He’s Back with a 2 day project!

Ted came back on Wednesday to start working on my kitchen cabinets. He was going to start earlier in the month, but given that his wife, Carol, is battling leukemia, we wanted to wait a bit. Her new medicine is working well and she feels wonderful. So the work begain!

It started by taking out old cabinet and dropping the others down. From there, he build the head space next. And let me tell you, trying to get that up in place with an 80+, 70+ and 60+ in a very small space was not easy! (Yeah, I’m the baby of the bunch!!!)

So here’s the photos from the first day.

That mess on the table is NOT how I like my dining room table to look! Luckily by the end of day 2, this is how things looked.

Next up is to put the molding up, get things painted and add the last two “beams” up!

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