The Sunday Post #21-29

Welcome to another Sunday Post. My apologies for missing last week, it’s been a little hectic around here. In the interest of catching things up, I’m just going to list the books and link to the review.

Now, of course, if you are listening to the Podcast, I will, as always, include the complete review. Hopefully this won’t happen again

Books for the Past 2 Weeks

Dragon Got Your Tongue by Julia Mills
Scent Of A Mate by Milly Taiden
Bibiophile Bullies
Her Twisted Heart by Melanie James
Tall, Dark and Panther by Milly Taiden
Pinch of Sass by C. D. Gorri

Fury by Julia Mills

A Mate’s Bite by Milly Taiden
Twisted Desire by Melanie James
The Alion King by Milly Taiden
Clutch by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly

Pinch of Sass: Dire Wolf Mates Book 3

Can this stoic Dire Wolf admit the sassy feline is his fated mate and stake his claim?

Ariella Golden needs to persuade sexy Dire Wolf Beta, and the amazingly talented chef at Serious Moonlight, Brock Laurent, to use her Pride’s corporation, Eat Well Live Proud, for all the roadhouse’s needs in order to win the coveted quarterly prize at her company.

They did offer the best organic, non-GMO, and responsibly harvested fish and meat. The only problem was the big ol’ doggy happened to be her fated mate.

Brock was perfectly content to cook good food and hang out with his Pack until she walked into his life. Now the curvy, curly-headed goddess was all he could think about. Determined to ignore the pull of his mate, Brock develops a plan to test whether or not the virginal hellcat can handle all of him.

Ariella is stunned when Brock propositions her. With the encouragement of her family, she agrees to a single night in Brock’s arms to close the deal that will put her in the running for EWLP’s quarterly prize. After all, it might be the only way she can get the big dummy to realize she is his mate.

Will the sassy feline prove that she can take anything he dishes out?

The Reviews!

Sydney M Neblett
5.0 out of 5 stars A fantasy vacation
Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2020
Verified Purchase
This author knows exactly what my favorite kind of book is, short, sweet and sassy. I absolutely love these characters and the more I see of them the more I want to read. The author did a fantastic job of thrusting these two lonely souls together and making them work for their HEA. The story is full of deep emotions offset by moments of hilarity that bring the story together perfectly. I can’t decide which character I want to find their mate next, but no matter who it is I just know it’s sure to be an amazing adventure.
4.0 out of 5 stars The Antics!
Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2021
Verified Purchase
The antics that Ariella’s mother dose made the book very interesting especially when she gets her drunk. & the basket of “goodies” that Ari’s sisters gave to her was good too. Especially after Brock sees the basket & makes a comment about what he will give them for Christmas.

Brock has known that Ariella was his mate ever since met her on Sheila’s book but, because of something that happened in his past he has been afraid to take the next step.

But, you’ll have to read the book to find out what happened in his past & how he overcomes it to work on his future with Ariella.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fun Fast Read!
Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2020
Ariella is determined to win the company quarterly prize. All she has to do is convince Brock to contract with her company for their supplies. Brock was perfectly happy until he realized Ariella is his mate but he's not going down that easily. The battle of the sexes also includes the dire wolf pack and feline pride. Tons of fun as these two jockey for position and they manage to find an HEA. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).
Teresa Bowen

5.0 out of 5 stars another in the Dire Wolf series
Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2020
Brock is the Beta of his Dire Wolf pack and the chef at Serious Moonlight. He knows Ariella is his fated mate but after being rejected as a youth because of his size he's afraid to commit as he couldn't handle his mate rejecting him as well. Ariella is a lion shifter and she knows he's her mate as well and isn't dealing with his avoiding her well. Will they get past his past and find love or will it tear them apart? I love this series.
	Kindle Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Problems, Mates and Consequences
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 29, 2021
Verified Purchase
Book 3 of 3. Wolf shifter Brock Laurent has realised that Lioness Ariella Golden is his destined mate from the first time they met. As chef of the road house now run by the small group of wolf shifters, only the best ingredients will do for their clientele.

Ariella is eager for the products produced by the lion pride be used by this customer. Not only would it help her to claim the award for best sales, but it could only make the superb good served better for highly selective consumers. Add her exuberant family, his past bad experience before all becomes clear.

The Sunday Post #21-27


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Twinkle, Twinkle, Sassy Little Star by Julia Mills

These two are such a wonderful couple. Star still believes that she is the reason her entire pack was wiped out. Grey still grieves the disappearance of his brother. Neither one knew just how connected the two incidents actually were!

Fire Maidens Greece by Anna Lowe

Another wonderful book in this series. I absolutely love how the great descriptions allow you to picture the setting in your mind. Even better are the characters created, this couple are wonderful together. Well written, yet with flaws that make them come alive for you, I’m dying to read the next one now!

Nearly Twisted by Melanie James

Fabulous! This pairing is great. A little quick with the “insta-love” but still enjoyable nonetheless. Nice job with this continuation of the Twisted Tail Pack

Curves ‘Em Right by Milly Taiden

A BBW in search of love + two sexy wolf shifters ready to claim her as their mate = Sizzling Ménage Romance

Breaking Sass by C. D. Gorri

What happens when a sassy Dire Wolf, with a penchant for breaking rules, and a Lion, who’s in love with the law, clash? She’s a sassy Dire Wolf with a fondness for speed, and he’s a Lion who knows how to lay down the law. Get ready for fireworks when these two dominant personalities clash.

Closing Thoughts

It’s been a bit “wet” around my house. At this point, all of Florida is still on alert about TS Elsa. I’m sure by now, everyone has started running around like a chicken without it’s head trying to get ready for the storm. It usually makes me laugh to see what gets snatched up as emergency supplies.

Thursday night we decided that given my husband is on oxygen therapy, that getting a small generator would be a good idea. We checked the wattage needed for just a few appliances and determined what size to get. Friday morning we were waiting at Harbor Freight for them to open. At that point in time, there was a good number of generators available.

I had to return to the store that afternoon to pick something else up. Almost all of those generators were gone. I wonder how many people will try to return them if the storm doesn’t actually hit our area?

That’s it for this week. Keep dry and keep reading! ‘Til next week!

Breaking Sass: Dire Wolf Mates Book 2

What happens when a sassy Dire Wolf, with a penchant for breaking rules, and a Lion, who’s in love with the law, clash?

She’s a sassy Dire Wolf with a fondness for speed, and he’s a Lion who knows how to lay down the law. Get ready for fireworks when these two dominant personalities clash.
Sheila Rand is the only female member of the Dire Wolf Motorcycle Club. Rare and powerful Shifters, the Dire Wolf MC has decided to make Blue Creek their permanent home. As the Alpha’s cousin, Sheila’s outspoken nature and habitual defiance is overlooked by her Packmates, but not by him. Mr. Law and Order thinks he can break her, but he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. She doesn’t want a mate. Especially not a puffed up pussycat!

Leonard Crowley is one of Blue Creek Police Department’s only Shifter detectives. He’s worked hard against the prejudice that keeps his kind from becoming part of mainstream life. With his father ailing, Leo is called to confront certain issues that have popped up in the Blue Valley Pride. When the elders insist he take one of their females as mate to assume his rightful position as King of the Pride, Leo has a surprise for them. He’s already met his mate, he just has to claim her.

Will the feisty couple discover that breaking sass is much more fun together?

The Reviews!

Sydney M Neblett
5.0 out of 5 stars Marked for all time
Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
Verified Purchase
I am really enjoying reading about these dire wolves. The author really spent a lot of time building these characters and adding details to their relationship that by the time I reached the end I felt invested in their future. I love the story and how these two and family pulled together to save the day. I especially enjoyed the epilogue and the way the author had Leo just jump whole heartedly into the Dire Wolf way of mating with no hesitation. I can guess which wolf will find fate’s gift of a mate next, but no matter who it is, I can’t wait to read what happens.
Tabi Ann
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Story
Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sometimes I feel like I title these stories the same every time. But how else to you label such a great story. Many things are happening in this story, many lives are intertwining. There are lots of emotions rolling thru you as you read this. You will find yourself drawn into the book and not want to leave.

There is a little mystery that happens in the book, why is it some people just think that shifters can be with their own kind and they do very cruel things to make it happen.

This book will make you laugh and cry and in the end you want to just smack the shifters and wake them up to remind them that fated mates happen and you cannot change that, even if you want too.

Love the tattoo..

Until Next Time... Tabi
4.0 out of 5 stars Cats & Dogs!
Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2021
Verified Purchase
Sheila is a Dire Wolf & she met her fated mated on the night that the bar was bombed. But, she’s been trying to avoid not only her mate but, the thought of a mate. She been telling herself & her wolf that they are meant to be free. The wolf part of her just doesn’t agree.

Leo (the Lion, yep that’s his 1st name) is a Detective in Blue Creek & when he showed up at the bar to investigate the bombing he met his fated mate, Sheila. & ever since her met her he’s been trying to get her to admit that they’re mates.

Leo finally found a way to get Sheila to spend time with him in the form of a challenge. As he needs someone to pretend to be his mate & go to the Pride’s House with him so that he can find out what is really going on with his Dad.

Now I’m not going to tell you how it works out, as you’ll have to read the book to find the answer
Sara S.
5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking Sass
Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
Sheila was a cousin of the alpha of the dire wolf mc and worked in the bar they all owned. Leo was the lion prince and a detective in the police force and always knew that Sheila was his fated mate. But she wanted to deny it and fought it, then he asked to go with him when he went to see his dad. He was sick and dieing also missed his mate that had died. Sheila finally realized that what Leo said about them being mates was true and they were mated. But there was a few problems that needed to be taken care of a the palace that got taken care of and his dad getting his health back. Everything was working out for everyone and his father got a new lease on life and Leo was ok with that. Loved this book! Always a great ending!

The Sunday Post #21-23


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Claw, Class and a Whole Lotta Sass by Julia Mills

The Universe may not make mistakes, but She doesn’t make things easy either. It’s gonna take claws, class, and a whole lotta sass to save the day this time.

Fire Maidens 4: Portugal by Anna Lowe

“An exciting and fast paced paranormal romance! The descriptions of Lisbon and the Portuguese islands are truly breathtaking – readers will feel as though they are part of the story. The characters are authentic, likeable, and have great chemistry together.” – Ind’Tale Crowned Heart review

Fur Ever Witched by Melanie James

This was definitely one of a kind. I am sorry it took me so long to get around to reading this. It is a fabulous continuation of the story. Now I have got to get the next book!

Surprise Mates by Grace Goodwin

Remember the old saying what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Well, this young lady only thought that what happened on Prillon Prime would stay on Prillon Prime!

Purrfectly Naughty by C.D. Gorri

Take one Tigress with a cub to raise, add in a Andean Bear that’s new to the states, mix it all with the celebrated Gerri Wilder and the fur is gonna fly!

The wonders hiding among us!

Cooper's Hawk

Remember this guy? This is a Cooper’s Hawk. He lives in the area where I live. Recently, I started looking on the Internet and discovered some interesting facts about this hawk.


Medium-sized hawk from 14 to 20 inches in length. The adults have a gray/blue back, the underside is white, horizontally streaked with rufous bars. The head has a black cap, and there are three black bands on the tail. Males and females look the same, but the female is about one-third larger than the male. The immature birds are brown above and vertically streaked with brown below. The adult’s eye color is orange to red, while the immature has a yellow eye.


A forest-dwelling bird found in deciduous woodlands but also seen in urban areas. Not uncommon around farm woodlots.


Cooper’s hawks build a stick nest high in the middle of a deciduous tree, usually in the crotch, where they lay two to five eggs. Cooper’s hawks are known to return to the same area to nest year after year, although recent studies have shown that individual birds change mates and nest sites frequently in succeeding years.


Known as a predator of birds, the Cooper’s hawk also feeds on mammals, particularly squirrels and chipmunks. Once known as a regular denizen of poultry yards, it is one of many “chicken hawks.”


Populations of the Cooper’s hawk were thought to be declining as early as the 1930s. This species has suffered greatly from persecution due to its poultry eating habits. It has also suffered from habitat destruction.

A week or so ago, I had another close encounter with this delightful fellow. He was perched on something as I left the bike trail with Coco. He flew up into one of the Palm trees where I snapped this picture.

He absolutely blends in to the tree!

The Sunday Post #21-20

The Sunday Post is a blog news meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and showcase books and things I have received. Share news about what is coming up on the blog for the week ahead.


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Guarding Her Dragon by Julia Mills

This is the first of many holiday stories in the Dragon Guard series. Julia doesn’t hesitate to use every and any mythological beings in telling her tales. It’s only one of the many reasons I love her work.

Is It Time To Check Yourself?

It’s been a year since the pandemic started wrecking havoc on the world. So many things flew off the shelves as people did everything they could to keep their family safe. Are you still doing this?

Fire Maidens #1: Paris by Anna Lowe

Our story moves from Hawaii’s beautiful shores to the many great cities of Europe. The Fire Maidens seem to have been lost to the passage of time, or have they???

Harvest: Tangled Vines Prequel

Do you ever wonder how some of the supporting couples met as you connect with a new series? This couple contributes so much to this new pack, so here is their story!

Viken Command by Grace Goodwin

Take one woman, who’s life has been destroyed by her father’s lies, add 3 men currently working undercover, who need to lie to her to keep her safe. Mix in a past that comes back to haunt all of them and what do you get?

Purrfectly Kissed by C.D. Gorri

Another one bites the dust! Another single Tiger of the Maverick Pride. Or in this case, a Tigress bites the dust! Will this dauntless Tigress catch her reclusive Bear?

The ups and downs of diets!

The original concept behind the word “diet” is simply “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” A secondary definition includes the concept of restriction to obtain a desired outcome i.e., loosing weight. Remember that!

After my husband’s scare with an infection in his leg, I kept tabs on how swollen his leg looked to be. Somehow, it never seemed to go down any significant amount. So I asked his Primary Care doctor the last time we saw him.

He ended up reading us the riot act. The problem, it seemed, was the amount of sodium in our diet. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think we were that bad off. I don’t use a lot of salt when I cook, we don’t eat processed food that much. So to say I was perplexed is being mild! Then I looked a little deeper at the problem.

The problem isn’t “salt,” it’s “sodium!” A lot of the foods we routinely eat have sodium in them that we don’t expect. I was surprised to find that almost all seafood has more than 300mg of sodium in it, even fresh!

In the near future, I’m planning a full post on the hidden sodium that we don’t expect to find. At the same time, I’ll give you some of the alternatives that I am finding to get around the sodium. Your food doesn’t have to be bland to be low sodium or sodium free!

Purrfectly Kissed: A Maverick Pride Tale Book 2

Will this dauntless Tigress catch her reclusive Bear?

She’s a curvy Tigress searching for the purrfect kiss, he’s a Black Bear who doesn’t want a mate. Will Brayden change his mind once he gets a taste of Jessica?

The Beta of the Maverick Pride has no desire to find a mate. He’s tried that once and all it got him was hurt and alone. But how can Brayden Smith refuse the advice of the incomparable Gerri Wilder? 

Jessica Maverick has been searching for her fated mate since she was just a cub. But finding love is hard for the sister of the Pride Neta. She’s been off limits to the sexy Shifter men who inhabit their small town of Maverick Point, New Jersey ever since she grew boobs! How’s a girl supposed to have a sex life with her big brother breathing down her neck? 

Determined to find her mate, she seeks out Gerri Wilder’s advice. 

The Reviews!

Tamara Kasyan
5.0 out of 5 stars Purrfectly Kissed
Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020
Verified Purchase
This is the second book in the series and is just a good as the first. Now that the Alpha, or Neta, found his mate, it seem only fitting that this time we've got his little sister and the Pride Beta turning out to be fated mates. Jessica has been dreaming of finding her mate since she was young and won't let her brother's interfering stand in her way now that Gerri is involved. Brayden isn't looking for a mate after a tragic loss in his past, but his bear isn't going to let him deny the fact that Jessica is perfect for them. This book has a perfect mix of humor, steam, and just a bit of action all combining for a great read. The characters are all fantastic and unique and I can't wait to see more of them all in the future.
5.0 out of 5 stars Kiss me once, kiss me twice...
Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020
I am quickly being sucked into this world! But for some strange reason I keep reading them out of order. I fell in love with the Maverick Pride and had to go back and read Purrfectly Mated. And because Brayden was originally a part of Barvale clan, I'm going to have to read those. Jessica and Brayden burn up the sheets though I did want to smack him on the back of the head at first. His reluctance totally makes sense in a tragic way once you figure it out. Ahh, off to read more books. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.
3.0 out of 5 stars OK Shifter Romance
Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2020
This is an OK shifter romance, but it was just too short to have as much character development as I like. I needed more backstory on both Brayden and Jessica. It gets 3 stars from me.

I liked both Brayden and Jessica, but it seemed to me that they were more in lust than in love. I get that shifters recognize their mates, and that sex is important to them -- but it just seemed like they needed to spend a little more time together before jumping into sex.

I know that the author wrote this series as her contribution to Milly Taiden's Paranormal Dating Agency world, but she included one thing that bothered me. In all of Milly's PDA books, it mentions that Gerri Wilder is a shifter, but none of them have ever said exactly what kind of shifter she is. Yet, in the books in this series, the author notes several times that Gerri is a wolf shifter. I'm not sure I believe that, since Milly's books have made a point of never revealing Gerri's shifter type.

My rating system is below.
1 star -- Hated it, or did not finish. I usually only give this rating if some of the content is truly objectionable to me, like if one of the main characters does something really awful, and gets away with it.
2 stars -- Didn't like it. This rating usually means that I thought the writing wasn't very good, the editing was terrible, I didn't like the characters, or it had other major flaws.
3 stars -- I liked it, but had some minor issues with it. This rating means that there were minor editing issues, the story needed more character development, it was just too unrealistic, or had some other fairly minor issue. The majority of books I read get this rating – I do not consider it a bad rating.
4 stars -- I liked it a lot. This is a high rating for me, and I rarely give a higher one.
5 stars -- I loved it, and will probably read it again. Very few books are good enough to get this rating from me. The ones that do are usually classics.
	Kindle Customer
4.0 out of 5 stars Alls She Wants... Is To Be "Purrfectly Kissed" For Hours & Hours~ Is THAT Sooo WRONG!?!
Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2020
Reviewed By: LMR
She's Dying to be MATED...
And with THAT comes being "Purrfectly Kissed!"
SomeThing She's Dreamed of since She was Small...
WAY BACK Before She had Any Boobs at ALL,
Also before Her Brother Started P.U.$.$.¥. BL0¢|{'π Her...
Sooo, She's a Cat who ain't see'n NO Satisfaction!
Yeah, YEAH... Her Tiger ain't a Happy Camper,
Cuz there's NO Cubs around Her feet to Play & Scamper!
Although, there's a Certain BEAR... Who Smells Mighty Devine,
And We'd BOTH like to be "Purrfectly Kissed" & Cuddled by...
Alas, He doesn't seem too interested,
Even after being paired up by the infamous MatchMak'n Giroux!
Sooo, She won't be "Purrfectly Kissed" by Him...
Unless He gets His Bear Butt in Gear REAL SOON!
Especially, as there's a Threat com'n for the Pride...
That'll see His attention Divide,
And then there'll be Even LESS Chances to be "Purrfectly Kissed" & MATED by a Grumpy Ol' Bear!
I was granted, via B00|{$P®0UT, an ARC of C.D. Gorri's "Purrfectly Kissed: Paranormal Dating Agency (A Maverick Pride Tale Book 2)." I recommend this book to others based upon its own merits. All opinions expressed within this review are uniquely my own & freely given!
Until next time... Happy Reading!
My Rating Sytem:
4: I like IT a lot. Great, Solid Story w/ few if any inconsistencies or errors. This is a HIGH Rating, & I rarely give OUT a Higher Rating.

Purrfectly Mated: A Maverick Pride Tale Book 1

He’s the leader of his pride, she’s a normal with no idea Shifters exist. Can Hunter convince Elissa she’s his purrfect mate?

The leader of the Maverick Pride needs a mate and who better to help him out than the incomparable Gerri Wilder!

Hunter Maverick is having trouble keeping his Tiger under control. The eight-hundred-pound beast that lives inside of him wants him, the Pride Neta settled, but none of the females in his Pride call to him. Only his fated mate will do, but where is she?

Elissa Phoenix has hit rock bottom when a blind date turns out to be an awful disaster. After refusing to put out to pay for her meal, a cold buffet dinner in the most rundown casino on the Atlantic City boardwalk, she jumps out of her so-called date’s car and decides to walk back home. Only it’s a two-hour trip by car and it just started raining!

Can life get any worse? A strange woman stops her stretch limo and offers Elissa a ride. She decides to trust her gut and gets in. Little does she know it is a decision that will change her life forever!

Gerri Wilder is on her way to meet the Maverick Pride leader when she spots a woman walking alone in the dead of night on a dark county road. She has her driver pull over, offering a ride to the curvy stranger. 

Just like that, Gerri knows she has found the purrfect mate for the big bad Tiger of Maverick Point, New Jersey!

The Reviews!

	Sara Munoz
5.0 out of 5 stars Purrfect Mates
Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2019
Verified Purchase
Another great shifter Fated Mates romance. It was very well-written with characters that you feel you know them and want to be their friends, except for one shifter and one sleazy human male. The way she was "purrfect" for him and he for her in their attitudes, actions and wants was very nice also. I dont't want to give away the story, but you will not be disappointed and cannot wait to read more about this clan.

I am voluntary leaving this review for this ARC copy of the story Sara Munoz
5.0 out of 5 stars Purrfect Mates
Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2019
Verified Purchase
Another great shifter Fated Mates romance. It was very well-written with characters that you feel you know them and want to be their friends, except for one shifter and one sleazy human male. The way she was "purrfect" for him and he for her in their attitudes, actions and wants was very nice also. I dont't want to give away the story, but you will not be disappointed and cannot wait to read more about this clan.

I am voluntary leaving this review for this ARC copy of the story
4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!
Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2021
Verified Purchase
Gerri Wilder does it again & on the 1st meeting too.

Elissa was walking along the street in the rain after ditching her creepy blind date; when along comes Gerri who not only offers her a ride but, possibly a new job or a mate too.

Hunter was having not only problems with his tiger self but some Pride stuff too. He called upon Gerri to see if she could find him a mate. He didn’t think that on the 1st try that he would find his mate until he smelled something very good.

This book does have a tiny good vs bad plot & some sex scenes in it. But,, to find out more about Hunter & Elissa’s mating you’ll have to read the book
	Tabi Ann
4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Story
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019
Verified Purchase
I truly loved how the story all came together from the beginning to the end. I mean with everything that you read everything makes sense and comes together in the end. Of course we all have our Gerri quirks and our shifter drama. Dang males always thinking they are more powerful than someone bigger than them or even smaller than them.

The one thing I must disagree with was how agreeable Lissa was with everything being a human and not knowing anything about the shifter world. Needed a little more fight, not sex with that.

Until Next Time... Tabi
Tara Heilman
5.0 out of 5 stars Purrfect chemistry
Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2019
I am a huge fan of the PDA books. To have one of my favorite authors join the series, bonus. Elissa is having one helluva night. On her walk home, in the rain, she is picked up by none other than Ms. Wilder. This will change her forever change her life. She takes the news of shifters being real very well. But being the mate of one, an alpha tiger on top of it, is a bit harder for her to believe. She and Hunter definitely have chemistry, but she wonders if he needs her to secure his position. Finding his mate would solve all of Hunter's problems. The Pride quickly accepts Elissa as their 'Nari' and things seem to be going well. But there is one among them that is not happy with this new arrangement. When the couple is gifted with something magical, it will bring the two even closer. A bit of mystery, a little action and a whole lot of heat. An of course, a HEA. Ms. Gorri has done it again. I'm hoping to learn more about Brayden in the near future. I would love to learn his backstory. I received an advanced copy and this is my voluntary review.
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