With Friends Like This!

Keeping ourselves from going stir-crazy was never like this before!

Ted and Carol are friends we made at church. We were in the habit of visiting each other frequently. Once the “safer at home” order went in place, we made a point to check on them frequently. You see, believe it or not, they are both over 80!

Well, when Florida’s “Safer at Home” order went into place, Ted started working on more of his DIY projects at home. He’s a retired Cabinent Maker. It didn’t take long before he ran out of things to do on his double wide. Which left him looking for things to do.

After we all felt safe in doing so, we visited back and forth, keeping some distance apart. (I miss my hugs!) During one such visit/meal, Ted noticed where a leak in my roof had led to a cabinet being damaged. It wasn’t too many days later until he showed up with a ladder and a can of Flex Seal. That took care of the leak!

On our next visit to their house, Ted started describing how he wanted to fix that cabinet for us. He plans to not only rebuild the damaged cabinet, but also make another one and some shelves. He insisted that it wouldn’t cost much to do all this. Ted is the original scrounger of parts!

Before we knew it, Ted had also discussed adding faux beams to the ceiling in our single-wide. Most of the parts came from scraps of wood he already had access to, the rest coming from scraps my husband had. A few days ago, Ted showed up to start installing them. The little gallery below gives a view of the work in progress!

He’s not done yet! He still has 2 more beams to put up in the kitchen area, plus one in the front by the bow windows. I’ll keep you kind folks advised as we continue our Quarantine DIY!

Don’t Forget #Coronavirus #COVID-19

Now that so many adults are home 🏡 because they’ve either been laid off or they are working from home, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you of some of your normal tasks that you should still be doing.

Set the Alarm Clock

After all the time my husband and I spent in the military, I can say this without any qualm, your body gets accustomed to getting up at a certain time. Now I know it’s tempting to sleep in, but don’t do it. Keep getting up at the same time. The current employment situation will come to an end and you will get another job. So stay in the habit of getting up in the morning.

Shower 🚿, Shave 🪒, and Shoes 👞

Okay, I get it, ladies don’t shave every morning like the guys do, but you get my point. If you’re single or a childless couple, it’s so very easy to spend half the day in your PJ’s. Seriously, don’t do it. You will feel much better about yourself after showering and dressing. Not to mention, we’ve all seen the ads on TV 📺 depicting a person working from home and they’re only dressed nicely on the top that shows on camera. You don’t need to put jacket and tie on, but do put clothes on that wouldn’t embarrass your grandma 👵.

Sit down for at least one meal 🥘 each day.

Plan your meals and sit down to enjoy them with your family. Actually spend some time together. If you’re sitting down for supper, talk about how your day was. Sadly, this is something that needs to be pointed out to some families.

Volunteer your time to help others.

If your health allows it, consider volunteering in your neighborhood. There are so many people who really need a little help right now. Whether you volunteer to deliver groceries for a neighbor or spend some time sewing 🧵 masks 🎭 to donate to a local hospital 🏥, do what you can to make things a little better for someone else. It will make you feel better about yourself. Not to mention, it will help make your day go faster!

If you’ve been laid off, update your resume.

Everyone should have a copy of their resume. Take this opportunity to update it to include your most recent job. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you were laid off/let go because of the Coronavirus. Face it, you aren’t alone in that regard. If you learned new skills while employed, highlight them. Earned new certificates? Add them in! Even include any and all volunteer activities you participated it. Let employers know that you are willing to help wherever and whenever needed.

Reach out to your parents and friends.

For those who have the capability, make it a video chat. For your family, this can help keep everyone close. For your close friends, do the same thing. Social Distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Plan to check in on older relatives regularly.


I have absolute faith that we will get through this. At some point in time, you will again be looking for work. Don’t be afraid to include any volunteer work you’ve done while home in your resume. Include any new courses you may have completed. Show prospective employers that you took advantage of this time to help others.

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