing, too. “A scout?” Cody asked, keeping his voice low. Why, he wasn’t sure.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Blood (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 2) (p. 13). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Up until a few weeks ago, Heather had never heard of Vampires, let alone seen one. Then she went out to a club with her girlfriend and met her new beau. Something about him absolutely gave her the creeps. When he followed her out of the club, she ducked into a group of chattering girls to get away.

After finding her girlfriend dead the next morning, Heather grabbed her thing and fled the area. With nothing to guide her, she headed into the setting sun. Miles and days later, she reaches the desert Southwest. Needing to earn some cash without using a bank card, she decided to stop and find a place to stay and job. Luckily she found both at Twin Moon Ranch.

Cody was the second son of the Alpha, Tyrone. Never the favorite son, long ago he adopted the persona of the class clown. Later as he grew up, his blonde, surfer looks led to a playboy reputation. No one ever believed that he would amount to anything. And for the most part, he didn’t fight it. All that changed when he met Heather.

When a bat flies into the classroom, the children all panic. Heather grabs a towel and prepares to try catch or at least shoo the bat out. When Cody steps in, she willing leaves the task to him. Between Cody and his brother Ty, they catch the bat and take it outside. Just by looking at it, neither one can tell if it’s just a natural bat (unlikely during the day!) or a scout for a specis that hasn’t been seen in Twin Moon’s area for years. On their way to the Alpha Tyrone, they are jostled by a she-wolf and the bat escapes.

Heather and Cody are drawn together. Unfortunately with Heather being human, anything more between them is forbidden by his father. However fate has different plans for them. Can Heather accept all that Cody is, or will her past catch up to them?

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Wolf Next Door (Wolves of Willow Bend #3.5)

Eight years later, she sends a request to the new Alpha—she wants to come home, and when he grants it, she’s both relieved and terrified. The first person she runs into is the last one who ever wants to see her again.

Leaping the fence, he stalked around the house to disabuse the youths of their indiscretion. At the corner, a familiar scent ambushed him and every muscle in his body went rigid. His wolf’s head came up and they both studied the car waiting with the door open. An old Pinto, rusted and dilapidated the damn thing leaked fuel and coolant—he could smell both—but it wasn’t those acrid and sickly sweet scents aggravating him. No, it was…the screen door slammed and she walked out of the house. Her head whipped to the side as she spun to face him. Her eyes held the faint glow of her wolf. Always long-legged and tall, she’d blossomed into a beautiful, curvaceous woman. Her feet were bare and her shorts revealed deeply tanned legs. A man’s shirt fit her awkwardly, and she’d tied the ends together into a makeshift tank and rolled the sleeves to reveal her equally tan arms. Long hair—she’d always had the most beautiful long hair, satiny and shimmery under the sun. How he craved the sight of that hair, and he’d ordered her never to cut it, but it was gone. Her hair barely fell below her ears, chopped to what his sister would call a bob, and revealed the slender column of her vulnerable throat. Claire Webster was home.

Long, Heather. Wolf Next Door (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 5) (p. 9). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Second chances are something that everyone deserves. The really nice thing is that second chances are not just for the old. Sometime, even the young need a second chance.

Tyler Buckley was born the youngest of the Buckley triplets. At the ripe old age of 5, he looked across a playground and saw his mate. As he understood it, that meant it was up to him to keep her safe. Unfortunately, in his mind, keeping her safe meant only letting her be friends with others that he approved of.

Claire Webster grew up in the house next door to the Buckley’s. Which could have been nice except for Tyler. When they were both children, Tyler declared that he was her mate and started to try to run her life. When a Hunter from Sutter Butte came to visit on business from his Alpha, he offered Claire something Tyler never had, a choice.

Years later, Tyler is startled to hear noises coming from the empty Webster house. He can’t believe what he finds there. Mason has granted Claire the opportunity to rejoin the pack. Will these two take advantage of their second chance?

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