Release: Masters of the Savoy 6

Great ending to the series! With this story, Ms. James brings to a close the wonderful series, Masters of the Savoy. We’ve been on quite a journey with these couples. This story is more stand-alone than the others although the h does work at the Savoy. Our H is once again a paranormal creature, and not one that we see often in many shifter stories. There are hints in there of things that I personally hope are to come, but only time will tell!

Reluctant Retiree

She only knows me from the online games she plays…

During the day Mazie Bridges is the electronic surveillance expert for the Savoy, but at night she takes refuge in becoming her alter ego, Knight Fury. In a newly released online game, she has teamed up with the mysterious Holden Tremayne to defeat the malevolent protagonist of the game. They seem to be the perfect partners. After all, Holden only plays after the sun goes down.

What happens when the online world tries to push through the Veil to perpetuate its evil in the real world? They say my kind keeps the evil spirits at bay… but what if I’m one of them


Welcome to the opulent world of the Masters of the Savoy, where the men and women might be a little different – more than human. The men appeared out of nowhere one day determined to grab life and look for love. But watch out … you never know what darkness lurks in the shadows.

	Denise DeCrescito (From In Here)
5.0 out of 5 stars Gargoyles, Gamers, and Great Passion - Oh My!
Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2022
Verified Purchase
“Release” is the 6th and final book in the ‘Masters of the Savoy’ series by Delta James. This book is a wonderfully creative blend of the paranormal, myths, legends, lore, history, curses, geocaching, a posh hotel and an elegant BDSM club. You can read and enjoy it as a standalone story, but you will get additional entertainment from it if you’re familiar with the books that came before.

Mazie is an expert in electronic surveillance and related matters. She uses her considerable skills in her job with the security office at the Savoy Hotel. In addition to her work, Mazie is a skilled player and an online geocaching game. At the time this story takes place, she is participating in a real-life version with teammates she’s never before met in person. Before he and his wife leave the country, the man who hired her gives her a sponsorship and guest pass to an exclusive lifestyle club in London.

Holden is a mysterious man with serious computer skills of his own. When he meets Mazie at the club he’s immediately attracted to her and intrigued by her as well. He’s a man of many secrets – some of them otherworldly. Once he gets involved with Mazie by being her Dom at the club, Holden is even more convinced that there is really a deeper connection between them. Did I mention he was already aware of her before he met her at the club? Not specifically. But that is one of his “many secrets” that I did mention he has.

Because this is a romance novel, you expect there will be some type of happy, satisfying conclusion. The story is so interesting and intense though, you might just forget that and be seriously worried about how it could possibly end well. Enjoy the author’s creativity, the chemistry between Mazie and Holden, the serious moments and the lighthearted ones as well. Be warned that after you read this, you may never look at architecture the same way again!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. I also purchased a copy on Amazon.
5.0 out of 5 stars Very enjoyable series
Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2022
Verified Purchase
I read all of the books in this series in order. I loved reading all of them because the excellent characters developed are carried thru to the remaining books. The setting in London was fun and enjoyable with characters from history added to give the plot interesting spin. I love Delta James books. Just the right mix of well developed characters, humor, interesting settings and fun sex. Who would have thought of making a man part time gargoyle? So fun!! Thank you Delta James.
5.0 out of 5 stars CAST IN STONE
Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2022
Ms. Delta James has penned a unique and page-turning series of paranormal events and characters intersecting with myth and a curse. The story is the sixth and final book in the series and can be read as a stand-alone. The story will have a few people from the previous books. Still, this one will mainly focus on Mazie Bridges, an electronic surveillance expert at the Savoy, and Holden Treymane, a mysterious man, and Dom at Baker Street.

Mazie Bridges is young but talented. When Scotland Yard did not accept her, Gabriel Watson at the Savoy hired her. Now, Gabe and Anne have emigrated to America, and before they did, they gifted Mazie with a guest pass and sponsorship to Baker Street if she decides to pursue a D/s lifestyle. Mazie has another sideline, playing an online game, Castle Reign, which she is a top player known as Knight Fury. She has formed an alliance, Phantom Guild, with three other players, Rook, Bishop, and Silent Knight, to join forces and compete in a real-life quest with a half-million US dollars prize.

Holden Treymane is centuries old, a foolish, entitled young man that one dalliance with a young maiden eventually led to her witch sister placing a curse upon him. Holden is an immortal, a man by night and a cursedborn gargoyle by day—frozen in a stone sarcophagus until the sunset. He has evolved over the centuries, and his technical abilities have allowed him to invest and make fortunes. Playing as Silent Knight in Castle Reign has allowed him to get to know several other top players.

“You who dimmed the light that shone. Shall be forever cast in stone. To watch by day and live by night. Your cursed life can only be undone. When your devotion to the Light has begun.”

“Holden often thought that becoming a gargoyle had made him a better man.”

The story’s plot will have a little history of how Holden was cursed by a witch centuries ago. It will bring them to the present-day, where he is also a Dom at Baker Street and will be introduced to Maize Bridges, a new sub. But, she is no mystery to Holden, who knows her also as Knight Fury in the online game Castle Reign. The chemistry between Holden and Maize is instant, and their scenes are an erotic dance in dominance and submission.

Holden: I’ll have to remember you like it dark.
Maize: I’ll take it any way you want to serve it.

Now, he has a new dilemma, the Phantom Guild is to meet in person—and he isn’t ready to reveal himself to Maize as one of the players. The story has the mystery of Holden avoiding the other players meeting him because he is concerned about how Maize will react now that they are involved at Baker Street. But, things will take a nasty turn when one of four is murdered. Now, Scotland Yard is involved, and the two females, Rook and Knight Fury are sequestered at the Savoy. As the story unfolds, there may be hope for Holden to escape the curse by Saoirse. The story has several moments of life and death danger and proves her trust that she will submit to Holden to save her even when Maize feels betrayed.

Saoirse: You know, there are those who say immortality would be a blessing.
Holden: They are wrong. To watch those you love grow old and die is no blessing. I’ve come to believe that the sweetest thing in the world would be to grow old alongside the woman I love and to die holding each other as we pass from this life to the next.
Saoirse: I that it that’s what you would like to do with Maize.
Holden: I would ask no more of this life than that.

The final story has matters of life and death due to greedy players who are willing to kill top players in Castle Reign to win. A strict, take control Dominant, some punishments, and sizzling hot explicit sex scenes. Throw in nasty gargoyles, a take-charge witch, and a strong submissive who finds the Dominant who is her love and Master—and the coveted happily ever after ending.

“He loved watching her enjoy what had become mundane to him. Mazie made everything right—bright, shiny, and new.”

Bound: Masters of the Savoy Book 5

Delta has once again woven a genuine legend of London into her story line. Corinne comes from a long line of Protectors that stretches back to King Aurther’s time. Eddy is the last of Sage Matthew characters to make the leap to leave the Veil. Now, can the two of them work together to defeat the demon?

The Reluctant Retiree

There is a legend that when the Big Ben chimes thirteen times, the lions in Trafalgar Square will come alive to roam the City of London.

Corinne Adler, Night Concierge for the famed Savoy Hotel, knows just how wrong that legend is for each time Big Ben has struck thirteen, demons have tried to escape their prison in another realm. The responsibility of being Guardian of the Tower Clock has fallen to her, a duty which her family has served for almost two centuries.

Eddy Chastain is the last of the reoccurring characters in the erotic romance novels written by Sage Matthews. He is a hacker extraordinaire and prefers to remain deep within the pages of Sage’s books. But there is something about the Night Concierge of the Savoy that haunts him… a memory of sorts from a man whose creator never gave him much of a backstory.

When the stars align to cause Big Ben to strike thirteen, Corinne knows she and the lions must defeat the demons and keep the city safe. But the veil has become strained and the demons more clever. Can Eddy come to Corinne’s aid and keep the forces of evil at bay?
Welcome to the opulent world of the Masters of the Savoy, where the men and women might be a little different – more than human. The men appeared out of nowhere one day determined to grab life and look for love. But watch out … you never know what darkness lurks in the shadows.

Marlene D.
5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific read!
Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2022
Verified Purchase
Again, the group who used to be characters in Erotic Romance writer Sage's novels with the help of their entirely normal loves have to meet another challenge. In this case Corrine, an employee of the Savoy, who was actually from a line of matriarchs dating back to King Arthur's time, was tasked with protecting London when the demons rose after Big Ben chimed 13 times...interesting and compelling read.
5.0 out of 5 stars It Ended Entirely Too Soon!!
Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2022
I had been waiting for Eddy's turn at having a story. This book was so entertaining. I can't figure out if it was a shorter read, or if I read it too fast. It didn't seem to me like Eddy and Corinne got to spend as much time together as some of the other couples.

From the very beginning, Bound captured all of my interest. Eddy behind the Veil kept me on the edge of my seat. Corinne spending time and getting to know the other ladies was fun.

The history, the mythology, suspense, danger, and excitement all proved to be quite the rollercoaster ride. It all seemed so fast paced, and then we reached the battle.

I did like Eddy and Corinne as a couple, but I wished there had been more time devoted to them getting to know one another. The back and forth dance the couples usually do makes for some of the enjoyable parts of this series. I was not ready for this book to end. I am going with 4.5 stars.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2022
Ms. Delta James has penned a unique and page-turning series of paranormal events and characters intersect with myth and historical events. The story will have people from the previous books, but this one will mainly focus on Corinne Alder, Night Concierge at the Savoy, and Eddy Chastain, the hacker in Sage’s books. Once again, one of her characters will pierce the Veil and join the rest of them on Earth. The story is the fifth in the series, and while it could be read as a stand-alone, it would be better understood by reading the first three books in the series.

Corinne Alder has moved to London and, against her parent’s wishes, has reacquainted herself with her Aunt Peggy. When her Aunt’s caregiver called and said she was near the end, Corinne will rush over, and her Aunt had many important things to tell her—but is this delusional babble, or is what her Aunt telling her the truth?

“I have been given this gift of a period of lucidity before my end. You must listen to me. You must believe me. Promise me, Corinne. Promise me you will believe me and will continue studying with Holcroft. I swear to you, the stories, our family’s lineage, and legacy are true. You must pick up the sword and answer if destiny calls on you.”

“You are looking at Storm Shadow. She has been passed down through the female line of our family since the time of King Arthur. It is said that Merlin imbued the bow with the power of light and that it can defeat the darkness. The arrows have been made by the same family of fletchers since the Normans invaded England. Pick it up. Galatine has accepted you. Galatine is the sister sword of Excalibur. Each time the gateway into this world has started to crack, a woman from our family has acted as Sentinel and has called for the lions at the base of Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar. The Sentinel’s job is to keep the demons at bay and force any who try to make their way into this world back through the portal until it re-seals itself. The entryway will only be open for thirteen minutes and then it will close again. Swear to me you will answer the summons should it ever come.”

The story will involve several things, the death of Corinne’s Aunt and her inheriting historical weapons and a warning of what was to come. It will have Eddy realizing that something big is ready to happen, and Saoirse agrees. Eddy will need to pierce the Veil, the last main character in Sage’s books. Corinne has had many changes in her life; she is still working as a night concierge, has just finished her schooling for a doctorate, and accepts a part-time position at the National Gallery. After losing her Aunt and moving to Rachel’s flat, the most significant change will be when she meets Eddy, her favorite character in the Sage Matthew books.

I love how Eddy decides to be upfront with Corinne about each of his friends and how they came into existence, including some of the things they encountered. These two have chemistry, yet they don’t have the time to develop a deeper relationship with evil coming. It becomes a matter of trust, one of the most profound emotions two people can experience.

Holmes: She needs to look at you as her champion-the one guy who can shield her from the darkness—even if you aren’t sure it’s true. She needs you to be sure.
Eddy: In other words, she needs a Dom.
Holmes: No. She needs you to be her Dom.

The story has the good, the bad, and the evil. It will have Eddy leaving the Veil, not because of the others, but because of Corinne. As her protector, he has his role in this, and she quickly acquiesces to him. Someone in London is causing problems, and it is more apparent that Eddy needs to be there for Corinne—but also the group needs to be together. They have made their plans, and now they wait. Will Big Ben chime out thirteen times at midnight? Will Corinne and the others be ready for the demons who want to take control?

Corinne: I don’t want to be a superhero. I don’t want any of it—well, except maybe you. I do want you.
Eddy: You’re frightened and have every right to be. There’s nothing wrong with that. True courage comes when you are afraid and do what needs doing anyway. But you are no longer alone.
Corinne: I’m glad you decided to come through the Veil to join your friends.
Eddy: I didn’t come through the Veil for them. Mostly likely, I would have remained behind the Veil until it was no more. I came through the Veil for you.

“She needed to learn from the first that he would lead, she would follow; he would dominate, and she would submit.”

The story has matters of life and death due to paranormal entities, some violence, a strict, take control Dominant, some punishments, and sizzling hot explicit sex scenes. It does not end on a cliffhanger but gives the reader a satisfying conclusion. I love how Ms. Delta James can take myth, history, and present-day and merge them into a page-turning tale. The final story in the series, Release, will release on March 10th.

Contract: Masters of the Savoy Book 4

Book Blurb:

He is the Head Concierge at the Savoy; she’s an Irish witch haunted by a little girl in Victorian-era dress.

Saoirse Madigan, an Irish witch has seen the little girl in her visions since she was a child. Her investigation into who the child was and how she died has led her to the Savoy to seek out the answers to the mystery.

Felix Spenser, the Head Concierge at The Savoy, knows she is his soul mate from the first time he met Saoirse. He is convinced that her obsession with one of the Savoy’s famous ghostly residents could be dangerous.

When Saoirse begins to question those who have kept the secret for more than a century, she unknowingly sets off a course of events that will prove Felix right.
Welcome to the opulent world of the Masters of the Savoy, where the men and women might be a little different – more than human. The men appeared out of nowhere one day determined to grab life and look for love. But watch out … you never know what darkness lurks in the shadows.

The more I read by this author, the more I find myself appreciating the sheer amount of research that she puts into each book. She researches not only the places, but the people as well. With this fourth book in the series, we are introduced to yet another historical figure. While the prince doesn’t appear himself, other historical characters from around him do. It’s fabulous.

Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2021
Ms. Delta James has penned a unique and page-turning series of paranormal events and characters that intersect with historical events. The story will have people from the previous books, but this one will mainly focus on Saoirse Madigan, an Irish witch, and Felix Spenser, the head concierge of the Savoy. The story is the fourth in the series, and while it could be read as a stand-alone, it would be better understood by reading the first three books in the series.

Saoirse has been in London, where she felt that she was needed, and she was, helping free Anne Boelyn from her state of limbo at the Tower of London. During her time in London, she stays at the Savoy, where she has become friends with Felix, and others that either work or live at the Savoy. There is a flirtation between Saoirse and Felix, who she would prefer to call Spense, for some time, but in this story, they will take things from friends to lovers. Spense is dominant, and while Saorise isn’t naïve to a dominant-submissive relationship, she had a very negative experience with her ex-husband. Her complete trust in Spense will turn her feelings around about a D/s relationship.

Saoirse: I’m not your sub or romantic partner.
Spense: Not at the moment, but the future is rarely static.

The story’s plot will revolve around the Savoy ghost, a young girl wearing a yellow dress that would fit the Victorian era. Saoirse has encountered the ghost since she was a young child, but now she will speak to Saoirse with a riddle.

“They did not search for those who died;
The chapel bell did not knell;
When the Irish witch can answer why,
Then our spirits will arise from Hell
And with the King of Kings we will abide.”

The story will have the four couples working on the history and trying to determine who the little girl is, how she died, why she is trapped on Earth, and how Saoirse can free her. But it turns out; it isn’t one little girl; it is five, and evil surrounds their demise.

The story is also about the newly formed relationship between Spense and Saoirse, where she is learning that not all men are like her ex. Spense is dominant but loving, showing her D/s isn’t about him, but them. Saoirse knows that Spense, Gabe, and Roark all came from the pages of Sage’s well-known novels, but then Anne was a Queen. The relationships between the four couples are strong, and they each have faced some form of terror. Saoirse will be a catalyst for helping innocent souls find their peace in the Light. Can she use her magick and powers for good and help banish evil?

Spense: Perhaps I’m the man who came through the Veil to protect you so you could work your magick.
Saoirse: I think you’re right about your fate. I think you came through the Veil to protect me. I’m awfully glad I am your destiny.

“She’d been waiting her whole life for him to step out of a manuscript and become her perfect lover.”

The story has matters of life and death due to paranormal entities, a strict, take control Dominant, some punishments, and sizzling hot explicit sex scenes. It does not end on a cliffhanger but gives the reader a satisfying conclusion. And it won’t be the end in this series; there are at least two more books.
	Cheralyn R. Quinn Army Mom
5.0 out of 5 stars CONTRACT 5 STARS
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2021
What can be better than a Ghost Story in an iconic hotel like the Savoy. Contract picks after the weddings of Holmes and Rachael and Anne and Gabe. Saroise again sees the little girl in the elevator. She has seen the child since she first stayed at the Savoy as a girl, And just like that the game is afoot!!! She and Felix begin to research the ghost with help from Sage and Roark. As they find out more about the haunting Saroise and Felix begin to find each other special!! I really enjoyed learning more about the history of the Savoy Hotel and we learn more about Jack the Ripper and Speculation that was a the son of Queen Victoria. All of this is woven into a finely crafted mystery with magic, mayhem, love, and a great history lesson!! Thanks MS James!! Y'all really need this book it is SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Series
Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2022
I just finished reading Contract by Delta James and again it was one of those books that once you start it is so hard to put down. This series is one of my favorites by this author. It has everything I enjoy in a good book. A little historical, mystery, suspense and of course a great love story. Saoirse and Spense are the perfect characters for this story, there backgrounds are so interesting and just adds to the fun of reading this book. I received a copy of this book to review and the opinions expressed are my own.

Submission: Masters of the Savoy Book 3

Another Historical Figure Appears!

Ms. James has obviously done her homework as another historical figure makes her appearance. The series already features multiple names from the beloved Sherlock Holmes series, but now someone who truly live appears!

None other the Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. We are taken from her tragic death in 1536 to current times when she runs into Saoirse who recognizes who and what she is. One thing leads to another and Anne comes to the famous Savoy hotel where she meets Gabriel. Hmmmmmmm…..

Book Blurb:

She has watched through the veil for centuries… now it’s her time to escape.

Denied her happily ever after, Anne Hastings has waited almost five centuries to pierce the veil and find one for herself.

Gabriel Watson suspects Anne is in trouble when he sees Anne entering the Savoy with Rachel’s friend, Saoirse. He wants to know who she is, why she’s checking into the hotel with no luggage and why she’s meeting with an infamous forger?

His friends Roark and Holmes have settled down with two beautiful mischief makers. Gabe figures whatever they’re up to with Anne can’t be good. And he’s right. Anne is on the run from two men who will do whatever it takes to drag Anne back—the Warder of the Veil and the Angel of Death.

Gabe has to solve the mystery that surrounds Anne before she is pulled back into eternal darkness and torment. But time is running out.

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