Winter of the Wolf (The Wild Hunt Legacy Book 2)

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal, sexy ménage, and alpha male heroes who have the right combination of dominant, bad ass and scary without ever being mean… ~

Accolades and Book Burnings

After years in foster care, Breanne Gallagher has the stable life she’s always wanted, living with her foster-sister and working as a chef. Then one devastating night, a hellish creature invades her apartment and shatters her fragile existence. Shifting between monster and man, it slaughters her foster sister and assaults Bree. Alone, wounded, her beloved home tainted by gruesome memories, Bree flees to a tiny wilderness town, following her only clue to her past.

Shapeshifting warriors, Zeb and Shay move from one pack to another, hunting the hellhounds which prey on their kind. Assigned to Cold Creek, they manage a decrepit fishing lodge for their “human” cover. Their first renter is a pretty human female who trembles at the sight of them—yet stands her ground. She’s foolishly courageous, ferociously determined, and heartbreakingly hurt. Although shapeshifters aren’t attracted to humans, this female’s beauty and compelling scent ignites longings neither loner ever expected to face.

Bree is healing, learning to shoot the biggest pistol she can find, and overcoming her fears, especially of the two deadly, disconcertingly attractive hunters. Her life is back on track…until she tries to save a little girl from a hellhound and discovers that everything she knows about herself is false.

The Reviews!

Jan OK
5.0 out of 5 stars Can courage can override terror?
Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2019 Verified Purchase
Breanne Gallagher is a girl without a family save for her foster sister, Ashley. Together they make a life with each other, that is until creature from the darkest of nightmares a hellhound attacks. Breanne does her best to fight off the creature but she loses Ashley.

In terror, she flees ending up in a mountainous town in hopes of finding something about her family and a place to recover. She will discover more about herself than she ever believed was possible in the town of Cold Creek.

She has also found herself under the watchful eyes of Zeb and Shay warriors oath-bound to fight the hellhounds of the world. These men are frightening in size, large men strike terror in her heart and soul after the attack back in Seattle.

How long will she find herself in this town, and how much self-discovery can she handle. Not to mention the cost of that self-discovery.

As always, at times you will be angry, scared and your heart will thump with thrill and chills. Oh, not to forget you will be in love with Bree's discoveries and joys.
Ivy D.
4.0 out of 5 stars The Good, The Bad, and Everything In Between
Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2017 Verified Purchase
*taps mic* um, hello. My name is Ivy and I’m a book hoarder. *looks around abashed* yes, I’m the reader who has twenty million books on her kindle and yet still trolls Amazon, looking for the next shiny and pretty. I’ll even click on links for books, excited to buy it, only to realize I’d already bought it...two years ago.

All of that to explain that yes, I have had this book on my TBR (otherwise known as my Mountain), no lie, for YEARS now. I devoured all of Ms. Sinclair’s books, but I have to say that I wasn’t bowled over by Hour of the Lion, so I just pushed this to the back of my kindle and moved on. Then I reviewed Leap of the Lion (the latest book) for the blog and my brain kicked in, realizing that I still hadn’t read the second book. I started digging around in the recesses of my kindle and found this.

I shouldn’t have waited. The action starts right from the first chapter (and trigger warning - there is a rape but it’s mostly inferred, not described in detail). There was good tension throughout the story and even when it went into the stereotypical places, I was invested in the outcome, instead of just side-eyeing the characters.

I didn’t realize how much I would love Zeb, Shay and Bree. Zeb’s the (justifiably) grumpy one, Shay’s the flirty one (which of course hides his own issues), and Bree goes through a whole lot of suffering before and after finding out about her shifter side. It could have tripped way too far over into “damsel in distress” territory, but ultimately Bree is resilient, persistent, and even when she gets a bit martyr-y, she does her share and saves the day, so I loved her for it. It’s that the kinky edge that Ms. Sinclair is known for, so the smutty tingle needs are satisfied as well. This book balanced the romance and the action best of all the books, so it’s definitely my favorite.

The Bottom Line 4.25 stars

I really liked it. I still enjoyed the later books, but there are events in this book that answered some questions I had, and the elements of action and danger that I enjoyed so much in Leap of the Lion are also strong in this book. Between that and a romance that I loved, it’s definitely my favorite book of the series.

If you haven’t checked out this series and you love MFM and shifters, I think you’ll enjoy this. I would definitely recommend it.
5.0 out of 5 stars Best shifter romance
Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2019 Verified Purchase
It’s clear to me that this author can write anything and I will buy it. This was a intoxicating read with so many twists and turns it was impossible to put it away.
With all the laws in the shifter world it was not made easy for Brianne, Shay and Zeb.

No unnecessary descriptions of surroundings
Enough dialogues to keep my interest
The characters chemistry was sizzling and the way the men approached Brianne was helping her after terrible experience.
All the characters is well described and developed in to different personalities that evoke feelings for them in me.
The author is building a world that’s great but not without a few bad apples, as it is in the real world.
Beautiful and intense love scenes and a good bit of action and I’m hooked.
Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2012 Verified Purchase
Ah, where to start . . . First, I confess a bias toward this author's work. Her series Masters of the Shadowlands, is bar none, the best in the genre. There was a time when I got upset that she was writing something else instead of more "masters", but then I would read the other books. Then I would get hooked on the other books too and wanted her to write faster. It has now reached a point where I begrudge her the time she takes to sleep! Her different series are ALL that good! Must reads! Must read the day they are released!

This seires, The Wild Hunt Legacy, is a new favorite of mine. I'd never really liked "shifter" stories much, until Cherise Sinclair wrote one. The first in the series, The Hour of the Lion, introduced a fictitious town, Cold Creek, hypothetically near my home town of Seattle. There is such detail about Seattle and the surrounding area, that I was surprised, usually people who don't live here or have not spent time here get it wrong. She brought the town to life and I end up having to convince myself "This is fiction, you cannot hop in your car and go find these people.", but you sure want to! The first book introduces us to the people who live in Cold Creek and the history and traditions of the "shifters" and other Fey culture. The story is filled with action, mystery, hot sex scenes, unpredictable events and situations, hot sex scenes, strong female characters, strong gorgeous magic males with sensitivity and scorching abilities to make females melt into sated puddles. That was the Hour of the Lion and I discussed it at some length because you need to read it first to appreciate the skill with which Cherise leads into the second book in the series. You will enjoy this second book much more if you know the Cold Creek inhabitants and their stories already.

Winter of the Wolfe has an even more complex story than the first book. Again, a strong female lead,Bree, who, after the traumatic death of a friend and her own assault and near death, finds herself involved with two powerful and desirable magic males, Shay and Zeb. These males have their own traumatic histories. They all meet in Cold Creek where we get more of our great characters from the first book. There are numerous layers to the story but Cherise blends them perfectly into this one story. The relationships of three protagonists are filled with heat, hot love and oh my god, more hot love. The story takes you on an exciting roller coaster in and out of danger and pack political intrigue and did I mention, hot love. All of the characters are multi dimensional. No flat cookie cutter characters ever in books by this author



Hour of the Lion (The Wild Hunt Legacy Book 1)

“Put Victoria with two Alpha brothers, and wow, oh wow, your socks will be knocked off.”

First a Marine, then a black ops agent, Victoria Morgan knows the military is where she belongs…until a sniper’s bullet changes her life. Trying to prove she’s not washed up, she rescues a young man from kidnappers. When the dying boy transforms into a cougar—and bites her—she learns of an entire hidden society. He begs her to inform his grandfather of his death and to keep the secret of the shifters’ existence. She can’t refuse, but what if the creatures pose a danger to the country she swore to protect?

As guardian of the shifter territory, Calum McGregor wields the power of life and death over his people. When a pretty human female arrives in their wilderness town, he and his littermate become increasingly concerned. Not only is the little female hiding something, but she is far more appealing than any human should be.

While investigating the shifters, Victoria begins to fall in love with the werecat brothers and the town as well. For the first time in her life, she might have a real home. Her hopes are crushed when a deadly enemy follows her from the city, and the shifters discover she knows their secret. Now nobody is safe—least of all Victoria.

The Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars Hot sex, believable characters
Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2019Verified Purchase
This book starts with a high tension scene and pulls you in immediately. The author has created a heroine who behaves consistently given her background and the plot complications that develop because of her choices grow out of her character. I enjoyed this book even though the sex the heroine had with one of the two men was mildly dom/sub and that's not my thing. The author skirts the problem of not having a safe word because the participants are emotionally linked and he knows that she's only unsure and doesn't actually mean "No." That didn't work for me. However the sex with the other man felt mutually passionate and joyful.

The relationships were more developed than just sex, making the emotional dilemmas believable.This is the first in a series and Sinclair does a good job of creating an entire community to set future stories in. I'll be looking for Book 2.
4.0 out of 5 stars Subtle shifters
Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2020Verified Purchase
This book is so good even after reading it multiple times. It is the start of a great series with lots of world building, and I still pick up new details on re-reads. It's a paranormal story set in the mountains and while being paranormal \supernatural it's a subtler feeling take on it. It feels rooted in history and legend, maybe with things lost over time but not gone. It's paranormal with shifters and far and demons and such but it's not eccentric, or overly dramatic if that makes sense. This story does have its own HEA but there is a kind of large over-arching story / problem that continues into future books. And the romance is hot. It's to me this kind of slow burn meets fast burn. It's also a menage/why choose type love where the men are solely romantically focused on the woman. That being said doesn't mean there's not some hot, interesting, and group activities that take place. All the characters in this story are well developed and I loved them all but that didn't mean There wasn't also moments I wanted to shake them. If you like paranormal even a little or maybe want to get your feet wet, or you like some suspense and actions of your just looking for a hot romance you've found it. Would definitely recommend.
5.0 out of 5 stars don't miss this series, 5 star from the first page to the last
Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2016Verified Purchase
I am an avid Cherise Sinclair fan.. I love her books.. but I am not a real fan of paranormal/shifter.. until NOW.. waiting for the next Sinclair book to come out, and having an amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket.. I figured "oh why not" and I am so glad I did.. holy smokes.. Cherise drew me in from the very beginning and kept me there... the book is so well written..the characters - all of them - make you want to be there with them.. Alec, Calum and Vicki... their story is not only believable but grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go.. I am pretty sure I hit every emotion with the first book (and I immediately purchased the other 2) and I didn't want to finish only because I didn't want it to be over!
Forget any preconceived notions about shifter books - the world Cherise creates in this series is one you can believe in and one you want to be in!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great
Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021Verified Purchase
Another great book by Ms. Sinclair! Absolutely loved it! This was a little bit different from other shifter books I have read before and I enjoyed the change. Cherise does a great job developing her story and her characters. The romance, suspense and action flowed so well throughout the book. So glad I read it!