Top Dog: Mercenary Masters #4

She was used to doing things her way. Then he took her over his knee.
When beautiful, headstrong medic Rhiannon Farrell disobeys her commanding officer and undertakes a dangerous mission on her own, she ends up over black ops soldier Sawyer Barnes’ knee for a painful spanking followed by an even more shameful demonstration of his dominance. But as humiliating as it is to be bared and punished like a naughty little girl, her body’s response to the infuriatingly sexy brute cannot be denied, and it isn’t long before she is calling him master.
As Sawyer introduces her to a world of stern authority and blushing surrender, every quivering climax makes it more clear that she belongs to him, but when Rhiannon is captured and held prisoner by a ruthless enemy will the ordeal change the nature of their relationship forever?

The Reviews

Reading Susan
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing!
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 11, 2021
I absolutely was blown away by this book and feel it is the best of the 'Mercenary Masters' series. This is Sawyer and Rhiannon's story. When we first meet them they are on a mission for the Cerberus Group. Sawyer gets upset with an action taken by Rhiannon and administers his form of discipline. One thing leads to another and we soon have a dom/sub relationship with respect and love. Fast forward, on a new assignment something goes terribly wrong and Rhiannon is reluctantly left behind while the rest of the team escapes to safety. While in captivity, Rhiannon is tortured both mentally and physically. Restrains and whips are used as well as her being sexually assaulted. No one writes a villain as well as Ms. James and you can't help but hate Baddad Sayeed and his team of terroist. Rhiannon is rescued by the Cerberus Group right before being raped and is taken immediately to the hospital. During her hospital stay, Rhiannon is kept sedated so that her wounds are able to heal properly. No one is allowed to visit, giving Rhiannon too much time to think on her own and come up with wrong assessment of the situation at hand. Feeling like she has little to offer the world but her hunger for vengeance, she leaves on her own. The story continues years later with Rhiannon fine tuning her assassin techniques and her and Sawyer still pining for each other. The couple is given a unique opportunity to work together in helping a group of girls kidnapped by Bagdad Sayeed. What happens next is a thrilling adventure. We get to reconnect with past members and friends of the Cerberus Group. There is an abundance of action, conflict, espionage, and emotions that follows as well as some very hot🔥 sex. I highly recommend this book and hope there is at least one more in the series. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Amy Reads Romance
5.0 out of 5 stars Sawyer gets Rhiannon back
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 6, 2021
Sawyer and Rhiannon have been explosive from the get-go. Once they connect, Sawyer knows she is the only woman he will ever want again. Rhiannon feels the same way. She finds peace in submitting to him, and only him. As part of Fitz’s team, they work closely together.
When a black ops rescue mission goes bad several months later, Rhiannon is captured by the enemy. She knows Sawyer and the rest of their team will come for her. She just needs to survive. When they do reach her, and get her to the hospital, she is in bad shape. The torture has left scars on her back and on her soul She believes she is damaged, and Sawyer won’t want her any more. She does not believe she will be able to be his submissive ever again. She escapes from the hospital and disappears. It takes years for Sawyer to find her again.
Fitz and Sawyer manipulate her into coming back onto their team, as a sniper. She is one of the best. She plans to enjoy the time she has with Sawyer, then fade back out, but he has other ideas. He will never let her go again, and once they come back together, it is as if no time has passed. Now they have the common goal of killing the man who had her tortured, and then on with the rest of their lives.
This book is the best of the series so far. Sawyer was lost without his love, and finding each other has made them both whole again. Rhiannon is one of the author’s signature feisty heroines who can take care of herself, and the fact that she allows Sawyer to take care of her is a testament to their love. Their HEA is years in the making and oh so sweet. I cannot recommend this one highly enough
Sue B
5.0 out of 5 stars A simply riveting all action romance and retribution story
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 6, 2021
Sawyer and Rhiannon have had an interest in each other since she joined their team and although very little is known about her life as a child, she has been a great asset to the team even though she is female and working in heavily combative area as the medic she shows no fear what-so-ever.
Rhiannon has a tendency to take action first and think of the consider the consequences later however, when any of her team are injured, she will let nothing stand in her way and on this one operation she is captured, tortured and left badly injured. She is also very badly beaten and nearly raped by the guards, she was also sexually assaulted and escapes from the hospital with taking her own vengeance in mind.
For nearly five years her team members and her Dom and the love of her life Sawyer have been trying to catch up with her but she is clever and seemingly always one step ahead and they feel as though they are constantly playing catch up, they will not give up on her no matter what it takes.
She is a very different woman from the medic that had been part of their team all those years before and she has spent her time catching up with those responsible for atrocities against women and children and she will not stop till the main culprit has paid the ultimate price.
A captivating read that will draw you in and hold your attention completely.
I voluntarily received and review an Advanced Reader Copy
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.

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