The Sunday Post #21-33


Welcome to another Sunday Post! If you are reading this, I have included links to the book reviews from the past week. If you are listening to the podcast, I’ve included the entire book review post within this podcast. Enjoy people and let me know what you think!

Book Reviews from Last Week

Cupcake Kisses & Dragon Dreams by Julia Mills
Sassy in Diapers by Milly Taiden

Try, just try, not to bust out laughing at this one!

Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan

One of the many reasons I like this series is how well each book flows into the next. And yes, many reviewers will complain about the similarity to Black Dagger Brotherhood. You know what? It’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey along the way.

Scrooge Me Hard by Milly Taiden
Finch by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly

Okay, I don’t think the authors meant this series to be a comedy, but try to keep your reaction to smiles, not giggles!

Final Thoughts

Friday morning as I was checking my email, I noticed a warning from my system that it needed to reboot in order to install an update. I finished my email and decided to go ahead and install the update. I got it started and got up to get more coffee.

When I turned back around, there was an error message on the screen! Somehow, don’t ask me how, my system had an error that kept it from rebooting. Great, just great! Not exactly what I wanted to see.

Luckily, I save everything to the cloud as well as my pc so I was covered there. Just a month or so ago, I created a recovery drive on a USB flash drive. Good thing I did, because I had to reinstall the entire operating system. RATS!

Once the system was back up, I had the fun of picking and choosing what programs to reinstall. Thankfully, I did have my email password saved somewhere safe.

Morale of the story? If you haven’t created a recovery drive yet, consider doing so. Since mine had been recently created, I only had one update that needed to be installed. I will probably recreate the drive again in a month or so, that way I won’t have a bunch of updates to deal with!

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