Omitted Pieces by Stephanie Hansen

Omitted Pieces
Transformed Nexus Book Two
Stephanie Hansen

Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Publisher: Fire and Ice YA and Tantor Audio
Date of Publication: 03/01/22
ISBN: 978-1-955784-21-4
Number of pages: 268
Word Count: 67,302
Cover Artist: Caroline Andrus

Tagline: The amazing conclusion to the Transformed Nexus duology explores uncharted territory with dangerous compassion.

Interview with the Author

Where do you get the inspiration for your story?

I get inspiration for my stories from my dreams, life, etc. I’m a lucid dreamer, not in the sense where I necessarily know that I’m in a dream while dreaming but that I can change the outcome of a dream. It’s more as if I were dropped into a book, like where fiction becomes reality. At least that is how it feels to me. I also gather a lot of data, information, and inspiration from the numerous medical procedures I’ve been through but I morph it by fictionalizing it and making it more fun. I believe this has been a cathartic way for me to handle it.

How do you find such interesting names for your people and places?

My character names are inspired by history, places, and more. Vienna is a beautiful place that I would love to visit so that’s why one of my main characters is named that. A sierra is a long, jagged mountain chain and beautiful to look at…therefore another character name. My antagonist, Dr. Henry Cromwell, is a combination of the wife killing King Henry the 8th and the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. Yesha was beautiful to me the first time I heard it and I believe its meaning is something like “you will be accepted” so it felt perfect for the name of the protagonist’s friend.

Do you base your places on places you’ve traveled to or ones that you’ve read about?

Yes & No, Earth cities are either cities I’ve visited or lived in or are inspired by them but my fantasy and science fiction settings are often from dreams. Bits and pieces of the made up worlds might also be inspired by fictional stories I’ve read and watched. For example, I often have planets with one of the few climates from Earth. One planet might be like the tropical climates and another like the polar climates. Then I often add a fantastical characteristic like glowing leaves and water that gets clearer where the dirt and sand is disrupted by taking a step instead of becoming cloudier.

If you had the chance to live in the world you’ve created, would you?

If I had the chance to live in the world I’ve created I would or would not depending on the world. Perhaps I would like living on planets Scepter and Funen as one is a beautiful jungle world and the other a fun place of relics. I would not however choose to live on the desert planet Vortex…at least not in its current state. Perhaps if Colsam and Theopat get a chance to turn it around I might change my mind but for now I’m good on Earth. 😉

About the Author:

Stephanie Hansen is a PenCraft and Global Book Award Winning Author. Her novella series, Altered Helix, released 2020 and book one of the Transformed Nexus duology, Replaced Parts, released 2021. Her short story, Break Time, and poetry has been featured in Mind’s Eye literary magazine. The Kansas Writers Association published her short story, Existing Forces, appointing her as a noted author. She has held a deep passion for writing since early childhood, but a brush with death caused her to allow it to grow. She’s part of an SCBWI critique group in Lawrence, KS and two local book clubs. She attends many writers’ conferences including the Writing Day Workshops, New York Pitch, Penned Con, New Letters, All Write Now, Show Me Writers Master Class, BEA, and Nebraska Writers Guild conference as well as Book Fairs and Comic-Cons. She is a member of the deaf and hard of hearing community.


The amazing conclusion to the Transformed Nexus duology, OMITTED PIECES, explores uncharted territory with dangerous compassion.
#YAscifi #DystopianYA #DeafAndHOH #LGBTQ #TransformedNexus #OmittedPieces

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The Sunday Post #8

What’s Next?

The COVID-19 vaccine is starting to be distributed. This is a good thing, but we still need to be cautious. The country is going for “Herd Immunity.” And this can be a good thing. It’s what stopped the Zika virus in Brazil. It took TWO YEARS for enough people to have been exposed for the virus to be stopped. That’s a long time to ask people to wear a mask and keep their distance. We already have people refusing to do, citing “my body, my choice.”

That’s a slogan people my age (Baby Boomers) have heard before. Then it was used to refer to the choice of whether to have an abortion or not. That was a personal choice that didn’t affect the people you passed as you went along your way.

Today is a totally different scenario. Simply breathing can affect the people around you when you are out of your house. You can be affected by others who aren’t wearing masks. The best guess scenario is that it could be next fall before we get back to something we can call normal. You don’t want the vaccine? Fine, that’s your choice. But for the love of God, please at least wear a mask!

Weekly Cup of Coco

That’s my pillow!

Coco doesn’t want to spend the night in our bed but apparently has no problem claiming my pillow. The changes in in our little girl are like night and day since we got her.

At her last vet’s appointment, we received the good news that she is officially not anemic anymore. YEAH! I shudder to think to how she suffered with all the fleas that caused the anemia. I try not to blame the individual who gave us Coco for not doing more. But there was somethings he was doing that are just plain wrong. He had 4 dogs and would feed them by cutting off a piece of ham and hand feeding it to them. I didn’t see any evidence that this was supplemented by regular kibble. So no way did any of the dogs get enough to eat.

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