Ascension Saga: 2 (Interstellar Brides®: Ascension Saga)

Leoron of Alera has learned the truth about his new mate’s identity, but landed in the hands of her enemies. The time for secrets is over…

  • Three more spires have been lit in the Citadel giving the Alerans proof that the queen is not the last descendant of the ancients that built it. More details of what has been happening on Alera while the queen has been in hiding come to light. There are some surprise cameos that really bring the scope of what is happening into full focus. -Bookworm555
  • The continuing story of Trinity, now on Alera, claiming the throne until she can find her mother, with Leo by her side. She is in the middle of deceit and lies and others trying to get the throne. Part of her gaining entrance and the magic of the Alerian crown lets her see lies. Her sisters hid their appearances so they are out getting information for her. Leo is her mate but in keeping the plan in place he is only her guard to everyone else. Trinity feels so alone, she made her royal appearance and now is laying in the queens bed naked and someone has just crawled in behind her. It is not Leo. Now for part 3…..
  • I love how this picks up right where the first part left off. Leo is proven how loyal he is to not only his mate but his duty as a guard too. Trinity is out to find her mom the queen and show she is a strong leader. Now that her Ardor somewhat under control Trinity is going to find out who is behind taking her mother. I love how Destiny and Faith are hidden in plain sight helping look for clues. Leo and Trinity are still hot and heavy in this one. I love this series so far and so can’t wait for more to come.

Grace Goodwin is a USA Today and international bestselling author of Sci-Fi and Paranormal romance with nearly one million books sold. Grace’s titles are available worldwide in multiple languages in ebook, print and audio formats. Two best friends, one left-brained, the other right-brained, make up the award-winning writing duo that is Grace Goodwin. They are both mothers, escape room enthusiasts, avid readers and intrepid defenders of their preferred beverages. (There may or may not be an ongoing tea vs. coffee war occurring during their daily communications.) Grace loves to hear from readers.

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