The Sunday Post #9

Memories of Christmas

How was your Christmas this year? Did you gather around the virtual tree? Did you still go all out on your decorations? I didn’t exactly go all out. Thanks to having redone my bedroom furniture, I was able to spread my normal decorations out more and place a lot of my snowmen in the bedroom. My husband had gotten me a crystal swan and votive holders so I used them as my centerpiece.

I gathered a few of my photos from this year and made a short video to share.

New on the Blog

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve started redoing some of the old posts, updating the information and the photos. I also plan to start adding in new series. I noticed that Delta James is starting a new series called “Tangled Vines” that will follow the “Wayward Mates.” Additionally, I want to add more of the series with a “mail order brides” theme. Those tend to also include a great deal of spanking in them. So if that’s not your thing, feel free to skip them!

Weekly Cup of Coco!

Our old dog, Odie, was never one to play with any kind of toys or to chase a ball. When we got Coco, we purchased a couple of toys to see if she would play with them. As you can see in this (very) short video, she loves her toys!

The Sunday Post #8

What’s Next?

The COVID-19 vaccine is starting to be distributed. This is a good thing, but we still need to be cautious. The country is going for “Herd Immunity.” And this can be a good thing. It’s what stopped the Zika virus in Brazil. It took TWO YEARS for enough people to have been exposed for the virus to be stopped. That’s a long time to ask people to wear a mask and keep their distance. We already have people refusing to do, citing “my body, my choice.”

That’s a slogan people my age (Baby Boomers) have heard before. Then it was used to refer to the choice of whether to have an abortion or not. That was a personal choice that didn’t affect the people you passed as you went along your way.

Today is a totally different scenario. Simply breathing can affect the people around you when you are out of your house. You can be affected by others who aren’t wearing masks. The best guess scenario is that it could be next fall before we get back to something we can call normal. You don’t want the vaccine? Fine, that’s your choice. But for the love of God, please at least wear a mask!

Weekly Cup of Coco

That’s my pillow!

Coco doesn’t want to spend the night in our bed but apparently has no problem claiming my pillow. The changes in in our little girl are like night and day since we got her.

At her last vet’s appointment, we received the good news that she is officially not anemic anymore. YEAH! I shudder to think to how she suffered with all the fleas that caused the anemia. I try not to blame the individual who gave us Coco for not doing more. But there was somethings he was doing that are just plain wrong. He had 4 dogs and would feed them by cutting off a piece of ham and hand feeding it to them. I didn’t see any evidence that this was supplemented by regular kibble. So no way did any of the dogs get enough to eat.

The Sunday Post #6

What are you thankful for?

This week was Thanksgiving here in the US. With the pandemic still going strong in so many parts of the world, most family celebrations looked a lot different from just a year ago. At least, I hope they did!

The large family gatherings for many people took place virtually. Others still gathered, but weather in their area permitting, moved outdoors. For some, they made the decision to take that risk and still gather together, but make sure to all wear their masks.

However you celebrated this year, I hope you remembered to give thanks for your blessings. If you’re reading this post, then give thanks that you are alive, you have internet access, and that you have the education that allows you to read.

If you had family gathered around you on Thursday, give thanks for each and everyone of them. Traveling today is still a risk and the last thing anyone wants is for their family to get sick because of them.

As I write this, I’m cleaning up the house after last night’s dinner with friends. It was only the four of us, but we still made a mess! Even so, I’m thankful that I can do things like this.

So, please take a minute and give thanks for everything you have.

Coming to the Blog

You may have noticed that some of the new posts have a featured image showing the book cover in a living room setting. I created those using Bryce, a software package that creates computer generated images. As things progress, I hope to use that more.

Also, I hope to include more cookbooks among my reviews. Some that I’m reviewing for Netgalley, others are from my own shelf. I hope you enjoy them!

Weekly Cup of Coco!

This little girl is one of the many things I’m thankful for. She came into our lives at a time when we really needed a little help. We hadn’t realized just how much Odie helped my husband’s health until he was gone. My husband’s blood pressure started rising until his doctor finally informed him that if we didn’t get another Emotional Support Animal (ESA), he would need to go on medicine that Craig really wasn’t going to like. Now, with Coco here, that isn’t a problem.

The Sunday Post #2

As I grabbed yet another anthology, this one for Halloween, I thought about how many box sets and anthologies I’ve been reading recently. Actually it started back earlier this year when a group of authors got together to create an anthology called “Cowboys for a Cause.” Sold for $0.99 (I think), all the stories were about cowboys and the proceeds were donated to a charity to help folks affected by the pandemic. Sadly this anthology seems to no longer be available. So let me just urge you to take advantage of these bargains while there available.

Weekly Cup of Coco!

We knew immediately after bringing Coco home she had a problem with fleas. Today at the vet’s we discovered just how much a problem she had. She was so anemic that they weren’t able to give her a rabies shot. They did give her one of those tablets that works for 24 hrs to kill fleas. This was basically an emergency measure to start getting the fleas off her. I’d been giving her flea baths, but this would work faster. They also did a heart worm test on her, negative thank God! So the vet recommended a combination of heart worm medicine and flea killer. Hopefully we should be seeing results soon. We also okay the vet doing lab tests to see what else might be wrong with her. We want to do everything we can to get and keep her healthy!

Donations for Nonprofit Organizations

While talking to the vet, they mentioned that they were a nonprofit group. The prices were very reasonable and I definitely wanted to try to help them. Turns out Amazon has a program called “Amazon Smile” that makes donations to charities and nonprofit organizations based on eligible purchases. Amazon donated 0.5% of the price to the group, with no cost to you. A quick search told me that “Operation Snip” is listed and we could start sending some funds their way.

So, if you shop on Amazon frequently, take a look and see if this is something you could do.

The Sunday Post #1

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What’s been going on?

This week started off with a carry-over from last week. On last Thursday, my husband Craig checked in to the hospital for what was intended to be a 4 hour out patient surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It turned into a great deal more than that!

I started this post earlier and wrote down all the many things that we went through before I finally got him home again. Unfortunately, that got lost between the computer and the tablet! So we’ll just take the shortcut this time.

Before all was said and done, Craig was put on oxygen therapy, discovered he had A-fib and dealt with a bit of pneumonia! Talk about a mess!

On the Brighter side of things:

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a few months, you know that we recently mourned the passing of our beloved pet. We weren’t sure we needed another dog, but it turned out we needed one. See, Odie was Craig’s Emotional Support Animal and did a great deal to keep his blood pressure down. So we needed another dog that could do the same thing for him.

A neighbor of ours had a small Shih Tzu/Pekinese mix dog that was about 5 years old that he had offered us. We contacted him on Thursday and brought Coco home with us!


She is just the sweetest little girl. We need to take care of a few problems (Fleas and matts) and get her shots for this year. But she is just what we needed!

We discovered that she had been being hand fed, so that is what we are doing. While I’m typing this, she is moving from one chair under the table to another! Expect more cute pictures as we go forward.

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