With Friends Like This!

Keeping ourselves from going stir-crazy was never like this before!

Ted and Carol are friends we made at church. We were in the habit of visiting each other frequently. Once the “safer at home” order went in place, we made a point to check on them frequently. You see, believe it or not, they are both over 80!

Well, when Florida’s “Safer at Home” order went into place, Ted started working on more of his DIY projects at home. He’s a retired Cabinent Maker. It didn’t take long before he ran out of things to do on his double wide. Which left him looking for things to do.

After we all felt safe in doing so, we visited back and forth, keeping some distance apart. (I miss my hugs!) During one such visit/meal, Ted noticed where a leak in my roof had led to a cabinet being damaged. It wasn’t too many days later until he showed up with a ladder and a can of Flex Seal. That took care of the leak!

On our next visit to their house, Ted started describing how he wanted to fix that cabinet for us. He plans to not only rebuild the damaged cabinet, but also make another one and some shelves. He insisted that it wouldn’t cost much to do all this. Ted is the original scrounger of parts!

Before we knew it, Ted had also discussed adding faux beams to the ceiling in our single-wide. Most of the parts came from scraps of wood he already had access to, the rest coming from scraps my husband had. A few days ago, Ted showed up to start installing them. The little gallery below gives a view of the work in progress!

He’s not done yet! He still has 2 more beams to put up in the kitchen area, plus one in the front by the bow windows. I’ll keep you kind folks advised as we continue our Quarantine DIY!

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