Room 237

Room 237
Angie Martin
Publication date: November 12th 2021
Genres: Comedy, Erotica, Romance

Is love truly blind?

One year after leaving her cheating boyfriend, Laney Holden can’t catch a break with men. After a year of blind dates that go nowhere, she grows jaded against the male race, even with the choice men at work. When her best friend comes up with a new plan for her love life, Laney follows along, hoping to find something different.

What waits for her behind the door of room 237 in The Club is nothing like she ever expected. She meets with Alex, a mysterious man who captivates her the first time she hears his voice. He’s quite possibly everything she ever wanted in a man, except he demands she’s always blindfolded, and it’s only casual sex.

With every steamy, blind encounter that follows, Laney’s confidence grows, and she explores her world in ways she never dreamed possible. But she also becomes a little too attached, and every night brings her closer to the moment when the blindfold must come off. Will seeing Alex for the first time alter their intense chemistry? Or will it fulfill Laney’s deepest desires?

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A noise beside my desk grabs my attention. I turn my head to see Dylan Weston dropping mail into my inbox. I look up and smile at him. He half-smiles back in that shy way that I’ve come to both adore and beat my head against a wall over.

When Dylan walked into our building almost two years ago, I believe I heard the distinct sound of every vagina gulping at the same time, immediately followed by a thousand gossiping whispers. He’s a great-looking guy, to be sure, but all the squirming and scheming soon came to a halt when we discovered the truth about Dylan. He’s an introvert, quite possibly the biggest one ever created. He can barely get a single word out without drowning in a pool of “ums” and “uhs.” Even then, his voice quiets to the point that dropping pins sound like nuclear bombs in comparison.

Dylan is incredibly nice and polite, though, and I’ve heard he’s a very hard worker as the assistant manager in the mailroom. It’s not a prestigious position, not like a doctor, but I admire anyone who takes their job seriously, no matter what that job might be. He’s also not too uppity of a manager to deliver mail to our desks from time to time, like he is today, and that scores extra points with me. Still, I can’t seem to manage to get even part of a sentence out of him.

Even though I was dating Keegan for the first year of Dylan’s employment, I still found Dylan attractive. I probably would have dumped the cheating bastard in a heartbeat if Dylan had come around, even though I really can’t explain how that could happen or why I would think that since he never talks to me or anyone. But the man is worth every ounce of drool that has fallen out of my mouth thinking about all the fun I could have with him.

Dylan Weston is one of four men on my official list of office to-dos, my Fab Four, but since all we ever share is the occasional half-smile, he crossed himself off my list without my consent. Probably in blue ink, too. Of course, I keep torturing myself by adding him back on there.

I watch him walk away from my desk now, and my eyes follow the heavenly roundness in the back of his jeans. I love the person that invented casual Fridays. They should win the Nobel Peace Prize. The view of Dylan’s own casual wear lingers in my mind long after he’s turned the corner to deliver mail to some other lucky girl. Even on the days I hate my life, I wish I worked in the mailroom. At least I could stare at something pretty all day long.

Author Bio:

I live in beautiful rural Tennessee. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas and have lived all over the United States.

I have released several novels in the suspense/thriller, paranormal/supernatural thriller, and horror genres. I also have poetry and short story collections and have contributed short stories to multiple anthologies. Conduit has earned Bestseller on Amazon in the US and UK. Conduit, The Boys Club, and Chrysalis have all won highly respected awards, while Conduit, The Boys Club, and False Security have also had blogger and reader-voted awards bestowed upon them.

As a reader first, writer second, I love to discover new authors. My entire life has revolved around imaginary worlds contained within the covers of a book. My aunt introduced me to Stephen King and a little book called Christine in eighth grade, and my life was never the same. As a geek-extraordinaire, I love comics and graphic novels, and also review those, along with the occasional movie and book, as a guest contributor for Fanbase Press.

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The Playgrounds – Tour

The Words To Bind

The Playgrounds Book 1

by P. Stormcrow

Genre: Erotic BDSM Romance


Book one in The Playgrounds series

It all started with a munch, a meetup for the kink-minded. How was Luna supposed to know that it would change her life forever?

A munch.

A play party.

A Dom that sets her passion aflame.

After a string of failed vanilla relationships leaves her feeling unfilled, Luna Weir decides to give the fetish scene one last shot. But with her one and only experience as a submissive leaving much to be desired, she has little hope that the lifestyle is her answer. So when she gives the local scene one final try in the form of a casual meetup for the kink-minded, the last thing she expects is to be pulled back into the world of ropes and commands.

But that is precisely where she meets Jacob Dakota—Mr. Tall, Dark and entirely Dominant. The experienced Dom commands respect from other Dominants and desire from the subs in the community who frequent The Playgrounds, a local fetish club. And when Jacob takes her under his wing, Luna senses he wants something more beyond the careful words and veiled glances.

Now she must figure out whether her feelings for Jacob are enough for her to take a leap of faith and relinquish control. Because a simple yes will bind her to him, heart and soul.

**On Sale for only .99 cents May 7-13!!**

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The Will To Serve

The Playgrounds Book 2


Book two in The Playgrounds series

When her contract with her Dom is about to expire and her past comes knocking, Luna must make the right moves or risk losing her heart and her soul.

On the surface, Luna Weir leads a perfectly normal life, but behind closed doors, she surrenders control to someone else—Jacob Dakota, who is sexy, charming and entirely dominant. The problem is that they only agreed to this power dynamic for a limited time.

Jacob has never taken on training a submissive for more than three years at a time. However, as their end date draws near, he finds himself more reluctant to let go of Luna than he’d expected. To make matters worse, Luna’s past returns in the form of the charismatic Bryan Walsh, her original Dom, who offers her another choice—to become his after her contract with Jacob expires. But there are secrets between the two of them that not even she can explain.

With the future of their relationship unknown and a suspicious Dom waiting in the shadows, Luna’s will to submit and Jacob’s ability to lead are both tested like never before. Now they must decide if what they feel for each other is strong enough to hold them together beyond their contractual terms—for the measure of a Dominant is how willing their submissive is to serve.

**On Sale for only $1.99 May 7-13!!**

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P. Stormcrow grew up with a love for love and somehow that turned into authoring contemporary and paranormal BDSM romances. Fierce women and sensitive men fill her stories while she examines social norms and challenges conventional tropes of the genre through her craft. She is the recipient of the 2021 inaugural Good Sex Awards in the category of Erotic Touch. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, she enjoys writing about both cultures.

In addition to being an author, she is also a techie, a graphic designer, a mother, a lover, a fighter and a little bit of everything else in between. When she’s not typing away madly on her phone and running into poles, she enjoys copious amounts of tea, way too many sugary treats and as many sci-fi / fantasy / paranormal TV shows as she can sneak in time to watch.

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