Enjoy the Giggle!

Church Sign Edition!

They are everywhere, church signs that is! On one side may be the times for the worship services, while the other side has a short quote of some kind. It’s these short quotes that can down right give you the giggles. After seeing one at a Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist church that I walk by on a daily basis, I decided to start including them in my giggle listings. Enjoy!

Ain’t that the truth!
The Gospel is not in quarantine

The Sunday Post #21-3

Never fail, Favorite Series

Do you have a favorite series, one that when nothing else seems to catch your interest, it just feels right? It’s the one that is your “fallback” favorite. For me, that honor goes to “The Prisoner” a serial that unfortunately, was never finished. Another series I enjoy periodically going back and rereading is “Dragon Fury” by Coreene Callahan. I’ve recently started reading that one again.

Do you listen to Audiobooks?

Have you ever listened to an audiobook? Whether it is from Audible or any other service, have you tried them? Thanks to reviewing them for different authors, I have accumulated a nice library of them. I have to tell you, my hat is off to some of these narrators! It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the spicy language of Emily Tilton or the tongue twisting names from Anna Lowe, these folks deliver flawless reads. If you haven’t tried audiobooks, give them a try!

Weekly Cup of Coco

Ever since the groomer added bows to Coco’s ears last Saturday, I’ve been trying to do the same. I found some different bows on Amazon and have been using them as well. She doesn’t always like the process of putting them in, but she endures it without growling at me. So that’s a win!

Enjoy the Giggle!

Sometimes it takes a little more work to find a good cartoon that isn’t political! Then again, sometimes, you just have need to return to the classics. Enjoy these from “The Lockhorns.”

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