Review – Claiming Her Heart (Wild Hearts Book 2)

It was supposed to be a sure thing.

Ronin Gutherie, the dark brooding hero of the international Olympic trial thought talking Devon Cooper into a one night stand would be easy.

At the end of a long day of competition, Devon runs into the hunky Olympic gold medalist. After a major win on the Olympic qualifying circuit, Ronin propositions her and ends up nursing a painful injury as well as his pride.

When the next major Olympic trial is in Ronin’s homeland, he uses the time on the plane to apologize for his behavior and convince Devon that not only is he not the player she believes him to be, but they have a future together.

Can he persuade her to give him a second chance and claim her heart or will she walk away again?

This book was previously published under a different title/author name. It has been re-edited, updated and expanded slightly.

The Reviews

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 28, 2023
I enjoyed this second book in the Wild Hearts series which will begin in America but move to New Zealand where the majority of the story takes place. The main story will comprise of Devon Cooper from Texas and Ronin Gutherie, from New Zealand and this will be their hot and heavy, loaded with angst and passionate romance. They both have known each other for years because of the equestrian competitions they both compete in.

Devon Cooper is part of the American team, but not part of the Olympics. She will do a show during the competitions with her horse, Dreamer. She had at one time been romantically involved with one of the assistant coaches on the American team until she caught him cheating. There is an undercurrent of hostility between them still with his snide remarks.

Ronin Gutherie is a favorite contender for the Kiwi eventing team with his horse Dax. While he has a reputation for being a playboy, he has set his sights on Devon, and once he does, he is determined she is going to be his. When her ex-boyfriend, Jake, harasses her, he will set him straight. Ronin’s paternal grandmother is of Māori descent, and her heritage will play a role in his character in this tale.

The plot of the story will include the alpha dominance of Ronin pursuing and eventually dominating Devon. He will stay with her on the flight to New Zealand, and his possessiveness won’t allow her to put up barriers between them. He will help her get her horse in the stable and instead of taking her to her hotel, he will take her to his home. Once he has determined that she is his soulmate, he takes control.

“You keep sassing me Ms. Cooper, and I’ll introduce you to another Kiwi alpha male tradition. The judicious application of a firm hand to your glorious backside. I think we both know you’ll never truly be submissive. I think you’ll submit and follow my lead most of the time, but there will be times I need to remind you which one of us is alpha and that it isn’t you.”

While the story does cover part of the event and competition, it is only a very small part of the story. The chemistry and interaction between the two main characters have this sassy Texan and dominant Kiwi butting heads one minute and intense sex the next. There is plenty of action between the two of them, including multiple spanking scenes, and intense sex scenes.

“I spoke nothing but truth last night. I’ve always known I had a soul mate and when I realized it was you, I started making plans to persuade you of the same. So, you can be the stubborn, Texas cowgirl or you can be my good girl and just give in. As I said, I’ll lead, you’ll follow, and it’ll be easy. But I have no problem making you follow if that’s what it takes.”

“No, sweetheart, it makes me a Kiwi Neanderthal alpha male with a sassy mate who needs to have her bottom spanked to be at her best.”

Note: I previously read the story by this author when it was previously released with a former publisher and under a different pen name. I have been a fan of her books from the beginning—and her writing has astounded me—no matter the name, this is one of my favorite authors. I did not re-read it, but it has been re-edited, updated, and expanded slightly.
Donna L
4.0 out of 5 stars A SPECTACULAR RIDE
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 28, 2023
What a wild ride this book was. I enjoyed learning about the different horse events.
I enjoyed Ronin and Devon’s journey with it's highs and lows. The characters were likable and believable.

Devon and Ronin had a dramatic start to their relationship leaving Ronin in no doubt as to what Devon thought of his boorish behavior. He was lucky she gave him a second chance and the game of cat and mouse ended quickly. The building of their relationship then progressed rapidly. Ronin had his sight set on Devon and was determined to have
 his soul mate by his side even if it took more than one spanking and keeping her happy
 in his bed. He strived for a relationship like his parents who were still going strong after
forty years.

I loved how feisty and sassy Devon was. She proved that she was capable of taking care of
 herself and found peace in submitting to Ronin. Initially, she did not believe in soul mates
 or fairytales but could not deny her body's reaction to Ronin and his hum. She tried to fight
 his hold over her but it ended badly every time.

Combine a spectacular show of dominance by an Alpha male with a unique knack of
 calming his strong-willed feisty mate and sit back and watch the fireworks.
4.0 out of 5 stars Was Ronin's Hum Magical?
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 1, 2023
This book turned out to be a surprise for me. Definitely not in a bad way. I was happy to see that Devon was strong, independent, and talented. Her connection with Ronin seemed pretty immediate, but they seemed to have been checking each other out for a while.

Ronin was completely overbearing, but Devon seemed to appreciate his Alphaness. I thought the hum was interesting. I read somewhere that this was one of the author's first books. I could see it as the prelude to a long journey of success.

It did take some effort for me to keep up with all of the horse related information. It turned out to be a teachable moment, lol.

I did finally figure out why I was surprised. There were a couple of reasons. I realized I had gotten used to varying degrees of some type of danger in the later books. This one didn't have that. It was still an entertaining read. It didn't seem like it was softer, or like I was missing that element of danger.

The connection, the romance, the heat level was equally as intense as later books. One thing I was expecting was for Gage to have his own book. The other surprise for me was the epilogue. That content, I was not expecting. All in all, a good fast paced read.
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Stealing Her Heart (Wild Hearts Book 1)

Wonderful contemporary western tale. I didn’t read the first edition of this book but I definitely enjoyed reading this rewrite of it. To see familiar characters from the Wild Mustang Security series was a wonderful addition. Well done!

The Reluctant Retiree

What’s more dangerous, stealing wild mustangs away from rustlers or losing her heart to the Texas Ranger who catches her?

Etta Ross is determined to rescue the small herd of mustangs from the rustlers who want to smuggle them to Mexico for slaughter. To do so, she has to avoid running into the legendary Texas Rangers.

When sexy Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen, finds Etta wounded, stranded and on foot in the middle of nowhere, Etta is forced to come up with a quick cover-story to explain away her dire straits. Brody knows the fiery beauty wasn’t out for a casual walk. He is bound and determined to protect Etta who is adamant she can save herself.

Can Brody find a way to tame Etta’s wild ways while stealing her heart for himself?

This book was previously published under a different title/author name. It has been re-edited, updated and expanded slightly.

The Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars DO YOU SUBMIT TO MY AUTHORITY?
Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2023
I was impressed with this contemporary western story by Ms. Delta James, and it kept my attention and the pages turning as the tale unfolds. The story is full of mystery, suspense, murder, theft, angst, and passion. The tale takes the reader on a roller-coast ride of emotions, action, and adventure in this life and death story. Seeing that this is the first book in a series, I am already anticipating the next book. The story has a great cast of characters, and interactions, along with an intriguing storyline.

Multiple world champion equestrienne, Etta Ross, is passionate about many things, and that includes saving the wild mustangs that she knows are being captured, transported to Mexico, and sold to slaughterhouses. She can’t just allow that to happen, and along with her champion horse, she will attempt to rescue and lead a group of mares and fouls to safety.

Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen is concerned about the tire tracks he found, especially considering that there is a weight difference in the coming and going tracks. Going back to the area he will find Etta Ross on foot, but she has been shot in the shoulder. Dealing with her belligerent attitude, sassy mouth, and refusal of medical care will have him forcing the issue, including telling her he will arrest her. Learning that she knows the ringleader and that he also has her prized horse, adds to this case.

The plot will take the issue of the Mustangs to a more sinister level of crime. Etta won’t leave well enough alone and allow the Rangers to do their own investigating and Brody will take her to task. True to his word, he is going to punish her and then claim her.

“Brody. Her gentle whispering of his name felt like submission, sweet and welcome. And surprising.”

“That’s not how a remorseful little girl behaves, Etta. You don’t call me names, and you quit your squirming. You’re not going anywhere until I’m sure I’ve gotten through to you. Well, you let me know when you are done fighting and want me to think about this being over.”

The story will keep the reader on the edge of their seat as the Rangers uncover more about the rounding up of the wild mustangs. Taking Etta’s highly insured prized horse makes it grand theft, and there will be offers of deals being made. But is that going to be enough to keep Etta safe? Etta comes from a line of well-known great-grandparents, and she was brought up to ride, fight, hold her own, and shoot, and when she does shoot, she hits her target.

Brody is keeping her at his home and not allowing her to leave and there are many spankings to keep her in line. He has never had a woman he wanted, and his wild cowgirl has proven to be a spunky, sassy, handful, but he is determined she will be his. If he isn’t spanking her, putting her in the corner, he is making love to her until she doesn’t want to leave.

The story is one of power exchange and has many spankings, including using a belt, and explicit sex scenes.

Note: I previously read the story by this author when she previously released it under a different pen name. I have been a fan of her books from the beginning.
Donna L
4.0 out of 5 stars ACTION PACKED
Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2023
This contemporary western romance story by Ms. James is filled with danger,
action, suspense, a dominant male, and a feisty spitfire who puts her love of
saving wild Mustangs before her safety. Enter Texas ranger Brody Jensen who
was determined to keep Etta safe no matter how many times she ends up over
his knees. The relationship between Brody and Etta developed quickly, too quickly for Etta to accept initially. Despite her adversity to Brody’s methods to keep her safe, she could not deny how much she enjoyed the intense pleasure that followed his discipline. Etta was a spitfire but there never a doubt that Brody was in control.
He wanted to possess her body and soul. Etta was an interesting character. She did not like to be told what to do but thrived on it. She continued to try Brody’s patience with her impulsive, dangerous behavior but this earned her painful consequences.
Brody was the entire package. Protective, dominant, warm, and confident. I admired how he always put Etta’s safety first and foremost.
4.0 out of 5 stars It Didn't Feel Like Instalove!
Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2023
I am not sure why I was expecting a shifter romance. Delta James has written a number of non-shifter romances. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this was one of her "fully human" romances, lol.

Brody and Etta's story had a nice amount of suspense. Behind the scenes, Etta was involved in similar work like Willa from Book 1 - Mac in The Wild Mustang series.

Etta was strong, independent, sassy, respected, and prone to putting herself in dangerous situations. I admired her fearlessness, while at the same time, thinking she was reckless. Brody was the typical dominant male believing strongly in discipline. He was also intelligent and respected in his own right.

There was instalove in this story, but it really didn't feel like it. I have to be honest. I can't remember if Brody and Etta had met previously, or if their meeting was a first time occurrence. It didn't feel like they didn't know one another.

Along with the suspense, there were elements of action and danger. I knew who was behind stealing the wild mustangs, but who was behind him? I still have questions. There was a whole mystery going on that would not have upset me had there were more details about it.

This was a fast paced read that I completed in one sitting. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. If dominant men, discipline spankings and detailed sex offend you, take a pass on this one.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
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