#BookReview Reckless Mate: Mystic River Shifters Book 3

Not everyone is what they seem. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not.

My life is… complicated. I’m a deputy in the small town of Mystic River; my boss used to be my lover; and my brother is the local gangster. If that isn’t enough, Scott, the town’s very sexy baker, has told everyone that will listen that I am his fated mate.

Something is going on in my town and it seems to involve Scott and lots of secrets. An unfamiliar shifter dies suspiciously in my jail after sharing a cryptic message for “the baker.” The cause of death is unknown. My brother informs me, that Scott, who claims to be a Canadian lynx shifter, is not from Canada. Where he’s from is unknown but it’s definitely not Canada. Scott is hiding something. I will figure it out.

I came to Mystic River to hide in plain sight and pursue my love of all things baking. Baking isn’t necessarily what people think of as a hobby or profession for an alpha male lynx shifter, but after all I’ve seen and done, I crave peace almost as much as I crave Kyra, the beautiful curvy lynx shifter deputy.

After almost being killed, Kyra’s not looking for any kind of commitment. In fact, the idea that she might leave Mystic River is gaining in appeal, especially when she discovers that all of the people she holds dear have secrets they don’t want to reveal.

The Reviews

Kathy Heare Watts

The story is part of the new Mystic River Shifters. It will have a great cast of characters, including humans and shifters. While you could read this out of order, to fully understand the characters and interactions, it is best if they are read in written order, because it is an ongoing saga. Each story picks up from where the last one left off (especially within the epilogue.) This story will be between Scott and Myra.

Scott is a man with a secret past. He says he is from Canada but some of the phrases and words he uses leave that up in the air. The one thing he is exceptionally good at is being a baker. He also has told Kyra that she is his fated mate—something she vehemently verbally denies—but time will tell the truth. Kyra is the deputy sheriff of Mystic River, working under Sheriff Jax.

The story’s plot will have a call to Scott from a man from his past—and when the man shows up in Mystic River in the Sheriff’s office, he will give a short message to give to the baker. Kyra shares that with Scott but he tries to deny knowing who John Doe is. Even the town Doctor and Kyra’s brother, Colby, are acting strange and secretive.

“The baker. You need to tell him, they’re coming.”

The story is full of mystery, suspense, danger, action adventure, and secrets. Jax and Autumn have gone on their honeymoon now that Kyra has returned from her trip. She tries to get several people to be honest with her, but she knows that is holding onto secrets, and that includes the doctor, Scott, and her brother, Colby. Between the mysterious death of a stranger, and learning that a group that everyone jokes about being the bogeyman is real and that the man she finally is falling for is not whom she believes—you would think Kyra would wash her hands of it all. But Kyra refuses to keep hiding her feelings for Scott and will take a stand against all the alphas of Mystic River—be they friends or foes.

“At what point would she listen to her instinct, her soul, and trust he was where she wanted to be regardless of it that was in Mystic River or not.”

How far will Kyra go to save the man, her fated mate, knowing that in the process they both could die? She won’t let anyone stand in her way. The chemistry between them sizzles off the pages. When they are together, it is as if fate ordained them to be together. This isn’t the end, there is a greater battle coming in May when Shameless Mate releases.

Review – Savage Mate: Mystic River Shifters Book 2

The first time she saw him he was coming out of the river… Oh! what a view.

Jackson Miller (Jax) left the SEALs to return to his small hometown, Mystic River, Alaska where all the residents are shifters. He’s a grumpy bear shifter and the sheriff.

Autumn Bradley was hiking with her fiancé for a birthday weekend. When he decides Alaska is a bit too rustic for his tastes, he leaves Autumn behind to hike out by herself. Unknowingly taking the sat phone, compass and GPS with him, leaving Autumn without directional assistance in the path of a snowstorm.

Once the rangers discover one of the hikers has failed to return to the base camp. They call in the best tracker they know… Jax. He is not exactly happy to go out in the bad weather to track down the irresponsible woman. Learning she is his fated mate was rather shocking.

Even if they make it out of the storm will she ever be accepted in his small town of shifters?

Come visit Mystic River, Alaska a small, remote town that has always been a safe community for different types of shifters. These shifters are gorgeous, possessive and finding their fated mate is high on their priority list.

Take a walk on the wild side with these curvy heroines, their sexy fated mates and scenes that sizzle.

The Reviews

Kathy Heare Watts
February 20, 2023

The story is part of the new Mystic River Shifters. It will have a great cast of characters, including humans and shifters. The two main characters will be Dr. Autumn Bradley, a veterinarian from Seattle, and Sheriff Jackson ‘Jax’ Miller of the town of Mystic River on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

The story’s plot will have Autumn and her fiancé, Porter Martin, III, on Kodiak Island to celebrate Autumn’s birthday. They will have a falling out, and she realizes that he isn’t the man for her. She will give him back his ring and take off on one of the trails, and Porter will leave the island. It isn’t until he is contacted by the rangers from the National Forest Service that they realize he has abandoned Autumn and she is missing. They will contact Jax, one of the best trackers, to find her—especially with a storm system approaching.

Kodiak Island, Alaska is home to all kinds of shifters, one of which is Jax, a Kodiak bear; his deputy, Kyra, is a lynx; and his friend, Ash, a park ranger, a wolf shifter. Ash will contact Jax to search for Autumn.

“I’d best start looking for our little runaway.”

The story has mystery, suspense, danger, and a lone Kodiak bear realizing this little human is his fated mate. He will protect her from a dangerous predatory, spank her for her behavior, gets her to his cave, and keep her safe.

Jax: I told you to stay put on the boat. That’s the last time you disobey me without any consequences. I meant what I said; if you’d gone into the water, I’m not sure you would have survived. Got it?
Autumn: I understand English, Sheriff. But last time I checked, you had no authority over me. None.
Jax: I wouldn’t bet on that. That snowstorm is going to be nasty. They are predicting whiteout conditions for the next couple of days. That means you’re stuck with me in my cave.
Autumn: I won’t be any trouble.
Jax: You couldn’t be more wrong about that if you tried. You’re all kinds of trouble, Doc. Fortunately for you, I like trouble. In fact, you’re the kind of trouble I’ve been looking for.

Defiant Mate: Mystic River Shifters Book 1

 Great start to a new series!

This is such a wonderful starting story for a new series and group of shifters. Asher and Nicole are so good together. I truly enjoyed the references to both the Wayward Mates and Tangled Vines series. I’ve noticed in other stories that more than one heroine has been a writer. Lovely to see!

The Reluctant Retiree

The sound of a cord snapping abruptly ends her climb, leaving her stranded as an arctic storm bears down. Can Asher find his mate before she freezes to death?

Nicole is done with men. Her husband left her for a thinner and younger model and never looked back. She has worked hard to be an independent, successful woman without a man. Although she is still a curvy woman, she is healthy and loves outdoor activities. Climbing Pyramid Mountain is the next adventure on her list of things she wants to accomplish. So why does she feel drawn to Asher, the know-it-all US Forest Ranger telling her she can’t make her climb?

Asher Wells has found his mate, at last. He should have known that his spirited, fated mate wasn’t going to listen to reason. With an arctic storm bearing down on them, she was hell-bent on Pyramid Mountain for her first solo, technical climb. Luckily he managed to get an emergency beacon into her pack. Unfortunately, something has happened and Nicole has activated it.

Come visit Mystic River, Alaska. A small, remote town that has always been a safe community for different types of shifters. These shifters are gorgeous, possessive, and finding their fated mate is high on their priority list.

Take a walk on the wild side with these curvy heroines, their sexy fated mates, and scenes that sizzle.

The Reviews

Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2023
The story is the first in the new Mystic River Shifters. It will have a great cast of characters, including humans and shifters. The story will involve Nicole Sullivan, a human, and alpha wolf shifter, Asher Wells.

Nicole Sullivan has gone through a divorce, moved to Seattle, Washington, and opened a satellite office for event planning with her boss, Judith in San Francisco. Nicole has taken up many adventurous hobbies including kayaking and training for mountain climbing. She decides to travel to Kodiak Island, Alaska, to look at it as a destination for future events. While there, she plans to do a solo climb up Pyramid Mountain.

Asher Wells and his alpha father do not get along. Asher left his pack in Mystic River and went into the Navy, becoming a SEAL. Now, he is back and head of the U.S. Forest Rangers in Alaska. What a surprise to meet Nicole, and realize she is his fated mate, a human, and stubborn.

The story’s plot will have Asher and Nicole meeting, butting heads, having lunch, and then to his cabin where the night is spent in pleasure. Asher is hoping to convince Nicole to forego a solo climb, wait until he can join her, and keep her in his bed. Nicole needs to do this climb for herself, which she believes she can do. She isn’t figuring out the volatile weather that will strike while she is on the mountain. That will take this story into life-and-death danger. Asher is determined to save his mate, even if it is from herself.

Asher: Do you read a lot of romance novels?
Nicole: There’s nothing wrong with that.
Asher: Not at all. Just trying to learn about you, and what makes you tick; what turns you on.
Nicole: You. You turn me on.
Asher: Ditto. Careful, Nicole. You don’t put yourself down or deflect how I feel.
Nicole: Is that a rule?
Asher: Yes, and there will be more of them. You’d best accept that you’re going to follow them and when you don’t, there’ll be consequences.
Nicole: What kind of consequences?
Asher: I found a bit of discipline can do a lot to keep a relationship on the right track.
Nicole: What kind of discipline?
Asher: A firm male hand applied to a shapely feminine backside can go a long way to curbing bad behavior and not allowing things to build up.
Nicole: Are you threatening to spank me?
Asher: No threat. I don’t make threats Nicole. I make promises and I want you to know up front what the consequences for things are. So yes, if your behavior is bad enough that it warrants you getting your backside blistered, I’m the man to get the job done. Be and good girl, and I won’t have to resort to that.

The story has mystery, suspense, danger, and some surprises. I loved the story of Nicole and Asher. The chemistry between them sizzles off the pages. When they are together, it is as if fate ordained them to be together.
Sue B
5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful read, great characters and plot I loved every moment of this amazing book
Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2023
A wonderful read, great characters and plot I loved every moment of this amazing book

Nicole had discovered after walking in on her husband Kevin and his Bimbo girlfriend making use of her bed, her silk dressing gown and all of this whilst she was supporting him whilst he was taking the bar, she had been working non stop without so much as a thank-you.

Newly divorced she had decided to open a new branch with her boss after inputting a good deal of her divorce settlement and although it had taken hard work the event planning business had been a great success and life had been good.

She had also written a bucket list and had started to do more of the things she loved kayaking, white water rafting and also had been learning how to mountain climb and decided her first solo climb was going to be in Kodiak Alaska and she could not wait.

When she reached Mystic Falls and had visited the Ranger Station to discuss her climbing intentions she had met the chief ranger Asher and something had clicked, they had lunch together and he had shown her around the small town. Then they had spent the night together and it was as though they had always been together, Ashe’s love making had rocked her world and she felt as though they had known each other forever.

The climb is hard but is going well until on the decline the weather changes and taking all the steps taught to her she has one of her ropes bread and barely stops herself with her new ice pick but she had hurt her wrist and knew she had to use the emergency beacon to let the Rangers know she was in trouble.

Asher had known that his wolf was desperate to get to his mate and would do whatever it too to reach her no matter what it takes, the thought of a world without her in it was not worth contemplating.

It was fortunate that her love of shifter titles and the way in which mates were turned were her favourite read. She also loved Asher and even though she was human in her heart knew that there was something very special between them.

I guarantee that when you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down and you will be fascinated by the interactions between Asher and Ellis his Sire and Gemma his mother, they are so alike and both men constantly come to blows but his mother is a diamond.

Then there are the details behind Nicole’s rope that had failed on the climb and now it appears that perhaps someone may have been behind it but you will have to read this for yourself and I assure you that once you begin reading you will not stop until you reach the end.

I assure you that you will love every moment of this book it is simply a fantastic read.
I voluntarily received and review an Advanced Reader Copy
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!
Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2023
This is one of the best books I've read by Delta James. You can see the pride she takes in her growth as an author. The book is well written and the chemistry between Nicole and Asher is combustible. Nicole is a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Asher is dominant, but not overbearing. Their story is fun to read and there is a surprising twist at the end that I did not anticipate. Great job! I can't wait for the next book in the series.

I received an advance copy and this is my honest review.
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