Desert Wolf: Complete Collection (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 1.1 – 1.4)

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Desert Wolf: Friend or Foe Lana Dixon may have won her destined mate’s heart, but that was in Arizona. Now, she’s bringing her desert wolf home to meet her family — the sworn enemies of his pack. How far will they push her mate to prove himself worthy? And is their relationship ready for the test?

Desert Wolf 2: Strangers in the Night Nothing has ever scared this big, bad alpha as much as his mate’s pregnancy, especially when their quiet weekend getaway doesn’t go exactly according to plan. A whimsical and sexy tale of hope, fear, and undying love, featuring the wolves you love and a whole new shifter species that bursts onto the scene.

Desert Wolf 3: Chance Encounters What happens when two become three? Find out in this short story, when alpha wolf Ty Hawthorne stays home to watch the baby while his mate Lana goes for a girls’ night out – wolf style. What could possibly go wrong under the desert moon?

Desert Wolf 4: A Very Close Shave Alpha wolf Ty Hawthorne isn’t sure he’ll ever get a break from the constant demands of leading his pack. Not with a vampire on the loose and a brother falling head over heels into forbidden love. But when the right woman comes along with a naughty smile and a sizzling hot plan, duty takes a back seat to desire, if only for one scorching afternoon.

Lowe, Anna. Desert Wolf: Complete Collection: 4 Twin Moon Ranch Short Stories (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch) (Kindle Locations 89-104). Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

This is an absolutely great look at everyday life on Twin Moon Ranch. This is the kind of story I have a tendency to create in my mind after I finish a book. All of these short stories take place after Desert Moon and before Desert Blood.

Now I have to admit, that I am changing how I write these reviews. You see, I have the great delight of getting to read an ARC copy of all of these. I have this set of 4 somewhere on my PC as individual books. I’ve given you a link to the Complete Collection because to my way of thinking, it’s more enjoyable to read these short ones all together!

So from this point forward, I’ll make sure to give you my opinion of these books as well as the description! Please enjoy!

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Mated to the Warriors (Interstellar Brides Program #2)

“Hannah lived that, from Anne’s point of view. And that experience is what drew her to you. Don’t be tender, Zane. Stop holding back. She’s a submissive, and she’s sensitive to your needs. She knows you’re not giving all of yourself. She can sense it the same way you know she’s unhappy and uncomfortable around you. But she doesn’t know what you want her to be, Zane. She needs you to be who you truly are; she needs to know the rules. She won’t give herself to you, she won’t love you, she won’t trust you until you bare your soul to her and let out the beast.”

Goodwin, Grace. Mated to the Warriors (Interstellar Brides Book 2) (p. 113). Stormy Night Publications. Kindle Edition.

Hannah belonged to a very small group, Earth women who actually volunteered to be a Bride. She did it to save her brother. Now that she had, she was very surprised at the planet she was matched to. Prillon brides lived on board the warships.

Zane Deston hadn’t wanted a bride. His mother was the one who submitted his information. However, now that she was on board ship, everything was different. The only problem was that she appeared to be so small. Surely someone so small would be too delicate to withstand his full passion. So he held back with her.

This is another great entry for this series. You gotta love the new race and world highlighted by this book. To have not one, but two hunky guys dedicated to you would be every woman’s dream. Not so sure I would appreciate the audience however!

Mated to the Warriors on Goodreads

Snow Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #9)

Ranae is the youngest of the Buckleys and the only girl amongst three powerful male siblings. Her restlessness and dominant nature affected her every relationship within Willow Bend, not to mention testing the patience of her Alpha. Apprenticeship to the Hunters fed her desire for a purpose. When her Alpha and eldest brother ask her to undertake a mission to the Yukon territory, she’s thrilled at the opportunity to be useful. Clashing with the Alpha was the last thing she expected on the dangerous assignment.

The oldest Alpha in the U.S. packs lives a gray existence. The loss of his mate so many decades before wears away at him until he doesn’t give a damn about anything. The problems of the other packs are not his, and he prefers to be left to his isolation. The arrival of the Chief Enforcer annoys him, but it is the wolf traveling with him who wakes the predator in Diesel. The scent of mate clings to her, but she rejects his overtures and challenges him on every level.

War may be coming for the Yukon, but Diesel’s battle is very personal…

Long, Heather. Snow Wolf: Wolves of Willow Bend . Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

After the Russian attempts at Hudson River and Sutter Butte had been rebuffed, Mason and the other Alpha’s conference together on computer. All but Diesel, that is. Fearing the worse, Mason decided to send a Hunter up to the Yukon pack to check on them. While A.J.’s suggestion of his sister initially startled him, careful thought on why she was suggested had him sending her on her way. He contacted her in Seattle to divert her to a small airfield to join up with Julian for the rest of the trip.

Tired of waiting for Diesel to come back to the homestead, Julian left Ranae in the guest cabin while he tracked down Diesel on the tundra. If it hadn’t been for the slight traces of a very interesting scent on Julian, Diesel would have sent Julian packing. So as it was, Diesel still blocked him from entering the inner room of the guest cabin ahead of him. The woman waiting inside was everything he could have wanted. She was enough to make his wolf sit up and howl.

Just a few days into her visit, the pack rebuffed an attack by Russian foot soldiers. Instinctively offering to help, Ranae spent hours assisting the pack healer, Chowder, as he cared for the injured. The wolf song that arose as several members died tore at her heart. She was surprised however, when Diesel offered to take her out on the tundra with him. That surprise turned into anger as a Russian Lieutenant attacked them both. They killed the intruder and Diesel pondered how best to respond to the attack.

While the earlier attackers were sent back in boxes, something more was needed at this point. Diesel’s stated intent to make his point in person has Ranae calling Mason. Even though it made Diesel angry with her, Ranae knew it was the right thing to do. The question is, will what Diesel has planned be enough to stop the attacks?

Snow Wolf on Goodreads

Sasquatch Surprise (Twin Moon Spinoff)

All Nala Dixon wants is to make it home to her wolf pack in time for the holidays — alive. But a simple road trip turns into a fight for survival when a gang of vampires turns up, thirsting for her blood. A damn good thing a knight in shining armor rushes to her rescue — and hot damn, it’s Harrison, the sasquatch she’s secretly dreamed of for years.

Lowe, Anna. Sasquatch Surprise . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Nala Dixon is a college student in Cambridge. She’d been warned about the vampires in that area, but chose to attend there any way. She had been safe enough until the day she fell and scraped her leg on the sidewalk. A number of men in the area rushed to help her, but only one made chills run up her spine. That one had licked the little bit of blood from his hand and smiled at her. From that day on, he seemed to turn up any where she was.

Harrison was a lonely sasquatch. After his mother left him at 14, he had spent a number of years living with the local pack. He had fallen hard for the Alpha’s younger daughter. But after a planned trick on her nieces and nephews went badly awry, he’d left to make his way somewhere else. Something had told him however, that Nala needed him so he had returned to the area.

Heading home for the holidays, Nala dropped her roommate off and drove on. She wasn’t that many hours away from her pack. Unfortunately, when she checked her rear view mirror, a rather persistent SUV was still back there. The vampires were still stalking her and out here there was no truce to protect her. When an accident left her on foot, could she make it to safety in time? Unbeknownst to her, Harrison was drawing nearer. Would he make it in time?

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Assigned A Mate (Interstellar Brides Program #1)

I’d been a well-respected doctor until I witnessed a murder behind a curtain in the hospital’s emergency department. Turned out, I was the only one who could identify the assassin. The killer’s family had immense wealth and powerful connections in both the world’s government and organized crime. Witness protection was the only chance of keeping me alive until I could identify the man in court. Going off-planet was the only way to ensure the family’s extensive reach wouldn’t harm me.

Regardless of the fact that my conviction was just a cover, as far as Earth’s justice system was concerned, I was a murderer. I was to be treated as such. This medical gown was plain gray prison garb, my wrist and ankles were both bound to a hard, unforgiving chair. I was out of options. I’d already gone through this a thousand times in my head. Survive. That’s what I had to do and there was no way to do that if I didn’t get away from Earth as quickly as possible.

Goodwin, Grace. Assigned a Mate (Interstellar Brides Book 1) (pp. 6-7). Stormy Night Publications. Kindle Edition.

Eva Day wasn’t sure about the whole set up. Witness Protection was supposed to keep her safe, but the idea they came up with was laughable. They changed her name and created a record for her as a murderess sentenced to life in prison. As a felon, she could volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program and be whisked off planet quickly. A personal transport device, located behind one ear, would return her to Earth when her testimony was needed for court.

High Counselor Tark of Trion was eager to greet his bride. He’d waited patiently for her to wake up after the transport, but when an excessive amount of time passed, he brought in the doctor. His bride’s reaction to the doctor wasn’t exactly what he expected!

I put my free hand up to stop the motion. He steadied me as I tilted my head back, way back, to meet his gaze. “What… what are you going to do with me?”

His dark eyes searched my face, then moved lower down my body. I flushed, knowing he—and the others—could see everything.

“You are the first we have seen from Earth and I must have a closer look.” The doctor’s gaze roved over my body just as Tark’s had, but he made me feel… exposed and dirty. I knew that look. Lecherous men, it seemed, were not limited to Earth.

I moved to stand slightly behind Tark, using him as a shield. His scent lifted from his shirt and it was intoxicating. Clean, sharp and with a hint of something mysterious. Whatever it was, I liked it. Was it because we’d been matched?

Goodwin, Grace. Assigned a Mate (Interstellar Brides Book 1) (pp. 17-18). Stormy Night Publications. Kindle Edition.

And so we get our first look at the fascinating world of the Interstellar Bride Program. Well written, detailed descriptions, larger than life heroes, BBW heroines, what more could you ask for?

Desert Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #8)

Cassius, Alpha of Sutter Butte, leads the most ruthless and dangerous pack in the United States. Misfits, castoffs, and forgotten wolves, they rose to create a pack more than a century ago in utter defiance of the order of the day. Seen as pitiless and cruel, Cassius wants more for his people than a yearly bloodbath as they fight for a better spot in the pecking order. To change his pack means to change himself, and he will find rebellion on all sides, not to mention from his own defiant heart.

Sovvan Stark, Omega of Delta Crescent, lives a cherished, beloved life in the center of her pack—a delicate and hard won balance. Though she is not the only Omega, she is the most experienced with the tremors of pack upset when power shifts from Alpha to Alpha. When her Alpha approaches her about Sutter Butte’s request, Sovvan considers the matter for several months. While she might hold within her the key to helping the Sutter Butte Alpha, the undertaking could very well kill her.

Accompanied by a single Hound, Sovvan begins a journey to help Cassius rebuild the foundation of his pack, but first she will have to transform him…

Long, Heather. Desert Wolf: Wolves of Willow Bend . Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Cassius had had enough. Alpha of Sutter Buttes pack, he rode herd over the most brutal and violent pack of all. Originally, the Reaping, as they called it, was a way to celebrate and recognize the pack’s beginning. But here of late, it had turned into something different, something ugly. It wasn’t until Claire won last year that things had solidified for him. He realized that the pack had to change.

Sovvan was the senior Omega in Delta Crescent pack. Protected in the center of her pack, her Alpha depended on her to alert her if any problems cropped up in the pack. Now at the request of Cassius, she travels with only Faust, her Hound to protect her. She knows that in order for her to help Cassius, he was going to have to open himself up to her. She can only hope he is ready for that.

When the two visitors are met at the rest stop by a violent group of men, they find themselves fighting for their very lives. Cassius arrived in time to save them, but they are dismayed to discover a small girl hiding nearby. The child doesn’t seem to react to much so Cassius brings her along until he can locate her family.

As Cassius begins to set things in motion for the annual Reaping, he calls on Claire and her mate for assistance. He needs them for a special reason that involves Sovvan. At the same time, he needs to find out more about the girl child. Something is bad wrong with the pack and he needs to get to the bottom of it. He’s prepared to pay in blood to fix his pack, but no one could ever have imagined the true cost they would all pay.

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Outlaw Wolves (Wolves of Willow Bend #13)

She doesn’t seem to be anyone’s favorite wolf…

Luciana Esposito Barrows never imagined her dream of uniting the Lone Wolves and giving them a home could go so terribly awry. First, her brother rejected her, repudiating her from Seven Hills and leaving her without a powerful ally. Then the U.S. packs put her on notice, monitoring their movements, keeping them contained…then the Russians came. The last person in the world she expected to turn on her, was her own mate.  

She was everything to him…

Rayne Barrows never thought of himself as much of a romantic. In his heart, he was a soldier and had always risen to the task where he was needed. Born in the heart of the Delta Crescent pack, he’d grown up alongside a future Alpha and willingly served her father as a faithful Hound. When the battles for ascension began, he couldn’t face those he loved in combat. He chose a solitary path instead. Journeying around the world, he found himself in Italy…and discovered a wolf he could love. Luciana Esposito captured his heart and he followed her—even when he didn’t believe in her cause.  

To save the woman he loves and the pack they formed, he challenged her and took her position as alpha. Can their mate bond survive such a betrayal?

Long, Heather, Outlaw Wolves

What would you do to protect your mate? Really, stop and think about it for a minute. What would you do? Would you step in front of a bullet for them? Would you challenge them in front of the pack you are both trying to form and bond? And then what?

Rayne didn’t start out to become an Alpha. He couldn’t even say he believed in Luciana’s dream. But what he would say was that he loved her more than life itself. However, he also knew how the other Alphas would react to Luciana’s dealings with the outsiders.

Luciana wasn’t sure what to do now. She was hurt beyond anything she’d ever felt before. She still couldn’t believe that Rayne had challenged her! But when someone from her past shows up, what will she do? Will she stay or go?

This story starts a new set of stories for Willow Bend. While waiting for this one, I think I reread the series at least twice, if not more. I’d always wondered how Three Rivers pack had fared. I’m one of those folks who have in the past written what could best be described as “Fan Fiction” for a favorite TV series. I love to know what happened next. Well folks, this one answers that question.

Desert Yule (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #4.5)

The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch have earned a hard-won break after another eventful year in the dark and dangerous shifter world. In this sweet, sentimental, and sexy Christmas story, you’ll get to see new characters take center stage and relationships evolve. Has the big, bad alpha’s mate finally taught him to delegate? Has the wounded warrior learned to let go of the past? And the leading she-wolf of the clan — how is she getting along in her new life with her once-forbidden mate? While some couples are busy steaming things up with a whole new meaning of “nap time,” others are rapt in promising visions of the future, and even the family Grinch doesn’t leave the “merry” out of Christmas this time around. Yes, there’s more than meets the eye under the light of a winter moon…

Lowe, Anna. Desert Yule: A Twin Moon Ranch Short Story (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

This is an awesome look 👀 at the holidays on Twin Moon Ranch. We get to see how all of the 4 couples are celebrating Christmas 🎄 together. Not to mention learning more about the children

By this point in time, Ty and Lana have 2 children, Tana and Tyler. Heather and Cody have children. As for the other two couples, well, I can’t give it all away, can I?

Desert Yule on Goodreads

Single, Wicked Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #7.5)

“This will do,” he said after another pass. Glancing at her, he let the pleasure of her patience roll over him. She’d not taken a single step farther into the room while he worked. The moment their gazes locked, hers lowered a fraction. Shy, but with teeth. “Enjoy your shower, I will keep it safe for you.” Her gaze darted up to meet his and she raised her brows. Better. “I thought a shower for two would be more fun for us.” “Absolutely. Make no mistake, I want you.” He could practically taste the sweet feminine treat in her need as it perfumed the air. “But I will not coerce or have your wolf submit to mine because you think you should.” Aggravation blurred the lust in her delicious scent and she propped a hand on her jutted hip. “Signor, you are a devastatingly sexy man, and I’m not going to pretend you’re not aware of how attractive you are. But I have never, will never, and don’t plan to now, roll over and offer my ass to any dominant wolf that comes along.”

Long, Heather. Single Wicked Wolf: (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 7.5) (p. 18). Heather Long. Kindle Edition.

Murphy DeWitt was tired and hungry. After working the last few years as a translator for the diplomatic corps, she was heading home to be a bridesmaid in her friend, Shiloh’s wedding. Back to Willow Bend, her home. Trying to avoid the crowds, she smacked into what felt like a wall. Catching her balance, she realized it wasn’t a wall but a wolf!

Giovanni Conti was a Centurion for the Italian Alpha pair. He was heading for Willow Bend to make the arrangements for them to attend Margo’s younger brother’s wedding. Spotting the young she-wolf dodging people, he stepped into her path. Upon discovering they were headed to the same place, he invites her to join him.

It isn’t until they land in Chicago, that Murphy really regrets having told her mother she was seeing a European wolf. When Julian confronts Giovanni, the rising domination between the two has her calling Mason in a panic. After talking to Mason, Giovanni takes Murphy to a hotel for the night before they make the drive to Willow Bend.

Murphy heard Giovanni loud and clear, there would be a chase between them. But first thing first, there’s a wedding to be attended. After that, all bets are off.

Single Wicked Wolf on Goodreads

Desert Roots (Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #6)

This bad boy won’t play by her rules.

This bad boy won’t play by the rules. Daredevil Carly Hawthorne, youngest of the Hawthorne wolf shifter clan, doesn’t believe in true love. At least, that’s what she thinks until bad boy Luke Brandstetter comes along, refusing to play by the rules. Luke is a man with more wrongs than rights in his past, and his scarred shifter soul yearns to turn over a new leaf. Somehow, he has to prove himself worthy — not just to Carly, but to her powerful pack of wolves. Can he protect his stubborn beauty from encroaching evil and earn a fresh start in life, or is love just another cruel trick of fate?

Lowe, Anna. Desert Roots (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 6) . Twin Moon Press. Kindle Edition.

Carly Hawthorne was the daughter of one Alpha and the youngest sister of another. Her whole life had been spent bouncing from her father’s ranch in Arizona and her crazy mother’s pack in California. Neither place felt like home. Somehow she just never fit in with the people there.

Luke Brandstetter was a bad boy trying very hard to turn over a new leaf. His home pack of North Ridge, CO had been run by a cruel alpha who took what he wanted, mated or not. When he was 14, the alpha tried to take his sister against her will. Refusing him, she responded by killing herself with a shotgun. His father and older brothers tried to challenge the alpha one on one, but they killed during an ambush. That night his mother took him to the pack territory’s border and told him to run and never come back. But that alpha was dead now, killled by a wolf from the Twin Moon pack.

Carly glared at the unwelcome visitor to the ranch. She’d spent the night with him last night, then left before he awoke the nex morning. Now she heard the stunning news that Luke was the wolf that had clawed Kyle Williams in that long ago bar brawl, turning him in the process. Did she really want a man like that?

Luke had stopped at Twin Moon Ranch just to thank a wolf. His intention had been to say thanks, then take his leave and continue onward to North Ridge. They needed to know that there was a rogue wolf headed their way, trying to take over the pack. Finding out the old Alpha from Twin Moon was serving as Alpha made him pause.

As Ty and Cody, Carly’s older brothers, gave Luke every dirty job they could think of, they watched him to see what he would do. Would he take off, or would he fight for that fresh start? But when rogues from California came to the ranch, he had to make a big decision. Was he worthy of Carly, or not?

Desert Roots on Goodreads

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