Her Viken Mates (Interstellar Bride Program #11)

Looking down at the gorgeous dress for courage, I took a deep breath and lifted my gaze. Playing coy, or acting shy would do me no good. Not here. I’d just been transported halfway across the universe to marry and sleep with, say “I do, forever and ever” to a complete stranger, a man I’d never met. And Warden Egara had said something odd about my mates. As in more than one. But I’d just blinked and assumed I was hearing things.

So, perhaps I had been drugged after all because these three men were eyeing me as if I were their favorite candy and they each wanted to give me a lick. The idea made me lick my lips, which made their eyes drop to my mouth. One of them, I swear, made a rumbly sound in his chest. Their hands were on me, gently touching me as if I couldn’t sit up on my own, and the heat of their palms made me shudder as desire rose like a storm inside me. My whole life that darkness had tormented me, making me want what I couldn’t have. But that was my old life, right? I’d read the Interstellar Brides Program brochure, and it said their match rate was higher than 97%.

Goodwin, Grace. Her Viken Mates (Interstellar Brides® Book 11) (pp. 20-21). Kindle Edition.

Isabella Martinez was always good at rebelling, against her parents, her school, her boyfriends. She had needs no one could meet, desires so dark no one could tame her. When her wild side gets her in trouble with the law, she doesn’t think twice when given a choice between prison or transport to a new world as an Interstellar Bride. Alone on Earth, the decision was easy. But when she arrives on Viken, she learns she’s been matched to not one fierce, alien brute, but three—and their desires, their needs, their demands are far darker and more demanding than her own. As enemies plot to destroy Viken’s place in the Coalition Fleet, Bella will have to learn to trust, or lose everything. Her mates will feed the hunger inside her no others ever could. But their secrets will either break her heart…or set her free forever.

OMG!! This author just keeps getting better and better! This series is one of my favorites. We want more please! Well Done!

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Claimed by Her Mates (Interstellar Bride Program #3)

I’d heard about the Interstellar Bride Program for over a year, knowing that most women who participated were prisoners seeking an alternative to a harsh prison sentence. Some, I’d learned, were volunteers, but none could return. Once matched to an alien warrior and sent off-planet to their mate, they were no longer citizens of Earth and could not return. At first, it had sounded scary and ridiculous. Who would volunteer to leave Earth? How bad could their lives be to do such a thing?

Now I knew. A woman’s life could turn very, very bad. I needed to be as far away from my fiancé as possible and I worried that there would be no place on Earth that would be far enough. He would find me, then…

Goodwin, Grace. Claimed by Her Mates (Interstellar Brides Book 3) . Stormy Night Publications. Kindle Edition.

At this point, all Leah knew was that she needed away, as far away as possible. Another planet sounded like a godsend to her. Volunteering for the Interstellar Bride Program seemed to be her best chance. She signed up and waited….

Drogran, Tor, and Lev were triplets separated at birth. Sent to live in different sectors, they were now the rulers of those sectors. Now in their thirties, the Regent had gathered them together at the neutral government island, Viken United. The plan? All three men were to mate the same woman and in doing so, sire a child of their combined DNA to once again unite the planet. To this end, Regent Bard had tricked the three men into submitting to IBP testing during a recent physical. Then the results were combined and sent into the Program. Now all that was needed was for a woman to match that combined submission.

Leah was shocked when she was asked to pick her mate out of a group of ment. “Proof of Connection” was what was required. After walking down the line of men, she was indeed able to pick her mate out. But now she’s being told that she was actually mated to 3 identical triplets? Things are getting more complicated by the minute! Will this plan work, and can they keep her safe?

Yet another wonderful planet full of hot guys! The descriptions and characters are wonderful, and just the right amount of spice to boot!

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