Kiss My Asteroid: Paranormal Dating Agency #14

Moving on to a new planet with Gerri. Don’t ask me how, but it seems like everyone who is anyone, knows Gerri!

Ivy Grimaldi can’t stand change. Ever. But change is something she’s had to deal with a lot lately. Like when her cousin Cassandra moved away to start a new life, baby and all. That all changes when Gerri Wilder shows up at her door with a letter from her cousin. Cassie wants her to come visit. Sure, why not? There’s just one problem. Cassie lives on another planet. A far-the-heck-away planet, with her hotter than hell shifter mate.

Vander Kasval, King of the shifter warrior planet Galaxa, has his own problems with change. A lead by example kind of a king, he’s between a rock and a hard place. He needs to find a mate to help put an end to a brewing civil war. None of this would be happening if not for a plague affecting only the females of his planet. His warriors and the men of the Palladian Capitol are ready to riot. Vander reluctantly agrees to send for matchmaker, Gerri Wilder. If she can find a match for him and his men, then his world might be saved.

Ivy agrees to go, if only to make sure Cassie’s okay. Oh, alright, and to maybe find an intergalactic hookup for herself in the process. In a planet full of big, bad, sexy shifters, anything’s possible, right? Ivy’s in for the time of her life in a planet of unimaginable beauty and dangers she had no idea existed. But Ivy isn’t one to sit idly by and let something happen. With two new friends, they’re about to take Galaxa by storm.

The Reviews!

Nikki Lawson
5.0 out of 5 stars Where can I get Gerri's number? Seriously?!...
Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2017
Verified Purchase
In order to see her favorite cousin in person to make sure she was truly happy with her abrupt choice to leave the planet, Ivy agrees to travel with Gerri Wilder to visit the strange new planet her cousin now calls home. Along with two other woman, Ivy can't believe how beautiful the sexy mancandy is on the planet and it's not a hardship at all to visit. Gerri sets up a special surprise communication with a sexy male program for Ivy but the true surprise is when they travel to the sister planet, Galaxa and Ivy runs into her sexy simulation in the flesh. Vander is the King of Galaxa and hasn't been able to get Ivy out of his head since their communication and suddenly she is there within his reach, an opportunity he will not waste since he knows she is meant to be his. Galaxa's women have been dying and they need women for the men on the planet, the people are planning mutiny and Vander is trying to find the source of the sickness while trying to stop the dangerous uprising. While still in the PDA series, this felt fresh. You get to see old characters and we are introduced to a bunch of new characters as well. I'm excited to read what comes next in the Galaxa Warriors of the PDA series!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome as always!!
Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2017
Verified Purchase
I don't know how she keeps doing it,but again Milly has made me digest one of her books in a single sitting. I loved this book!!!! She has taken a topic that has been done before and made it her own but also keeps it original without reapting herself and keeping you on the edge of your seat. I am an avid reader and have found myself skipping whole paragraphs in book's because the writing is so predictable. But not with Ms. Tilden's books, I devoured every word and was left wanting more. I don't know how she keeps doing it. I know Riley and Henley's story is in you please hurry up and get them out so I can place my pre-order. Because I forgot I had bought this book and woke up this Saturday to a pleasent surprise!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆
5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE! Gerri is at it again
Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2017
Verified Purchase
LOVE! Gerri is at it again! This time she takes three women with her first to Aurora then on to Galaxa. Women who miss their friends and are determined to find out where they are and what happened to them. Oh Gerri is not one to let them get away. She had plans for them, she knows where they belong. (snicker)
Vander is the Galaxa King and must find a mate, only he thinks that Gerri can find mates for his warriors but not him. He doesn't know Gerri well. Ivy is sassy and a bit of a smart a$$. Vander and Ivy, ummm let's just say that they have an unconventional first meeting and have a bit of a good time. Now, without giving spoilers here, they just have to make sure they can stay together. Yup, a bit of a mystery and betrayal is involved. Keep in mind also that there are two other women with Gerri. Yeah, I stayed on the edge of my chair when reading this. Bring on the next one!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book
Nicole H. Vela
5.0 out of 5 stars The game is on!
Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2017
Verified Purchase
Ivy Grimaldi is just over it, in more ways then one. She is feeling incomplete but is ready to see the on!y person she loves her cousin. She has to see her in the flesh. What she never expected was on him. Ivy has had her fun, (kinky computer sex) but it's time for an escape. Gerri Wilder is at it again. But Ivy will find the matchmaker always pairs her couples!! Vander Kasval, is in need of a mate. His only option is Gerri. He is a huge man with unbelievable appetites. His beast is on the edge, his people realize its only a matter of time. What's more is that the females are being targeted, and his enemy is closing in and his newly found mate has been marked. Can Vander save his mate and future. If you love paranormal dating agency you won't be disappointed. Milly finds new and innovative ways to bring her alpha males to life, the heroines are feisty, spicy and full of inner sex goddesses. As with all of Milly PDA, there are situations that have you on the edge of your seat, after 14 books its just as delicious as the first. With new planets and galaxies, its definitely skies the limit for Milly Taiden. She is in a category all by herself. This is one that shouldn't be missed.

The Sunday Post #21-40


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Dreaming Of A White Dragon by Julia Mills
Touch of Darkness by Delta James
Fury of Conviction by Coreene Callahan
Dragon Falling by Julia Mills
Zadri by Celia Kyle

Sticker Shock

My husband and I were never into electronics and cellphones. It wasn’t until recent years that we bought cellphones. Only to follow them with tablets. That doesn’t mean we like change though.

After seeing one too many ads for the iPhone 13 Pro, I decided to look into the cost of upgrading our equipment. In the past, I have had laptops die because they couldn’t be upgraded anymore. I didn’t want that to happen again.

I started by calling one provider who had recently been in our area for a quote. They came by the house and talked to us about the costs. To get started would cost us $500 up front. Oh my! Then I stopped by my current provider and posed the same question. Our initial cost would be a little bit less here.

Now mind me, we are still talking about spending about $2500 on phones and tablets. The difference is that my current provider would give me sufficient credit for trading in my current phone to completely cover the cost of the phone we want. We’d still be paying for the tablets but the monthly cost would be considerably less!

Moral of the story is to shop around and don’t be afraid to let your current provider know what you are doing! They might be able to make the deal sweeter.

The Sunday Post #21-39


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

She Thinks My Dragon’s Sexy by Julia Mills
Touch Of Fate by Delta James
Fury Of Surrender by Coreene Callahan
Piece Of Tail by Milly Taiden
Rendan by Celia Kyle

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it seems like time is just flying by. It’s not. What is flying by is our appreciation of time. The time our friends take to check in on us, or that our family takes to be with us. Here of late I’ve seen so many stories in the news of people dying young, and there are so many regrets.

Stop, take a minute and look around you. Take note of all that is happening around you. All of these things are happening because someone took time to make it happen. So if you have the opportunity to help someone else, do it. You don’t want to leave regrets behind when you go.

The Sunday Post #21-38


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Burn Dragon, Bury by Julia Mills
Late Harvest by Delta James
Fury of Obsession by Coreene Callahan
Throw In The Growl by Milly Taiden
Kozav by Celia Kyle

Final Thoughts

I don’t want to go on a rant this week so I’ll keep it short. If the current Covid cases statistics aren’t scaring the heck out of you, where have you been hiding? I’m starting to see stories about young couples dying and leaving behind their children. That bothers me.

One recent story that was mentioned involved a couple with 5 children dying within a few weeks of each other. This was in California. The oldest child was only 7, the youngest? The youngest is a newborn who had to be delivered by emergency C-section after the mother was intubated. Neither parent got to meet their youngest child, let alone name him/her.

Neither parent was vaccinated despite the mother, a nurse, having worked with patients since the start of the pandemic. That bothers me greatly.

So please, if you aren’t vaccinated, what’s holding you back? If you have children, is it worth losing them to refuse to be vaccinated? Please, please, think about them!

Throw in the Growl (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 31)

Success was within Anna Sullivan’s grasp. But one bad joke and one dead world leader later, and she’s playing shady Vegas bars with junkies in her closet sized dressing room. She needs a different galaxy to restart her career. Gerri Wilder promises to find her love on a new planet. Love? Not interested, but a new audience? That sounds promising.

King Rath is used to people doing what he says. So when he meets sarcasm queen Anna, he’s more than a little clueless on how to handle her. She’s his mate and he needs to get her to fall for him. He doesn’t understand half of what she says, but she’s a spitfire and those curves and her smile are making him question everything he thinks he knows about women. He wants her and will do anything to keep her.

There are forces that don’t want the king and his new mate together. Anna and Rath have to fight unexpected enemies while figuring out if they have a future together. Rath may not understand her humor, but he knows she wants him and he can’t stand the thought of losing her. Can Rath protect her and get her to realize a relationship between won’t mean the end of her goals?

The Reviews!

I struggled with this one. Neither MC was noteworthy or particularly memorable. And that’s really a shame. I have enjoyed all the previous books in this series, but now find myself wondering about the ones that I haven’t yet read. I don’t like giving negative reviews, but there isn’t much I can say on a positive note.

Tessie Tavares
3.0 out of 5 stars Not the best
Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2021
I love milly taiden but this wasn't a book I'd recommend. I could not get into it at all but maybe it'll suit others better! I'll still continue reading her other books.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
K. Lindtvedt
1.0 out of 5 stars A Disappointing Book with Silly, Highly Stereotyped Characters...
Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
What is happening to Milly Taiden?  As I stated in my last review of her work, if you had asked me seven months ago about anything written by this author I would have said to you that she is a consistent powerhouse. I would have enthusiastically declared her to be the queen of all things paranormally romantic and sexy. I would have further stated that her stories almost never disappoint, are wildly free and unapologetically alpha filled, full of beautiful story landscapes, with her Paranormal Dating Agency (PDA) books at the top of this wonder! However, recently her books have been devoid of the emotionally intelligent, emotionally rich, witty and quirky, action packed adventures I have come to love and expect from her. And sadly this one “Throw in the Growl”, the latest addition to her PDA universe is no exception to this new and disappointing rule.

After reading her earlier sci-fi themed PDA installments of yummy Galaxa Warriors and grumbly, angst filled alpha hotties from planet Aurora, I was excited for a new interplanetary adventure. Instead what I found was, in all honesty, downright horrible. As here within the story of King Rath of the Salusain Kingdom upon the planet Corona Haize, and Anna, a sarcastic, quip filled stand-up comedian looking for a way to revive her career after a misstep on stage turns her into a comedic pariah. A situation her manager Clint hopes to rectify via a unique proposal. A plan that has her utilizing the services of Gerri Wilder, flying off to a new far away world, and dating an alien (and perhaps falling in love) all for the sake of material for her show. Is a tale full of tired and overused stereotypes reminiscent of outdated Gomer Pyle gags and not a Taiden book.

So disappointing was this installment to me that I am not even going to include the normal story synopsis I typically include within my reviews. As the characters contained are so confusing and cringe worthy I have to wonder if this installment was written by a ghost writer. A thought I have had for the last few books published under this author’s name. 

Worse yet, this was another installment filled to bursting with typos and sentence structure issues. And what is with the capital A’s in the middle of words throughout? There were so many of them I was left thinking they were intentional, and if so, if this was perhaps some odd way of incorporating, Anna-isms, throughout to drive home the fact she is a comedian. Well if so, it missed big time and was more distracting than endearing. And on the reverse side of this typeset coin, if these actually were mistakes, well then holy hell why was it published in such a state?!?

After this installment I am not sure what to think? I normally love books by this author, but this book bordered on offensive with its typecast “loveable dunce” and was just plain silly. A far cry from the normally sexy and more sophisticated tales I have enjoyed from her in the past. In the end this one is a hard, hard pass for me and astonishingly almost ended up in my DNF file, something that has never before happened with one of Taiden’s books.
5.0 out of 5 stars Gerri for the win
Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2021
Rath and Anna are thrown together by the force that is Gerri Wilder.
But for very different purposes.

Anna is a comedienne.
Anna needs to revamp her career.
Anna sees this as an opportunity to gather new material.

Rath is an impetuous and impulsive ruler.
Rath acts before he thinks.
Rath wants to be taken serious as a leader.

When the two meet Sparks fly but not romantically, more like verbally.
There's definitely a culture clash, somewhat of a language barrier, but luckily Rath has his own translator.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book and am leaving a voluntary review.
A. K. Barker
2.0 out of 5 stars Throw in the Growl
Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2021
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

There were some funny moments in this books, but not really enough to make me like it. I found both of the MCs to be just ridiculous. Rath constantly acted without thinking, acceptable for a teenage MC but not for someone who is a King and trying to impress his potential mate. Honestly I had trouble thinking of him as an actual adult most of the time. Anna is a comedian looking to reboot her career. But I found her rather bland as a character. Even the moments of "drama" were either really over the top or resolved way too quickly. I never felt the "love" between these two. There was lust at times, but even then it seemed like they just acted without thinking of consequences.

*I received an ARC edition, so I am review on story only and not grammar/spelling/formatting issues

The Sunday Post #21-37


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Save A Horse, Ride A Dragon by Julia Mills
Untamed: Ghost Cat Canyon by Delta James
Fury of Fate: Dragonfury Bad Boys by Coreene Callahan
Oh, My Roared! By Milly Taiden
Taulan: Dragons of Preor by Celia Kyle

Final Thoughts

Do you know what an “ear worm” is? It’s that piece of music that just sticks in your head long after the music has stopped. A famous ear worm is that Disney song about the size of the world! The chorus to that just keeps playing in your head.

Wednesday I had a Dr’s appointment at the VA. While driving down there, an old song from the 70’s came one. First I started singing the chorus then I started hearing it repeatedly in my head! 😱 It took hours to get that song off my mind!

Oh, My Roared: Paranormal Dating Agency #12

Francesca Virgata wants a mate. She longs for the perfect kind of love her parents had. There’s only one problem, she has zero prospects. Thankfully, she’s heard of Gerri Wilder who promises to make all her mating dreams come true.

Theo and Marcus are best friends and share everything, even women. So when they both fall for Francesca, it’s only natural they have a friendly competition over who can get the girl. After some thought, and a hot little interlude, they realize she shouldn’t choose one over the other, they should work together to make the perfect triad. A lion, a tiger and a bear, oh my!

There has been talk of abuse in Francesca’s pride and she won’t tolerate it. She’ll fight tooth and claw to ensure all members are safe. But when her brother turns on her, who will protect her? Theo and Marcus will do anything for her, but it might be easier to let them both go than to choose only one of the men she’s come to love.

The Reviews!

5.0 out of 5 stars Teamwork is what it will take !
Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2018
Verified Purchase
This is Theo , Marcus and Francesca's story . Francesca wants a love like her parents had and is not willing to settle for anything less . Theo and Marcus compete for each other for Francesca's love but soon realize that unless they work together both will lose . Her brother is turning into a stranger whom allows abuse to happen and Francesca has seen and heard enough . When he finally turns on her she knows she needs help ! This is well written and recommended to all .
Carrie L
5.0 out of 5 stars A Lion a Tiger and a Bear oh yes!
Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2017
Verified Purchase
A great story I really enjoyed reading it. Milly you done it again. I can't wait for the next one. The story is about Francesca Virgata a beautiful tiger shifter, Theo Liannus a really hot Lion shifter and Marcus Ursav a sexy Bear shifter. Francesca, Leo and Marcus want a mate so they go to Gerri Wilder to find them one. It seems simple but the fun starts when they meet their mates. There's lots of hot sexy scenes and problems to overcome. Sit back and enjoy reading!
5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional
Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2017
Verified Purchase
So many emotions, i thought i was having a panic attack from the party that was going on, i had to put the book down for a few minutes before i could resume. I almost skipped that part the second try but I'm glad i didn't. It was a great book, i was on the emotional roller coaster that this book was. Glad miss taiden didn't add the details from previous incidents, and I'm glad everything worked out and they got their HEA.
Kindle Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!
Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2017
Verified Purchase
Francesca is a tigress shifter and her dad is the pride leader but he is sick. She works in the pride office with her brother, Shane who taking over responsibles over the pride. Francesca emails Gerri to match her with a mate and ends up with two mate. She is also worrry about having children since she not around them.
Marcus is a bear shifter and works as a forensic analysis that enjoy stopping the bad guys that steal people money. Theo is a lion shifter and works as a fireman. Marcus's father inspire Theo to become a fireman when he rescue him from car accident that killed his family. Marcus and Theo are childhood friends and roommates. They both emails Gerri to find them a mate and Gerri arrange a party at Steakhouse restaurant that where they both meet Francesca. She feels at first that she need to pick one of them but eventually she begins fallfor them. Francesca starts to hear and see strange behavior of her brother and his friends. She also saw the new guy raping a young girl that unconscious and allowing others to participate in outside the pride house during a party.
I really enjoy that she's trying to get her black belt in karate which she used against the guys that are sexually assaulted a young girl. Francesca tries to figure out what is going on in her pride and confront her brother about it. She also have to decide if she can take chance on Marcus and Theo and maybe have children. You will have to buy this book to find out and you will enjoy it. I enjoyed learning about Marcus and Theo's background and how different they are. I wonder if Gerri might be next to find a mate or not.

The Sunday Post #21-36


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Imagine Dragon by Julia Mills

Can you imagine being the son of a god and he knows who your fated mate is?

Is it time to check yourself – Revisited

Sometimes we just need to pause and take stock of our lives. What is going on in the world around you?

Determined: Ghost Cat Canyon by Delta James

The start of another great series by Delta James

Fury of Desire by Coreene Callahan

Wick, the scariest warrior in the lair, steps up to pay a debt he feels he owes. He just didn’t expect to face the one thing that scares him the most!

Claim to Flame by Milly Taiden

Milly is at it again with a flurry of new stories featuring Gerri Wilder, matchmaker extraordinaire!

Jarek: Dragons of Preor by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate

The start of a great series with wonderful world building!

Final Thoughts

As I sit and type this up, I find myself shaking my head at people. The remnants of Hurricane Ida has wrecked havoc on the Northeast. The images we see show flooding everywhere.

A common theme seems to be cars stranded on roads and intersections where the drivers thought they could drive through the water. Folks, take a good look at just how high your car sits up off the ground. For newer cars, that clearance isn’t all that much! If the water is deeper than that, you aren’t going to make it!

Trucks and SUVs have somewhat more clearance, but I remember seeing images of 18 wheelers up to their axles in water. People, pay attention! Don’t drive through the water. It will cost you more than you can think to fix that car.

Claim to Flame: Paranormal Dating Agency #30

Ashley has it all. But all she really wants is to be valued as a strong, powerful business woman. The problem is, her board of directors is full of crotchety old men that hate the idea of a single woman being their CEO. With the suggestion- forceful assistance -of her mother, she gets in touch with Gerri Wilder who’s supposed to fix her personal life. Good luck with that one.

Flare and Blaze run a competitive pharmaceutical company. But they need to find their mate in order to cement their leadership roles. When they meet firecracker Ashley, they know she’s the woman for them. She’s feisty, sweet and can handle two strong males all by herself. Not to mention her curvy body and beautiful smile are making it hard for them to concentrate on their job.

It’s not long until Ashley realizes Flare and Blaze are a bigger problem than her board of directors. They’re her direct competitors. If that’s not enough, someone’s out to get them and her out of the way. It’s a fight for love and survival. Will she find a way to balance romance and a career or will her life go up in smoke?

The Reviews!

Tabi Ann
5.0 out of 5 stars Can't Help But Love Dragons
Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2021
Verified Purchase
This was a very exciting and Intense story. Everything seem to blend so perfect together. The way Ashley, Flame, and Blaze meshed together was great. You could feel the different personalities of both men and it worked wonderful.

I loved how every challenged they faced seemed to blend together and nothing stood out from the other it was a perfect combination.

I loved every turn of the page, but then I can't help but love everyone of Gerri's stories.

Until Next Time... Tabi
D. Antonio
5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting
Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2021
Verified Purchase
Claim to Flame is an exciting and sexy menage that will leave you smiling and exhausted. Ashley is a woman striving to make it in a mans world. She has to work twice as hard to be thought of as just as good. Grrr. The board is a bit old fashioned and won’t even consider her for CEO unless she’s married and settled down. Enter Gerri Wilder with two hot dragon shifters. Let the fun begin.
Like the others in this series this book can be read standalone. This world encourages you to extend belief into the happily ever after. Grab a cool beverage and enjoy.
Sydney M Neblett
5.0 out of 5 stars Stronger together
Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2021
Verified Purchase
Once again, this author has managed to bring us a power couple, thruple, well you know what I mean!, that captures the imagination and our hearts, well she caught mine at least. I love how man or woman it doesn’t matter; we all share the same struggles and the author captured that perfectly in this book. She brought back my favorite match maker and used her powers for good when she not only made the perfect romantic match, but the perfect merger of like individuals. Every time I pick up one of the 30 books in this series, I am a little worried that I might find a repeat or an eerie similarity to one of its predecessors between the pages, but this author is on the ball and that has never happened. Her imagination seems to have no bounds. I enjoyed this story, and I can see myself reading it again to pick up any nuances I might have missed the first time. Well, at least until the next one comes out that is.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fire and Ice
Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2021
Verified Purchase
This newest installment in the PDA series is HOT. Ash has worked her butt off and knows that she is so close to her dream of being a CEO. Last thing she wants is a man but the board won't give her the job without a comes Gerri. Not only does she get one man but two who shower her with adoration and steamy kisses.

There is an unknown party at play and all of their lives are in jeopardy. Ash loves her men but will she trust them?

This is a must read. I adore the three of them together and how strong Ash is as a woman.

The Sunday Post #21-35


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Aww Snap, Dragon: Finder of Fated Love by Julia Mills

This was previously written as part of Milly Taiden’s Paranormal Dating Agency world. Recently Julia withdrew all her books from that shared world and is re-writing them. I’m tickled pink to see the changes!

A Fang in the Sass by Milly Taiden

This is currently the last of the books that Milly has written in the Sassy Ever After world.

Fury of Seduction by Coreene Callahan

Mac and Tania’s story.

All Kitten Aside by Milly Taiden

What happens when an alpha lioness meets an alpha wolf? The Fur Flys!

Peregrin by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly

Final Thoughts

Back in March, 2021, WordPress and Spotify made arrangements to allow bloggers to easily transfer their blog posts to podcasts. It sounded like a really great idea so I started recording the Sunday Post as a podcast to help people to catch up on the books I’ve reviewed.

Since then, I’ve faithfully recorded (almost) all of the Sunday Posts. Each week I include the full review for the books into the podcast. Now, when I publish the podcast, I immediately update the blog post to include a link back to the podcast.

It has occurred to me, that I may not have announced that podcast to you, my blog follower. Most weeks it only takes about 30 min. to listen to the podcast.

So Book Reviews by the Reluctant Retiree – the Podcast can be found here:

Stop by, give it a listen. Tell me what you think!

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