Meet the Chief!

Chief is the delightful 2yo mixed breed dog my husband and I rescued from Pinellas County Animal Services last month. The 10 months since Coco died last Christmas Eve were the longest, we’ve been without a pet since we moved to FL. I had to wait until my husband was ready to open his heart to another pet before we could start looking.

Right about now, I’m very glad I called our friends, Ted and Carol, to ask them to help me look for a small dog. I’d been checking all the animal adoption sites in my area, but all I could find were the larger dog. When you live in a single-wide trailer, a large dog is not a good thing.

As luck would have, Ted and Carol were taking a feral cat to animal services the day Chief was first offered for adoption. Ted took one look at him, grabbed the paperwork off of the kennel door, and borrowed a phone to call us. You see, there was a couple who came in just after him and want to adopt him.

Thankfully we only live 10-15 minutes away and were able to get there quickly. One look is all it took us to fall in love. He was already neutered and chipped. Since my husband and I are both veterans, the adoption fees were waived. We needed to pay for his license and for the harness they had for him. To our great delight, he came home with a good bag of items that included a dog bed, a blanket, a toy, a weeks’ worth of Hill’s Science Diet dog food, and best of all, 6 months of heartworm medicine! The bag of goodies was all thanks to donations that were made to them.

Chief loves to chew on things so like any responsible pet parent, I bought him a bone (or 2)! He was chewing on it in the living room for awhile.

After while he disappeared into the bedroom with it. When he came out again, he didn’t have it with him. Imagine my surprise when I went into the bedroom later in the day and discovered this!

Chip Your Pet!

The sad part to our great fortune is that someone, somewhere in our area, lost their pet. Chief was brought in as a stray with no collar and no chip to help locate his owner. I don’t know if you can tell from the photos, but Chief was very well taken care of. He loves to snuggle and get loving. Somehow, he got away from his owner and got lost.

So please, take that extra bit of caring and besides his/her license tag, have your pet microchipped. If they ever get out and get lost, it gives shelters and vets a way to reunite the two of you together again!

Author: Reluctant Retiree

Living in FL and enjoying life.

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