Across the country on the road less traveled #dailyprompt

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

With a prompt like this, I’m going to assume we’re talking about a leisure trip. Obviously, for business purposes, you would choose the fastest way possible. But for recreational purposes, I’d choose a car.

Why not a train? Because then you are limited to the destinations that the railroad serves. Yes, you would get to see the countryside, but you couldn’t get out and enjoy the scenery.

Why not a bike? Being a 65yo grandmom, I just don’t have the energy! Not to mention the will to deal with possible bad weather.

Nope, friends I’m going to take a car. My time is my own so I can take as long as I want to see all the sights. Bad weather? Just stay put until the storm passes by. In a car, I can take the road less traveled and enjoy the scenery a small town brings.

I’m in Florida, so I’d start there and drive up the coast. Stopping at smaller towns. When was the last time you stopped by “South of the Border“? When I was young and my parents were driving to visit family in Florida, we thoroughly enjoyed watching for all the signs for this attraction.

Drive through the 17.5-mile Cheasapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel and enjoy the scenery to be found on the Eastern Shore of VA. Stop by Checoteague and see the wild ponies that live on the barrier island of Assateague. There’s actually been more than one book written about them.

There are so many more small town attractions to be found on that “road less traveled.”

Losing Myself in a Book dailyprompt

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Ever since I learned to read, I tended to throw myself into what I was reading. At first it was the many books written about dogs or horses. As I grew older, that changed.

While I was in high school, I served on the Literary Magazine’s crew. It was my job to help set up the layout for printing. Sometimes it included pairing illustrations with poems, sometimes it included setting up the articles.

During this time, I was introduced to the magic of Middle Earth. The worlds that J.R.R. Tolkien created just utterly captivated me. There was nothing like it. This was the start of my love affair with Science Fiction and Fantasy.

By the time I finished high school, I was hooked. I adore the worlds I could visit via the words on that page and my imagination. I wished more than once that I could actually see these places. The details that the authors included just made the world come alive.

It’s many years later, and my chosen genre has changed. I still love Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I want a little romance thrown in there as well. The devil is still in the details that are included in the world-building.

I guess I’ll never lose my love of reading. If my eyesight gets to the point where I can’t read anymore, I’ll switch to listening to the audiobook version. But I’ll never stop reading!

#CoverReveal Kilo

KILO is a standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Kilo and the dominant alpha heroes who work for AES!

Sybil Bartel
(The Alpha Elite, #9)
Publication date: January 9th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense


Navy SEAL.


Being a breacher on the Teams wasn’t a job, it was my drug of choice. Detonating charges, the blast waves going through me, I lived for the rush of tactical explosive breaching. As long as I kept my brothers safe and didn’t eat a piece of frag, I never looked past my next mission… until I screwed up.

Miscalculating a blast zone, I took a hit. Then I was benched from active duty, told I’d taken one too many subconcussive blows, and forced into medical retirement.

Except the Navy wasn’t the only home for an explosives expert. Alpha Elite Security took me in, and I got to keep my addiction—right until a mysterious redhead walked into my blast zone and suddenly, I needed a new fix.

Code name: Kilo.
Mission: Detonate.

KILO is a standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Kilo and the dominant, alpha heroes who work for AES!

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

Author Bio:

Sybil Bartel is a USA Today Bestselling author of unapologetic alpha heroes. Whether you’re reading her deliciously dominant mercenaries, bodyguards or military heroes, all of her heart-stopping, page-turning romantic suspense novels have sexy-as-sin alpha heroes!

Sybil resides in South Florida and she is forever Oliver’s mom.

To find out more about Sybil Bartel or her books, please visit her at:

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#Tour – Camp Maple Creek #Giveaway

I stopped listening shortly after he revealed the guy’s name. Fionn…I say his name in my mind over and over again. Such an unusual but beautiful name, much like the guy himself.

Camp Maple Creek

by Jude Liebermann

Genre: YA Fantasy Romance

Denika is sent to a camp in Washington for the summer, where she meets and falls in love with Fionn. This mysterious fellow camper is not a normal teenaged boy, and she is intrigued by how he makes her feel. As she spends more time at the camp, she realizes she needs to discover the dark truth of what the place really is. Who can she trust to help her? Fionn or maybe the other new campers? One way or the other, she’s determined to right the wrongs that have been done.

This book combines both A Camp for Gifted Teenagers and A Camp for Gods and Monsters of the Maple Creek series.

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Jude Liebermann is a romance novelist who writes in a variety of genres and heat levels. Formerly Brandewyne was her first published novel and is offered for free on most online bookstores as well as her forum, where there are many other downloadable books/stories for members. Camp Maple Creek is her newest published romance and her first attempt at writing young adult (YA), and she’s really excited to get the word out on this exciting fantasy involving Denika’s adventures at a special camp for gifted teenagers.

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#BookReview Reckless Mate: Mystic River Shifters Book 3

Not everyone is what they seem. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not.

My life is… complicated. I’m a deputy in the small town of Mystic River; my boss used to be my lover; and my brother is the local gangster. If that isn’t enough, Scott, the town’s very sexy baker, has told everyone that will listen that I am his fated mate.

Something is going on in my town and it seems to involve Scott and lots of secrets. An unfamiliar shifter dies suspiciously in my jail after sharing a cryptic message for “the baker.” The cause of death is unknown. My brother informs me, that Scott, who claims to be a Canadian lynx shifter, is not from Canada. Where he’s from is unknown but it’s definitely not Canada. Scott is hiding something. I will figure it out.

I came to Mystic River to hide in plain sight and pursue my love of all things baking. Baking isn’t necessarily what people think of as a hobby or profession for an alpha male lynx shifter, but after all I’ve seen and done, I crave peace almost as much as I crave Kyra, the beautiful curvy lynx shifter deputy.

After almost being killed, Kyra’s not looking for any kind of commitment. In fact, the idea that she might leave Mystic River is gaining in appeal, especially when she discovers that all of the people she holds dear have secrets they don’t want to reveal.

The Reviews

Kathy Heare Watts

The story is part of the new Mystic River Shifters. It will have a great cast of characters, including humans and shifters. While you could read this out of order, to fully understand the characters and interactions, it is best if they are read in written order, because it is an ongoing saga. Each story picks up from where the last one left off (especially within the epilogue.) This story will be between Scott and Myra.

Scott is a man with a secret past. He says he is from Canada but some of the phrases and words he uses leave that up in the air. The one thing he is exceptionally good at is being a baker. He also has told Kyra that she is his fated mate—something she vehemently verbally denies—but time will tell the truth. Kyra is the deputy sheriff of Mystic River, working under Sheriff Jax.

The story’s plot will have a call to Scott from a man from his past—and when the man shows up in Mystic River in the Sheriff’s office, he will give a short message to give to the baker. Kyra shares that with Scott but he tries to deny knowing who John Doe is. Even the town Doctor and Kyra’s brother, Colby, are acting strange and secretive.

“The baker. You need to tell him, they’re coming.”

The story is full of mystery, suspense, danger, action adventure, and secrets. Jax and Autumn have gone on their honeymoon now that Kyra has returned from her trip. She tries to get several people to be honest with her, but she knows that is holding onto secrets, and that includes the doctor, Scott, and her brother, Colby. Between the mysterious death of a stranger, and learning that a group that everyone jokes about being the bogeyman is real and that the man she finally is falling for is not whom she believes—you would think Kyra would wash her hands of it all. But Kyra refuses to keep hiding her feelings for Scott and will take a stand against all the alphas of Mystic River—be they friends or foes.

“At what point would she listen to her instinct, her soul, and trust he was where she wanted to be regardless of it that was in Mystic River or not.”

How far will Kyra go to save the man, her fated mate, knowing that in the process they both could die? She won’t let anyone stand in her way. The chemistry between them sizzles off the pages. When they are together, it is as if fate ordained them to be together. This isn’t the end, there is a greater battle coming in May when Shameless Mate releases.

#AuthorSpotlight – Ian Conner

Characters are a work of art, exciting and intriguing, and the storyline is a masterpiece. It has depth and mystery with every page you turn; it is smooth and well written. Capture is another word that fits and is what will happen to you as you involve yourself in the book.

Griffin’s Perch

by Ian Conner

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Fantasy genre lovers will appreciate having many of their favorite creatures not only in the same story but cooperating toward the same goals. Strong female characters that make a true difference and without whom there would be no story. Mermaids, Pixies, Dragons, Wizards, Elves, and assorted other fantastical characters fill the pages.

Imagine the Mageborn series, with a scoop of Paolini’s Eragon, a dash of Tolkien’s creative mastery and a sprinkling of Matthew Reilly’s action sequences, plus a little corny humour and romance thrown in for good measure. The story is UNPREDICTABLE and full of twists.

Conner is a master of world building. He shows great craftsmanship, and the reader becomes easily enveloped within the environments. The combination of diverse characters, unique mythical cities and complex plot lines have created a tale that is highly original, as well as memorable. Action sequences are fast-paced, yet clear, showing skill that is reminiscent of authors such as Matthew Reilly.

Characters are a work of art, exciting and intriguing, and the storyline is a masterpiece. It has depth and mystery with every page you turn; it is smooth and well written. Capture is another word that fits and is what will happen to you as you involve yourself in the book.

Not since the Dragon Riders of Pern has the bond between rider and beast played such an important role. This new twist on Griffins and the Delphens allowed for a much-needed change of pace, as does the lack of reliance on human characters to save the day.

Julia Hugh’s Griffin Rider Chronicles (Talon Press 2013) used Griffins, but these griffins are unlike anything Julia Hugh imagined. False Dragons employs a much more action-laden approach. This action and, more importantly, depth and diversity of characters will keep readers engaged and turning the pages.

False Dragons is certain to attract a large following of fans unquestioningly hungry for a new approach to fantasy

This epic fantasy is like all good epic fantasies where the world building is impressive. The only completely original species created are the Delphens, and Conner does a great job of creating their biology, social structure, and characteristics while making them individuals. Delphens were once a mostly farming community, but dragons and griffins transformed some into a corps of warriors. The Griffin Corps can use their physical strength, hardiness, and closeness to nature to bond with and ride the griffins. They treat the griffins like more than just dumb steeds. They share consciousness, mind links, and emotions. The Delphens’ relationships with their griffins are that of friends, companions, and siblings in arms.

Two of the best Delphens are Shala and Flinch. Flinch is a quick-witted sometimes comic relief who has a running gag of dismounting badly. However, he also has inherited precognitive abilities, which requires him to have some dark visions. For him, this quest is one of maturity, as he has to shed his childlike impetuosity.

Even with characters that are common in other fantasies, Conner does different things with them. Pixies are present with their mischievous and naughtiness. One of the more humorous characters is Glow, a sweet, energetic pixy who will give any information if you provide enough sugary snacks for a bribe. However, what we see is that their sense of mischief has harmful long-term implications, plus they, Glow in particular, suffered a tremendous loss in the past.

The Merfolk are described here as they often are in legends: attractive, but stand offish and prone to emotion. However, they are capable of assisting others and looking at the big picture that what affects everyone else will affect them.

Of course there are the various romances, interspecies friendships and allies, and tremendous loss that develops during these struggles.

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Cooper’s Ridge

by Ian Conner

Genre: Science Fiction

Captivating and engaging sci-fi and adventure the author expertly navigates the themes of space colonization, human existence, and the more personal themes of loss, grief, and moving on with one’s life after loss. The multiple POVs allowed readers to experience this expansive world the author crafted, showing everything from the discovery of this lush new world to the harrowing brush with death the protagonist has and the shifting perspectives that make the audience constantly question whom they can trust and whom they cannot.

The alien races are very enticing, especially the main villains. The story showcases some great mind-bending technologies and tools of war. The space journeys felt like descriptions of military ships in the ocean. This incredible story filled with interstellar conspiracy, betrayal, government corruption and foreign planets. Despite the settings, human greed and opportunism are never far behind and explored throughout the book.

The switch between multiple characters is seamless. All the characters are interesting with a flair of mystery and realism. The views and opinions were divided from the start. From then, the reader knows they are in for a rollercoaster ride. The story escalates and the situation becomes more and more critical. The characters are fascinating, the story unfolds and ended with a heartwarming finale.

This book has a strong opening that keeps readers hooked from start to finish, the characters are multifaceted, the narrative is absorbing, and the dialogues are sharp.

This book is, in a word, riveting. The multiple subplots set across the earth and various places in space make for an enticing read. Space travel, new age technology, politics, threats against humanity, compelling characters, conspiracy theories, backstabbing, and shrewd enemies will keep you entertained. No one concept in this story is far-fetched; humans are capable of both the good and the evil that happens in this book. If you love sci-fi and political thrillers, then don’t miss this book.

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Ian Conner is retired and spent most of his adult life as a Marine and Army Infantry Sergeant. A hundred percent disabled veteran after multiple head and other injuries, he is part of a growing number of vets classified as “neuro-diverse”, an MST survivor and have several issues such regarding comprehension, concentration, and vision issues that he has OVERCOME to write several novels. After witnessing a lifetime of destruction, the thought of creating something tangible and lasting holds great appeal.

He finds writing a cathartic way to redefine himself both in his eyes and in the eyes of others. Writing for fun, Ian has completed seven novels with an eighth near done with two more ideas in the scribble/chapter phase. He has written across four genres Fantasy, Thriller, Science Fiction and Horror.

He uses ProWritingAid, Beta Readers and professional editors keep the product readable, he has recently begun querying in search of a professional agent and publisher.

Now living near San Diego California with his wife Bonnie, a cellist, and their two dogs, Cookie and Isabella. Conner spends his days fostering kittens, gardening, crafting beautiful stained glass and creating worlds on the page.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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