Bold: (Ghost Cat Canyon Book 3)

There’s a new Lion in charge

Everyone thought Cash was the calm, cool and collected brother. They were wrong.

As the investigation into his father’s death continues, Cash arrives at River Run in Colorado to buy a rare bull. The moment he hears Evie’s voice he knows she is his bonded spirit. He’ll pay her asking price with the addition of one thing… her.

Evie is an Alpha she-cat who is too busy saving her ranch to consider a mate.

During a murder investigation is not the best time to claim a mate.

It won’t stop Cash.

Is the price too high?

Who killed Cyrus?

The Reviews!

Irene Talbert
5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE THIS SERIES....
Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2021
Verified Purchase
This is the third book in the Ghost Cat Canyon series. It's a fast-paced and continuation from the previous book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Warning: this book does end on a cliffhanger! There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery/secrets, surprises, family, friends/friendships, anger, fear, pain, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, trust, truths, stubbornness, struggles, tension, arrogance, turmoil (emotional), annoyance, doubts, murders, complications, death, evil, violence, confrontations, jealousy, contentment, possessiveness, acceptance, protection, frustration, determination, loyalty, deceit, rivalry/rivals, betrayal, hope/hopelessness, sacrifices, conspiracy, manipulating, desperation, happiness, romance, passion/lust and love.
This is a story about a young woman (h) who is desperate to save her family ranch and the H is wanting to buy her bull. When he meets her, realizes that she's his bonded spirit mate.
Read to find out what happens. I voluntarily reviewed this book and this review is my own opinion.
4.0 out of 5 stars 4 1/2 ⭐️s
Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021
Verified Purchase
Wow this was good. Cash is like the macho nerd of the group. He knows how to run his ranch and now someone else’s ranch but he is also man enough or should I say Lion enough to back up his _hit. He lets Evie know from the start he was in charge and he wasn’t taking any crap from anyone. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series.
5.0 out of 5 stars THERE'S A NEW LION IN CHARGE
Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2021
The series will be an ongoing saga, so for those who get upset that the story does not end and consider cliffhangers or unanswered sagas an issue—this is your warning. The sons of Cyrus and Hannah Waverly, Cade, Cash, Cole, and Clay, will each be involved in the storylines. The series is a paranormal shifter tale with steamy heat and power exchange and includes dubious consent and consent. The story is full of action, adventure, danger, mystery, suspense, passion, romance with a dominant man and a woman who loves him enough to acquiesce and submit.

The story's plot will have Cash Waverly meeting Genevieve' Evie’ LaSalle about buying a prized bull known as River Run Royal. While selling the bull is the last resort, unless they sell off land, it isn’t something that has Evie happy, but without the sale, River Run will foreclose. Cash is floored when he meets Evie, realizing that she is his bonded spirit. With this new fact, knowing the situation her ranch is in, his offer will change.

Cash: “I’ll give you an even million which will pay off your note entirely. I will give you enough straws to impregnate your Japanese Black and heritage herd of Black Angus for the next three years.
Evie: “Cash, I don’t know what to say.”
Cash: “Before you decide that everyone is wrong and I’m some kind of benign white knight in shining armor, there is one more thing I want from River Run.”
Evie: “Name it, and it’s yours.”
Cash: “You.”
Evie: “Exactly what is your proposal?”
Cash: “The rest of this lifetime and all the ones to follow.”

Cash: “The money had nothing to do with it. I would have found a way to claim you, Evie. You are my bonded spirit. I not only got the bull and the girl but the ranch as well.”
Evie: “I’m not so sure you made a very good bargain. The bull is amazing, the ranch is knee-deep in debt, and I’m told the she-cat is a bit—“

The relationship between Cash and Evie sizzles with passion. He doesn’t force the issue, and she comes to him, willingly submitting and accepting his claim as bonded spirits, along with his dominance. His worth is proven when he agrees to stay and help out River Run, keeping her at home and supporting her claw. He isn’t afraid to discipline or love her, and they are well-matched in the steamy sex department. Not only will Evie accept his leadership, but those of her claw will.

The story has the good, the bad, and the evil of people/shifters. It will have Cash and Evie finding each other—where he recognizes them as bonded spirits. His original plans will change, River Run, along with Evie, needs him and his leadership, and now that he has angered rivals at Flying Aces, he will need reinforcements from Koyama. With danger coming, an insider will be found aiding the enemy and be evicted. There are still unanswered questions surrounding the death of Cyrus and even Hannah—now Clay is in hiding, being accused of murder. The plot only thickens, and new information will be revealed in the following book, Fearless.

“Until now, it had never occurred to her that Cash was feeling his way through this. He’d come to buy a bull. Now he was mated, head of a dysfunctional claw, and involved in a range war.”
 	Denise DeCrescito (From In Here)
4.0 out of 5 stars Wild in both human and animal form
Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021
“Bold” is the second book in the Ghost Cat Canyon paranormal series by Delta James. The series is an ongoing saga, so this book does not end with a complete resolution. I believe you can enjoy this one if you haven’t yet read the first book because the author does a good job laying things out. The series focuses on the four Waverly brothers - Cade, Cash, Cole, and Clay, who are lion shifters.

Cash visits River Run because he wants to purchase a prized bull for his own family ranch. The people at River Run are also lion shifters. There, he meets Evie LaSalle, the young woman who owns River Run. Her father neglected to properly care for the ranch and at this point unless they either sell off land or the prized bull, the bank is going to foreclose. When Cash meets her in person, he immediately realizes they have a spirit bond. The chemistry between Cash and Evie is intense. He’s a dominant alpha but the relationship between them is ultimately consensual. In the following conversation, hard-edged Cash is almost poetic:

Cash: “Before you decide that everyone is wrong and I’m some kind of benign white knight in shining armor, there is one more thing I want from River Run.”
Evie: “Name it, and it’s yours.”
Cash: “You.”
Evie: “Exactly what is your proposal?”
Cash: “The rest of this lifetime and all the ones to follow.”

He’s a noble guy and a noble lion, a combination of assertive and kind of sweet. Evie is a smart and beautiful she-cat. She’s honest with herself as she finds unexpected satisfaction in a D/s relationship behind closed doors with Cash. He treats her with respect, and as a partner in the ranch.

I don’t want to go into much more about the plot because as I mentioned, it’s ongoing and to be continued in the next book, ‘Fearless.’ The overall story is a solid one and the personal relationships are dynamic. There is plenty of drama and intrigue, loyalty and betrayal, interesting secondary characters and possible paths for the future. There’s also some lighthearted banter to provide just enough counterpoint and levity. I’m very much looking forward to the next book in this series.

Piece of Tail: Paranormal Dating Agency Book 13

A female Prowl Leader? Unthinkable. It’s what Becca Duran has dealt with since the sudden, tragic death of her brother. Now, the leopard council demands she mates an alpha, whether she loves him or not. Given no choice, Becca takes a chance on Gerri Wilder’s PDA. It should be simple. Get a match and move on. Except, it’s not. It’s hard (thick and hard) with large muscles and a panty-wetting smile.

Jaylon Ross has thirty days to find a mate to help solidify his pack or face the consequences of an unhappy council. Forcing his hand, he makes an appointment with Gerri for help, but stumbles into the answer to his prayers in the heart of Manhattan. A sexy, curvy, sarcastic feline he dreams of stroking and wants to hear purr.

The two collide and more than instant sparks ignite with an attraction neither can ignore. Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems. Becca’s past and Jaylon’s present throw a monkey wrench into what should be so simple. Now they fight to find a way to stay together. Oh, and alive

The Reviews!

Erin Kollar
3.0 out of 5 stars Hot, Steamy, and Full of Love
Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2019
Verified Purchase
Piece of Tail is the thirteenth standalone novel in the Paranormal Dating Agency series by Milly Taiden. In this book Becca Durran is the Prowl Leader of a leap of leopard shifters who needs to find someone to marry. Jaylon Ross is the Alpha of a pack of wolf shifters and needs to find a mate. Both are told by their respective councils that it doesn't matter if they marry for love or not. So both turn to a dating agency to solve their problems.

I do like that Becca is a little chubby. Not overweight but at least not one of the many skinny protagonists you find in novels like this. I also like that Jaylon is more than accepting of something terrible that happened in her past. It was at that moment I thought of him as a really good guy and not merely a good romantic lead.

The book does a good job at showing the pair falling in love. It is both cute and more than a little erotic. I actually hated when the plot showed its ugly little head because I wouldn't have minded a book full of Becca and Jaylon being cute with each other.

The one problem I had was with the antagonist that shows up around half-way through the book. The Leopard Council changes their tune really quickly about an old ruling so something that should have been a bigger deal, isn't. But at least he lasts as a villain much longer than I thought he would.

I would recommend Piece of Tail for those who have body issues and want to find a fictional boyfriend to take away their problems.
Patti Hays
5.0 out of 5 stars Wolf meets leopard!!!
Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2017
Verified Purchase
Milly Taiden struck gold showcasing Geri Wilder's matchmaking talents! This time pairing a hot, sexy alpha wolf with an alpha leopard as his fated mate! But nothing is ever that easy when forgotten secrets from the past rise up to complicate things! As usual, once I pick up a book by this amazing author I have to keep snacks and drinks close by because I know I won't be putting it down until the conclusion! Perfectly formed characters set forth down attention grabbing storylines, I feel I just can't enough! Every story has left me smiling and happy! And by the way, that scene with Geri at the end? Totally keep hoping for a book on. That!
Kindle Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!!
Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2017
Verified Purchase
Becca and Jaylon both leaders of their Leap and pack were both informed that they must find mates. That's where Gerri comes in. Both had a list of characteristics that they wanted in a mate but Gerri gave them what they needed. In a seemingly accidental meeting both found their one true mate. But all we're not happy with their union. This book has a dirty talking Alpha who isn't afraid to take what's his and a fierce and fiesty heroine who was strong enough to let him. There is also violence, murder, mystery, betrayal, second chances, and more. Milly Taiden has done it again!! Read with caution. This series is highly addictive. Can't wait to read the next book!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Two strong leaders make one unstoppable couple..
Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2017
Verified Purchase
This book was soooo good...It was a very emotional story that I could not put down... My heart broke for Becca so much loss and betrayal in her life that finding Jaylon seems to good to be true.....Jaylon makes a deal to find a mate in 30 days he contacts Gerri for help to satisfy his pack, never expecting to run into his mate on his own in the city or that she was also there to meet Gerri Wilder to appease her prime and find a mate... The sparks fly and nothing is simple for these two but they wont give up without a fight... I loved this book ...

Determined: Ghost Cat Canyon

An ancient tale tells of a powerful shifter who loses his heart to a human.
Their love is doomed by a father who disapproves.
Is the curse still alive and well?

Cade Waverly is a decorated member of Delta Force. He has come back to his small town in the Idaho Panhandle to lay his mother to rest.

Trey Mitchell is the self-assured girl next door who has loved him for as long as she can remember.

After a night of secret and undeniable passion, Cade leaves her sleeping in order to return to his unit and to keep her safe from the dangers that lurk everywhere in Looking Glass Falls.

When their paths cross in the Capitol, will Cade and Trey find the courage to face down the evil that kept them apart?

The Reviews!

Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2021
Verified Purchase
The prequel to set up this series did a fantastic job of introducing the main characters featured in the following four books. These are the sons of Hannah Waverly, Cade, Cash, Cole, and Clay, who will each have their own story. But this prequel starts sad, with Hannah's death, the reading of her will, and the responsibilities of her sons. The series is a paranormal shifter with steamy heat and power exchange.

Cade Waverly is with Delta Forces and only in town long enough for the funeral, and then he must leave on another mission—that is his life. He is the oldest of the sons. The Waverly sons have secrets—they are mountain lion shifters. While they can mate with a human, and their offspring would be full-blooded, his mate would not. Cade has known that Trey was his—but right now, it isn't the right time.

"He'd known Trey was his bonded spirit—the one to make him complete in each of his nine lives."

Teresa 'Trey' Mitchell has always had a thing for Cade, but he usually is away. After the funeral, she will invite him back to her place where they have a night of passion—and then he is gone.

Fast forward ten years and Cade is leaving the military and is ready to track down Trey, a Special Agent with the FBI. What a shock when he decides to shift and take a run off the Appalachian Trail and overhears a group of men and their intent for a female. Even crazier, it is Trey, and she isn't armed. He will rescue her and keep her safe until law enforcement arrives. Now, it is time for this big kitty to go after his girl.

The story is the beginning of Cade and Trey's relationship, where she will discover that he is a dominant man who means business. He respects her job and knows how impressive it is that she has climbed the ladder within the FBI, but she is his, and that comes first. He will find out where she will be—meets her and takes her back to his motel where they reconnect.

"If this was insanity, then, by all means, let crazy rule."

The story is full of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, passion, romance with a dominant man and a woman who loves him enough to acquiesce and submit. Now, it is time for them to start their life away from the rat race and back in Idaho. The following story will be more on Cade and Trey in Untamed.

"When my life is over, I want to know I spent it with you."
Intel Chicky Reads Romance
4.0 out of 5 stars Prequel to the series
Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2021
Verified Purchase
This book was actually a prequel for the next, which was not clear when I started reading it. The story was a bit disjointed, jumping a bit from scene to scene, making me feel a bit lost at times. I really enjoyed both the characters as well as the overall storyline, just wish it flowed a bit easier. I have a feeling this prequel could've easily been added to the next book for an overall more enjoyable experience.
5.0 out of 5 stars Love to last a lifetime
Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2021
Verified Purchase
I loved this story. It was spicy and sexy and a little bit angsty. Cades mother had passed, he and his brothers inherited most of her holdings, the father the main stretch. He couldn’t sell it, only lease it. The brothers were not very happy with that. Just as things were heating up the father fell off his horse. What happened? You need to read the rest of the story, can’t wait to read the rest of this exciting series.
Rhonda Hicks
5.0 out of 5 stars I'm hooked!!
Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2021
Verified Purchase
WHEW! 'Determined' is the first book in Delta James's "Ghost Cat Canyon" series and what an exhilarating storyline she has provided. She's painted a picture of the landscape that is the backdrop of the movie that plays out in my mind as I'm reading. Hannah Waverly, the mother of Cade, Cash, Cole, and Clay, has been murdered. We experience the set of events and know what happened but we're left with the mystery of who did it. Was it her abusive, soon-to-be ex-husband Cyrus or perhaps Lorna, the woman who was sent to them in hopes of finding a mate? We do meet Cade and Teresa, aka Trey. Cade, like the rest of his brothers, is a mountain lion shifter and Trey is his fated mate or soul bond. Even with Fate playing a hand sometimes there needs to be a second chance at things and these two have definitely proved that theory. With action, adventure, mystery, suspense, passion, domestic discipline, this was definitely a great way to begin a series. I'm hooked!!

Leap of the Lion (The Wild Hunt Legacy Book 4)

She shifts for the first time on the day of her escape.

After a decade of captivity, Darcy MacCormac escapes the corrupt, clandestine organization called the Scythe, leaving family and friends behind. She must find a way to rescue them. Discovered by other shifters, the brand-new cougar gets two mentors. Blademage Gawain is an easy-going blacksmith with a steel-hard core. His brother Owen is a deadly warrior. Grumpy. Rude. And he doesn’t like her.

They aren’t the mates she’d dreamed of—they’re more.

Powerful, dominating Owen protects the clan—especially the weak—and the only remnant of an abused childhood is his avoidance of females. Now he has to mentor one? Although Gawain soon falls for the dauntless little cat, Owen knows better than to lose his head. But Darcy has a gift for repairing everything…including damaged hearts.

Love isn’t in her destiny.

In the brothers’ arms, Darcy finds safety. Comfort. And love. But however much she longs for a future with Owen and Gawain, her people need her. Somehow, she must find the courage and skills to save them, even if the attempt demands her life.

The Reviews!

5.0 out of 5 stars Finally
Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2019
Verified Purchase
So I'll just say I was unsure about this story which is why I kept putting off reading it. I've loved this series and when one as that the problems for this couple were going to be more dramatic and intense I was unsure how it would go. Because sometimes when problems escalate like they did in this book the core of the story - the love, romance & living - can get lost in the scramble and the story really just becomes about the new and dangerous problem. But thankfully this author was able to avoid that problem and she did it well. She gave us all the suspense, and drama and intense build up of this new and dangerous problem everyone's facing while still making the stories main couple and their development a priority. So the love and romance where intertwined with this problem instead of one being overshadowed by the other. Darcy was strong but she also had plenty of internal issues to deal with but she never backed away from them or ignored them or any problem which I really liked. I loved gawain and would love to see more blademages in the future because he was just yummy. And Owen grumpy and controlling but under all that you could see his caring for everyone else. It's hard to pick a favorite couple in this series because they are all so good, but this one might take the cake for now. This was a story where each part of this couple finally achieved their dreams, and the HEA was good. I'm the future I'd love to see Part in and Fell get a book, and maybe have a book where one of these new-ish females gets knocked up at a gathering in the middle of her story would be fun. So love, action suspense, plenty of hot moments and wan overall well balanced story so there's not much more you could ask for. Good story and I can't wait to see what's next, would recommend.
	Little Spice
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 Hot, Growly, Grumpy Shifter Stars
Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2017
Verified Purchase
If you are into paranormal series, you are missing out if you haven’t treated yourself to Cherise Sinclair’s The Wild Hunt Legacy series. Centered around a small town filled with shifters, these books are full of action, emotions, some tough situations, and loads of chemistry. Each can be easily read as a standalone but I’d start from the beginning with Hour of the Lion just because you don’t want to miss any of the strong heroines and their hot, growly heroes. Cherise Sinclair has a knack for writing books that are not only seriously sexy but jam-packed with characters that have to navigate emotionally and physically difficult situations. Needless to say, I’ve been impatiently waiting for Leap of the Lion, had hugely high hopes for it and wasn’t disappointed in the least.

All three main characters have serious issues they are dealing with. Owen and Gawain are brothers raised in an abusive home with Owen taking the brunt of the abuse from their crazy mother. If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, we are brought along for the ride as Darcy escapes from an evil group called the Scythe, who had imprisoned an entire town’s worth of shifters for years. The females are being held as hostages in order to force the males to carry out missions for the group. The females are dying off at an alarming rate and if Darcy can’t get help soon, all will be lost, especially for her brothers.

I loved Darcy. She was strong and unbelievably brave, willing to do anything to save her people even if it meant putting herself back into the very danger she escaped from. She was hardworking and loyal, and extremely smart, learning how to not only be a Daonain but also all the rules that went along with it. It’s good she was assigned two sexy, growly, and knowledgeable mentors to help her along.

As much as I loved Darcy (and Gawain too) it was Owen who completely stole my heart. He was growly, grumpy and, because of his issues with his mother, a borderline misogynist. A Cahir, or god chosen warrior for his people, he was perfectly suited for keeping his people safe from harm but his attitude needed some serious work.

Gawain was a blade mage, which made him physically tough, but it was his laid-back attitude that made him an imminently more suitable choice of mentor for Darcy, although the task of was given to them both. I think Gawain was the voice of reason, a calming influence for both Owen and Darcy.

The more Owen and Gawain got to know their new charge, the more they wanted her no matter how hard Owen fought it. As for Darcy, she developed feelings for her mentors, but she knew as soon as she had control of her newfound cougar, she needed to go help her people.

These three had lots of lessons to learn, from trust, to control, to how to forgive oneself. Leap of the Lion was an action-packed emotional journey, and although a slow burn at first, it was hot as Hades too. I can’t wait to see what happens next for the characters in The Wild Hunt Legacy.
5.0 out of 5 stars Can’t stop reading
Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2019
Verified Purchase
It’s the middle of the night and I had to keep reading until I was finished. Sinclair is ruining my sleep!
As this is the last book in this series I’m sad to be finished, I’ve loved following the shifters in the little town. The tolerance, love and acceptance they show for each other is heartwarming.
There’s so many characters I would love to learn more about so I hope there will be more books.

I’ve said it before and I say it again; Sinclair has a unique way of creating a world of her own in her series, and it pulls you in so you’re a part of it.
With characters that are developed in to realistic personalities I feel like I know them.

No unnecessary descriptions of surroundings
Lots of good dialogues
Suspense that holds my interest all the way through
Sweet and steamy love scenes.

If you like shifter romance I promise you’ll like this series
WFTM (cntryrox)
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent
Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2017
Verified Purchase
Darcy is a panther shifter but has been held captive for ten years. Her and her female villagers were held while the brothers were made soldiers and if they didn’t do as they were told, the sister was killed. They were not allowed to touch, talk, or shift. When she overheard a conversation, she escapes and gets lost in a park.
Owen is a Cahir, a warrior ,and doesn’t trust females because of his mother. Gawain is a blademage, makes magical blades for the shifters, and is Owen’s brother. Owen helps rescue Darcy and brings her back to their town. The cosantir assigns them to be mentors to Darcy. Teach her the shifter ways and how to shift, hunt, and the laws of their people.
She wants to rescue her village people but they have to find the prison first. They want to plan an attack against the prison and the soldier camp at the same time. But when the cosantir’s mate is taken, their attack must happen now and Darcy must lead the way.
I’ll be honest, it was a little confusing at first to me but the more I read, the more I loved it. Action packed, fast paced story. There are multiple men having sex with one women and then it becomes a ménage. The sex is very hot. Darcy is lovable and strong. Owen is quiet and grumpy. Garwain is big and sweet.

Visible Panther Line (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 27)

Gerri Wilder does it again! Of course, she’s going to need a new assistant, again!

Sky Adler isn’t looking for a man. She’s happy being Gerri Wilder’s newest assistant and excited she’s on a mission to scope out a new client. She did not expect the town residents to treat her like she committed a crime and for the client to be hot enough to melt the ozone. She definitely needs a cold shower, but she’s a professional, she can handle it. Maybe. Hopefully. 

Damien Grimes isn’t looking for a mate and has worked damn hard for the evil image he puts out. But when he meets Sky, that all changes. The very image of a playboy jerk is now what’s keeping his mate from wanting to give him a chance. He needs a small miracle, urgently, if he ever wants to get her out of her clothes and into his bed. And he really really wants that.

It’s hard for Sky to not judge Damien based on her research, but she’s trying. Things are bumpy, but headed in the right direction when trouble comes calling and Sky needs saving. She has to allow Damien to be her hero and stop denying the love she knows she feels for him, or risk going home with her heart broken.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Yes! Another fabulous couple from Ms. Taiden. Gerri is at the top of her game when she matched these two people. Truly enjoyable! While I tend to prefer book series, these standalone books are so interesting. It seems like Gerri no sooner gets a new assistant then she finds a mate for that lady. And yes, so far, all of Gerri’s assistants have been curvy ladies.

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